Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm Bored.........bored.........bored.......

I figured out a way to stop the fighting for a while on Monday.
I used the "divide and conquer" method. I took two of the kids shopping with me, and left the other two at home, splitting up the two who were screaming at each other the loudest.
While out, I managed to buy myself a new pair of shoes (on sale, YAY!) and a new outfit to wear to the concert we were attending that night.
Thanks to those of you who suggested that eating chocolate would help me endure the fight-a-thon. I bought myself a bunch of Cadbury creme eggs, which I now have hidden in the bottom drawer in my bathroom.

(The sound you are now hearing is that of my children stampeding into my bathroom to find the chocolate.)

Silly, silly children.

I would never really hide chocolate in there, because it is right above the heating vent, and the chocolate would melt.
I have found a much better stash for my chocolate.

I have hidden it in my tummy!

Maybe if they had spent less time fighting and more time...............oh, I don't know, possibly CLEANING UP THAT BIG MESS IN THE FAMILY ROOM, I might have felt like sharing the chocolate with them.

Too bad for them.

The kids have been out of school for just over a week now, and the newness of the situation has worn off. While I do enjoy the opportunity to sleep in each morning, certain signs of boredom amongst my children are beginning to emerge.

Top ten signs that my children are bored

#10. They actually helped me clean out the storage room.

#9. Two words "Spongebob Marath

#8. Brielle spent about 20 minutes covering her face with an entire roll of tape.

#7. Using blankets and chairs, they have built a tent city in the family room.

#6. They are coming up with new ways to insul
t each other.
"Mom, they told me my room smells like a dead pig!"

#5. They are commenting on my bl

#4. CJ (my computer genius) created a new program for the computer.
It's called "Noise maker"
It makes noise.
Because apparently we don't have enough noise in our house.


#2. I have heard the phrase "Mom, please make him stop coughing on my feet!"

And the #1 sign that my kids are bored............

(drumroll please)

They made this!


Bonnie said...

Okay, which of your children made the video. I'm guessing CJ. Tell him I laughed.
We could swap kids, and other than the fact that they look different, we wouldn't notice. Somtimes the stuff my kids pull stuns me.
My suggestion Give then each a new roll of masking tape. You probably won't see them for at least 30 min.
Good luck over the next two weeks. I will look forward to more funny posts.

Melissa said...

That video is great!!
I hope that you survive... I know you can do it! I like the divide and conquer plan... wish my kids were old enough to leave at home alone... someday!!

Amber said...

How many more weeks of break?? This year because we had a late start (October 1) we've not had nearly as many breaks as we normally do- and I LOVE it. I know that makes me a bad mom and all, but my oldest does so much better IN school. I'm not nearly exciting enough here at home.

By the way.. I'm running a contest this week on my blog- check it out!

It's Just me! said...

I'm all for Cadbury Eggs for you to keep your own sanity! It seems to work for me every time. That video makes me laugh and I hope it killed the boredom for more than the minute 55 seconds!

Good luck the next two weeks!

Rachel said...

I must admit that they seem really bored!- take them somewhere!

The MomBabe said...


I ♥ the credits.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Put an e-mail on your profile page, so I can reply to your comments! I loved your comment today - save a chocolate egg for me, will ya?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Laura said...

THAT IS AWESOME...not that they are board or on each others' cases...but the video!!!!

utmomof5 said...

I have no words in response to that video. For me to be speechless is an amazing feat. Well done kids!!

Love the list!


Damama T said...

HOW TOTALLY, AWESOMELY CREATIVE! And have you noticed that I seem to be overly excited by all of your stuff today! LOL!

Bonnie's comment reminded me of something we did when the boys were little:

JUNK WARS - We gathered up all kinds of junk-type items: scraps of material, tape, glitter, straws, plastic/styro cups and plates, rocks, sticks, you name it - nothing was off limits unless it was dangerous, of course.

Then I'd give them 1 hour to create something out of the junk. We didn't have a camera and that was in the days before disposables, so sadly, I have no pics of their creations. But I can tell you that they didn't fight for that hour! And the winner got to pick a treat whether Ice cream, a movie, or any of several other things that everybody liked doing. That way everybody really won in the end.

Just a thought to take up at least a little time during the next couple of weeks. xoxoxo

Sue said...

"I have hidden it in my tummy."

Hee! It is such a good hiding place, isn't it?

The video = awesome!

Jen said...

The saltine cracker made me laugh the most, but all of those were hilarious.

Jen said...

And I'm pretty sure your children have a bright future in film-making.

Jessica G. said...

Glad I am not the only one stockpiling the Creme eggs! Have you tried the new orange creme ones? Yummmm!
And I loved the video. Totally something I would have done at their age.

Kimber said...

Hidden chocolate is the only sanity. I just can't seem to hide it long enough to really consider it 'in hiding' :S

2 more weeks! Good luck!!