Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Dear mom,
Why did you cut your hair? Don't you know it's the only thing that makes me feel better when I am sad? I can no longer twist it around my hand and wipe my runny nose with it. I can no longer wrap it across your eyes and play peek a boo with it. You have ruined my life.
Your adorable 2 year old,

Dear Max,
I am so sorry that I ruined your life, but really dude, I haven't had my hair cut for nearly a year, it was way past time. I mean, it looked really bad, especially with all the dried snot. I hope someday that you will understand. Maybe you can start playing with your older brother's hair. He does not want to get it cut.
Your loving mother,

I finally did it, I cut my hair. It took a while for Max to notice, and when he did, it was brutal. He just kept swiping at it, and then started acting very panicy. He kept saying no!.... No!..... NO! Then he said "Fix it! Fix it, hair!"
"Honey, I did get it fixed."
"No! Fix it! Hair broken"
At this point, I'm starting to feel pretty bad about the whole thing. He was VERY close to tears. The bottom lip was quivering and everything.
He finally figured out that he could still run his little fingers through my hair, he just needs to hug me really close, and that's O.K. with me:)
(It was so much easier with my other kids who had actual objects for their comfort objects, however one time my daughter cried herself to sleep in front of the washing machine because I had the nerve to wash her blankie.)
I like my new haircut. It makes me look less frumpy.

Follow up from my last post. No we did not go to the early morning day after Thanksgiving sale. I started to set my alarm, and then decided that I needed my sleep more than I needed anything at the store. I woke up at 8:30 and my three older kids were up. Aaron(7) had actually set his alarm, and had been up since 4:00.
This week, they have still not been able to get out of bed for school any earlier than 8:00 a.m. What's wrong with these people?


Marilyn said...

Hi Jill-thanks for leaving comments on my blog. Welcome to blog world. I am fairly new too..I'll be bookmarking your blog. Don't forget to put photos in if you can. That's fun too. A few of my kids did the same thing with my hair too, sucking their thumbs and running their fingers through my hair and mine is short! Another kid used to stroke my earlobes and suck on her binky...What is your home business? I have worked at home too for a long time..

utmomof5 said...

My Tiffany LOVES her blanket!!! We finally had to set a rule of blanket can't leave the house (unless it is a real emergency). Good luck with the hair emergency!!


Damama T said...

Bug had a blankie! And also cried by the washer every time I had to wash it.

Twig loved wet terry cloth - especially our towels after Hubby and I showered. Weird child! He'd grab the towel and run into the living room and curl up on the couch with the wet towel and suck his thumb until he fell asleep.

And then there was Tessa, our angel dog, who ALWAYS wore a bandana. I had to trick her into letting me take one off of her by putting on two and then taking both off and putting only one back on. She caught me throwing one in the trash once and sat there by the trash can whining until I pulled it back out. Had to trash it later after she'd gone to sleep! LOL!! I'll be blogging about her soon. She was such a great dog!

OOPS! There I go, rambling on. Sorry and ...

Back to reading! xoxo