Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Food! Glorious food!

Alternate title for this post: "Yet another reason not to blog when it's really late and you're tired."

Today Brielle yelled at her brothers.
This in itself is not an unusual event, however, it's what she yelled that surprised me. She said;


Do any of you have any idea what she meant to say?
Hmmmmmm. I'm thinking contest.
Leave your guess in the comments. First one to guess correctly wins!

The prize? Pretty much just the respect and admiration of your peers.
(Sorry, I'm just boring that way)
I thought of going through Aaron's backpack and giving away all of his unfinished homework as a prize .................
(Seriously, it's not like he's ever going to use it)
Okay, the winner can choose between the following two pieces of artwork made by two of my darling children.
Mr. "Sock Man"
by Brielleor

"I heart Weirdo"
by Aaron(sorry I couldn't get the photo rotated)

Both are original works of art, worthy of hanging on any refrigerator.
(And worth much less than the cost of the postage)

The word again is "mivgipiemillo"

We thought that it sounded like some sort of dessert.
Trying to combat further boredom among my children (Less than one week and they are back in school!) We have decided to try and come up with a dessert that we can name.......

We are taking suggestions for that one too. Please, make it yummy!

Since this post is all about food, I need to mention the eating habits of my toddler. He is currently in a phase where he only eats food that is yellow, orange, white and brown.
No green.
No blue.
No red.
No purple.
The only foods he wants to eat are Eggo waffles, eggs, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, yellow corn tortilla chips, hard taco shells, cheetos, cornbread, meatballs, hot dogs, cheese, milk........
He is by far my pickiest eater.
Last week, we had a breakthrough. I spent many hours making lasagna (My kids refer to it as "the world's best lasagna":0)
We have been trying to get Max to eat this forever, and he won't touch it. Last week, he actually asked for it, and ate three helpings!
I was so excited, that this week I went to the work of making lasagna again. This time, Max wouldn't touch it.
Go figure.

CJ has a new food obsession.

"Corned Beef Hash"

CJ went ice fishing with his scout troop last weekend, and for breakfast, he was introduced to the corned beef hash. He can't stop talking about it.
"Mom, can you buy me some corned beef hash?"
"Hey, you know what would hit the spot right about now? A big old can of corned beef hash!"
"Hey Mom, did I tell you about how they fixed the corned beef hash?"
"Hey Mom, I thought of a new sandwich, you make it with two slices of french toast, and inside you fill it with bacon, syrup and CORNED BEEF HASH"
Apparently, at the camp, two cans of hash were brought, and CJ ate an entire can himself.

On the plus side, I now know what to get him for his birthday.
Does anyone have a recipe for a Corned Beef Hash birthday cake?
Do you think I could get a case of Corned Beef Hash at Costco. I'm sure it would cost a whole heck of a lot less than the iPod we got him last year.

Today I decided that I will be inventing a new alarm clock. It will smell like freshly baked cookies, and sound like the timer from our oven. This sound/smell combination will bring my children running from any corner of the house, garage, or back yard, however, when I go to wake them up in the morning, it's not unusual to have all three of them laying in bed with their alarms ringing loudly in their ears, and they are still sleeping soundly.

Following along with the food theme, here is another video by CJ. This is a movie trailer for a film he has in the works. The main thing holding him back is needing about 30 banana costumes. With his current film budget (nothing) it may take a while for him to finish the project.

What can I say, the kid is destined for greatness!


b. said...

"Give Me My Pillow!"

I say it quite often.....I totally knew what she meant!

Jen said...

Move and give me my pillow!

Melissa said...

I thought it was something to do with pillows too... no ideas for a dessert though... perhaps something with marshmallows...
The video was awesome! Very creative!!!

Crystal said...

I love corned beef hash too! That's my mom's annual St. Patrick's Day meal. She serves it with a side of raw chopped cabbage, which we call Grickle Grass in honor of Dr. Seuss.

And I'll interpret "MIVGIPIEMILLO" as "Man, it's very good if people in England make indigent lilliputians lay off." Or perhaps "My important volatile gas is percolating in ewers manufactured in luxurious luminous ore!"

ron_hayes said...

Either b or crystal have the best guess so far but I'll add mine just to spice it up.... hhhmmmmmm....

"Move the pie or I'll...

Ok, so it's lame, time was short.

C.J. said...

Hey Mom I maaade this comment on an iPod Touch!!!!!!!!!

Jessica G. said...

Curse of the Werebananas...I knew there was a reason why I hated bananas! And they seem to be haunting me this week.

It's Just me! said...

Oh man! I'm always last in line or the loser at the contests! I came up with the same thing B said! Always late I am!

Marilyn said...

hey-i have no idea what mvigp....is-i'm still trying to figure out what direct and indirect object pronouns used together means.....(spanish class today)
LOVE the movie. My kids used to make their own movies and commercials with the old VHS camera. Kept them entertained for hours...They will love watching those in ten years....

Bonnie said...

It is agood thing that my son didn't fall out. Anything is possible with that kid. didi you ever figure out what your daughter said?

utmomof5 said...

Give me my pillow!! Unfortunatly I heard my son loud and clear this morning. "We are all sick and tired of you bossing us around so close you big mouth" Are you feeling the love at my house?


b. said...

Did I win food????
Please say I won some food.....

Anonymous said...

Do easter bunnys roar? Just wonder'n

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

If you whisper the words "ice cream" very softly, that usually brings them running, also.

I thought it was "Give me my pillow!" too.

Jill said...

b. is the winner!

Leah said...

That video was hilarious! I wish there'd been more. How old is your son? That was great.

And I haven't the slightest clue what your daughter was shouting!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting today. I love seeing new faces and I LOVE getting comments!

Damama T said...

Can I PLEASE come live in a (big) shoebox under your bed? I promise not to eat to much or get in the way or make messes - I just want to be there to see all this stuff in live action!! ROFL!!