Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's a Christmas shopping miracle!! (Miracle #2 if you're keeping count)

Our three youngest kids started Christmas break this week, so today I took them to Costco to load up on the samples so I wouldn't need to feed them lunch. (seriously, they had a sample of the best clam chowder!)
I also planned to buy a few Christmas gifts while we were there, specifically two movies that I was looking for, and I knew that Costco would most likely have the best price for them.
When we first walked in the store we went directly to the DVD section, and we split up to look for the two movies.
We thoroughly scoured the shelves, looking for the two DVDs then finally came to the conclusion that Costco just didn't sell these two movies.
We walked through the store and completed the rest of our shopping. (and samples, we tried every one of the samples) I was disappointed that we hadn't found the movies because now I would need to stop at yet another store on the way home.
As we headed toward the check stand, I remembered that we needed Oreos. (what, you don't ever have a situation where you NEED Oreos?)
We wove through the different aisles and dodged the many overfilled shopping carts until we found the Oreos.
We put two boxes in our cart. (Hey, I said we needed them)
As we turned around to go to the Check stand, Brielle noticed something on top of some boxes of granola bars.
"Hey mom, look! Isn't that one of the movies that we were looking for?"
Sure enough, sitting right there was the first movie.
I picked it up and inspected it in disbelief, then I noticed another movie just a little farther back on the granola bars. I turned it over, and it was the second movie we were looking for!
(You just got tingles going down your spine, didn't you?)
I was in disbelief. I even dragged the kids back to look through the DVDs one more time, just to see where we had missed the movies, but we couldn't find any more of them, anywhere.
It seems that we found (and purchased) the last two of those movies in the store.
It's a Christmas shopping miracle!!


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middle child said...

See? It's a Christmas Miracle!

Stacy Q said...

That is really wild, yes, miracle caliber shopping trip!

Bossy said...

I goes to show that Oreos are the secret to world peace.


LisAway said...

AWESOME!! And a little freaky. But in a good way.

mCat said...

I believe, I believe!!!

Brooke said...

Yep, I concur, it's Santa n Oreos!

Brooke said...

lol (: