Friday, April 2, 2010

The answers you've all been waiting for. Or at least mildly interested in.

A few days ago I posted about 6 lies and one truth and let everyone guess which one was the truth.
I'll go through each one and explain.

1. I met my husband on a blind date. Our grandmothers both got their hair done at the same salon and they got to talking and decided that we would be perfect for each other.

This one was false. We actually met at a Friday night church dance. As far as I know, our grandmothers met for the first time at our wedding.

2. When I was younger, I was an avid skier. About every other weekend in the winter, I could be found on the slopes, I loved racing down the mountain, dodging other less experienced skiers.

I have never been skiing in my entire life. I hate being cold, and I would most likely run into the other skiers or any random tree that I might find.

3. I am allergic to avocados, one bite and my lips swell up like Angelina Jolie's.

I love avocados. I can eat them without being in danger of looking like any celebrity.

4. Half of my children are left handed.

False, but this was a tricky one. Actually three fourths of my kids are left handed.

5. When I was a kid, we lived in the same neighborhood as Mark Eubank, the weatherman. (until he moved) This was before he donned the evil white snow coat.

False. However, my cousins did live in the same neighborhood as the Eubank family. And I'm currently not very happy with the stupid snow coat.

6. I never, ever cut classes in school. Ever.

True. I NEVER cut classes. Because I was a model student and would never break the rules. (besides, I didn't have a car)

7. My first car was a blue Chevette. I had a stuffed Garfield sitting in the back window.

False. My first car was actually a 1984 white Trans Am with T tops. I did, however, have the stuffed Garfield attached to the back window. I bought him in Hawaii, so he was wearing a grass skirt which fell apart and the pieces flew around in the back of my car for a while.

So, if you guessed that I was telling the truth about not cutting classes, you guessed correctly.


Today is the second day of Spring break for the kids. Yesterday, I took them to IKEA. We wandered around for a while, bought a few kitchen gadgets then had hot dogs for lunch. We even brought home a pan of cinnamon rolls :0)

Last night, the boys figured out a way to hook the video camera into the main television antenna for the house, so when we turn any TV in the house on channel 3, we get a view of whatever the camcorder is looking at.
They spent a significant amount of time watching the wall in the basement. The interesting part was that no matter how long they watched it, it didn't do anything different.
Then they took turns running down to the basement and doing something goofy in front of the camera.
Next, they hooked it up to the DVD player, so they could play a movie to every TV in the house. Last night I found them all huddled around the 13" television, watching a movie. Unfortunately, with this set up, the picture isn't very clear, it's kind of fuzzy.
The thing is, we have a perfectly good TV and DVD player upstairs in the family room, which has a nice high quality picture to watch.

I don't get it.


Kristina P. said...

I know you all too well. You seem like the high school goody two shoe type.

And I have never been skiing either! I am with you on the cold and went thing.

And I LOVE avocados. If Mario Lopez was an avocado, I would considering marrying him.

Debbi said...

your kids are ingenious. TOo fun!

M-Cat said...

I'm with you on the whole skiing thing. Don't get it at all.

Your kids are funny!

just call me jo said...

Your kids' techno abilities scare me a little. They are amazing. Or am I just stupid? (Probably the latter.) Any way, I think that it would have been neat if your grandmother's had fixed you up. So romantic.

Jessica G. said...

I only ever cut class with my teacher's permission. Yes, I was an uber dork.

WV: somat
What one says when they greatly desire something another person has, usually in a chocolate form.
Person 1: Mmmm...Cadbury mini eggs.
Person 2 : (drooling) Can I have somat?

The Boob Nazi said...

You met at a dance? Nice.

marythemom said...

In our first adoption class they asked everyone to write down one unusual thing about ourselves and then everyone had to guess which one was which. I wrote that I'd had 4 cosmetic surgeries. Later I realized everyone was probably assuming I had breast enhancements! (Was actually Lasik on both eyes and both my ears tucked and reshaped).

I've never been skiing and never cut classes either! I met my hubby on a blind date... kind of... we met through a dating service. Myself and one of my adopted kids are left handed - it's a joke at my house that I had to adopt to get a left-handed, brown hair, brown eyed child like me - everyone else even my adopted son look like Hubby.

Mary in TX

Erin said...

These are all good lies!

My husband's throat begins to itch when he eats avocados. And cantelope, and watermelon, and kiwi, and the list goes on.

Fun game!

M said...

Man, I was sure you had skipped a class or two. I never skipped a hs class but I certainly did when I got to college. I guess I'm going to have to revoke the "kindred spirit" statement....

I find it quite amusing that my WV is whien. When the stars align....

Na-Su said...

that is so cute, they're just being boys