Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Max

Max has a few new games that he likes to play.

A few weeks ago, our garage door broke. We called the repair man and he wasn't able to come until the next day so Max spent the day playing "broken garage door" He sat two of his little chairs together, then picked one up and dropped it, just like the garage door did when it broke. Then he would ask,
"Why is the garage door broken?"
"How did the garage door break?"
"Why are the wires on the garage door hanging down?"
"Why did the garage door go boom?"
"Why is the garage door broken?"

Did I mention this went on for an entire day?

The next day, the repair man came and fixed the garage door, so now Max was able to play "fixing the garage door"

This is still going on...............
A while ago I heard a strange noise coming from Max's room. When I went in to investigate, I saw Max standing in front of his mirror doing raspberries until the mirror was covered with spit.
He then put his hands flat on the mirror and slid them back and forth.

Can you guess what he was playing?

Give up?

"windshield wipers"

He wipes back and forth until all the spit is wiped off the mirror, and then he starts all over again.

He even has an intermittent setting.


We started listening to Christmas music on the radio the day after Halloween.
One thing I didn't count on was that Max would be learning Christmas songs from the radio.
Here are a few of our favorites that he has been singing for the last month.
(these are the actual lyrics created by Max)

Sables ring are you listenin'
Sable's ring in the boober.
A singing a song, a goin' along
Walkin' in a winter wonderland.
In the vales snow is listenen',
In the vales in the boober

And then there's this favorite

"Silver brando, silver brando......"

And the one where he just started making up lyrics of his own.

"Have a holly jolly Christmas and a frinjinjijinjo,
Say hello to Steve and Jo and Blue and Tickety tock."


In other news, two of our toilets are hopelessly clogged, and nobody will claim responsibility. The plunger has been working overtime, and still not resolving the problem
The bigger problem, however, is that now the only working toilet is the one in the master bathroom, and the kids are not allowed to go in there.
(seriously, one of the main reasons we moved to this house was so we didn't have to share a bathroom with the kids anymore)
(OK, it wasn't really one of the main reasons, but it was definitely an added bonus)


Today is our Anniversary! (Yes, we got married on New Year's eve)
16 years! It doesn't feel like it's been that long. (time really does fly when you're having fun;0)
In a few hours we will drop the kids off at Grandma's house for their annual New Year's sleepover, then we will go out.

At least Grandma will let them use the bathroom at her house;0)

Happy New Year to everyone!!


Kristina P. said...

Max was so good yesterday! It was so great to see you again.

And happy anniversary and happy new year!!

Jillene said...

I love Max stories!! He is so funny!! I am sad that I missed out on seeing you and Max yesterday. Stupid broken down husbands truck!!

I hope that you and your family have a Happy New Year!!


Annette Lyon said...

You had me at "intermitent." Hahaha!

Alison Wonderland said...

Windsheild wipers. What a fun game!

Jen said...

Oh Jill. You are just so funny. Max is a goldmine of glorious comic material. You must be so proud. I imagine you can't wait for his teenage years.

utmomof5 said...

Okay first of all I just got all the Christmas songs out of my head and now they are back -- but Max's version!! SUCK!

Second, happy anniversary!! have a fun night and don't do anything I wouldn't do :)

Melissa said...

Okay, freakin LOVE the Max!! So funny! Enjoy these times, it goes so fast!
Hapy New Year!

Jo said...

That Max! He doesn't think like the rest of us. Love, love Max. Happy Anni to you and your honey.

LisAway said...

Happy Anniversary! What a weird kid that Max is. Cute and weird.

Happy New Year! May this year bring you fewer clogged toilets!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I hate to bill myself as a clogged-toilet expert, but I am. There is something not-poop-related impeding the poop flow through your toilets. And, since it is 2 toilets, it was probably placed there by a kid. My best friend, a couple of years ago, kept snaking her toilet and plunging it and it would work for a day or so and then clog up. So she called our plumber (I recommended him) and he took off the entire toilet and found a small plastic hanger in there.

The best part? My kid (you know which one, don't you?) did it. And yes, we paid the bill.

b. said...

That Max......!!

Happy Anniversary!
Happy New Year!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
BTW the next house we own will have a master bath with a combination lock, or possibly be voice activated, so I no longer have to sit on a wet toilet seat!
Love the songs.
Also on the toilet subject. Check it for tennis balls.

mommeeof9 said...

I love my 100 yr old farm house, no really I do. What new house would have taught me all I never wanted to know about repairing/replacing plaster/drywall, rewinring, insulation and plumbing?

Our most recent plumbing bill was over $500. It involved several repairs. He replaced the outside faucet, (as a kid left a hose on it and the pipe froze). He snaked out the main drain from the house to the sewer. He pryed the toy soldier out of the toilet in the main bathroom so it would flush right (that one some kid must have dropped into the tank, as it was stuck in the opening that fills the toilet).And he replaced some of the sections of pipe in the basement, as there was not a clean out in any of the pipes so he could snake out the main drain. Next, he will come back to jack up the main drain line that is sagging, in the hopes that a slightly higher angle will allow the toilets to drain properly, instead of the waste water staying in the section of pipe where it sinks. I'll bet you that the plumbing worked fine when the septic system was in use, as it was much lower than the house. The town sewer is not much lower than the pipes in the main drain.

My favorite thing the kids have flushed was duplo blocks. Not just the 1 inch square ones, the circular ones that look like a head. Those got stuck in the toilet and flooded the second floor of the house. The resulting water running through the floor loosened up the plaster on the first floor hallway, resulting in a renovation project that hubby ignored until my dad reassembled it 4 years later for us.