Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tease me about my age and I'll beat you with my cane!

I was recently looking through some pictures posted on Facebook by a friend I grew up with. She had been to a party with a bunch of people we had known in high school, many of whom I hadn't seen since we graduated.
As I clicked through the photos, noticing wrinkles, a few extra pounds and some receding hairlines, I was struck by how much some of them looked like their parents.

Then I realized that we are now the same age that our parents were when we were in high school.


Soon after that, my husband's uncle posted a "Happy anniversary" message to his wife on Facebook. 39 years!
I mentioned this to my husband  who did some math in his head and told me "We've been married as long as they were when we got married." (our 20 year anniversary is this December)

Somehow, back then they seemed so much older and wiser than I feel right now.
They had teenagers back then, how could we be as old as they were? I asked myself, then quickly realized that we have two teenagers, and another kid dangerously close to being one.

I need to spend less time on Facebook. It keeps making me think I'm old.......


Jenny P. said...

I had an I feel really old moment the other day when my husband told me Jimmer Fridette was born in 1989. 1989! And he's a grown up now that makes millions of dollars playing basketball.

mCat said...

Every day, I get some reminder about my age and how old I am getting. Either the reflection back in the mirror, the kids at the store, or the fact that me and my friend get together for breakfast once a week and talk about how health.


Omgirl said...

I'll tell you, I never felt so old as when I went down to the college campus a few weeks ago where I had gone to college. I thought, "Why are there all these teenagers wandering around campus??" And then I realized that they were college students and I was an almost middle aged lady with kids! Growing older is shocking, isn't it??

Common Household Mom said...

My kids never miss a chance to tell me how old I am. And you're right - facebook does the same thing!

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