Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's a school shopping miracle!

Last weekend, we experienced something that we have never had happen before.


We took the kids shopping to buy new shoes for school. We blocked out several hours, because as we know from past shopping trips, we knew that we would have to visit multiple stores on different ends of the city until we would be able to find suitable shoes for the kids, and even then, we usually end up having to special order at least one pair because none of the local stores would have the size, style or color that we wanted.
In Friday's mail, we got at "20% off the entire purchase" coupon from our Famous Footwear, so we went there first.
When we got there, we discovered that they were having their "buy one pair get another pair at half price" sale.


But then, came the most incredible thing of all.
We found shoes for all four of the kids in this store!
They had the correct sizes!
They had the correct styles!


It was like a school shopping miracle.


Brielle and Aaron started at their new school yesterday. They were so excited about their first day that they were both awake and dressed before my alarm woke me up.
These are the same children who I needed to drag out of bed to go to school only a few short months ago.
I must say that this change has been quite refreshing :0)
We have switched to a school with a traditional schedule instead of the Year-round schedule that we had been on for the last 7 years.
This was the first time since then that we've had more than 3 weeks off for summer break. We had 8 weeks off for summer, and I think we all needed the down time from school.
The best part is that they both came home just as excited as they were when they left!

The only problem is that we're only two days into this school year and I'm already tired of making lunches.


This morning, while Max was drinking a glass of milk, he had a few questions.
"Does white milk comes from white cows and chocolate milk comes from brown cows?"
"If we have chocolate milk and strawberry milk, can we have watermelon milk too?"

Then he pretends to hand me a glass and asks "What kind of milk is this?"
I take the imaginary glass of milk, examine it closely then say "I think it's invisible milk."
Max giggles and says "Oh, invisible with liberty? Like the pledge allegiance?"


Warning, whining ahead.

My back hurts and I don't know why.
It could be because when I saw the picture that Jo posted of her granddaughter, I fell off of my chair due to the cuteness overload.
It could be that my posture while sitting at the computer has much to be desired, and my vertebrae are finally rebelling.
Or most likely, it could be that we need a new mattress. (pretty sure this is the problem)

I think that I need a more exciting excuse for my new state of hunchedoverness than a bad mattress.
Help me out here, what exciting, highly athletic, life endangering, daring adventure do you think caused my sore back.


rychelle said...

the invisible milk comment was too much. max just kills me. :)

and let him know that they do have watermelon milk at sonic. you can get a watermelon cream slush, and i'm sure that it tastes EXACTLY as watermelon milk would.

Jillene said...

It was a Christmas Miracle that you found all 4 kids shoes at the same store.

Max cracks me up--as usual!!

Kristina P. said...

I went to the mall last night, looking for shoes just for me, since I hate children, and even I went into two stores, looking around.

I am in awe.

utmomof 5 said...

"It's a Festivus miracle"

Sorry had to throw the Seinfeld quote in there. Hope you know what I am talking about. If not than ignore all of this.

tiburon said...

I am with you on the miracle! School shopping was so easy this year!

I think it is because nobody is shopping - there is stuff left everywhere!

Erin said...

I am so jealous of your shoe shopping experience. I need to buy my youngest shoes, but I keep procrastinating just because I know how horrible it's going to be.

Bonnie the Boss said...

"Oh, invisible with liberty?" too cute!
My hubby bought all 5 kids shoes at famous! Not on sale though, but they all LOVE them and that is worth it to me.

Karen said...

Could your sore back be from what's being done on the mattress rather than the mattress itself?

Suburban Correspondent said...

I was having chronic lower backache; I finally figured out that it was because my abdominal muscles are almost non-existent, which puts too much strain on the back. So now I have to do baby sit-ups (because I can't manage to do the real ones).

Brandi said...

Hmm..I'd like to have that miracle when we go to get shoes for our six and me. I haven't gotten new athletic shoes for about two years because it's so difficult to find shoes that fit my feet correctly and have enough support for a price I like. The bad thing is, I wear athletic shoes every day.

Bloggin Betty said...

I love Famous Footwears buy one get one half off sale! Sales like this are the reason I have no control over my spending habits.

M-Cat said...

Shoes, glorious shoes!!!

And I think you really hurt your back swinging around that pole in your bedroom. Lay off for awhile honey, after birthing children, we just don't bend the same way.....

: )

Chief said...

you officially had tired mommy, wife, chauffeur, chef, housekeeper back. Take two weeks and call me in the morning

Jo said...

All four at the same store? Half off? Holy heck woman, you have received your one time only, life time miracle. Don't you ever ask God for another one.
Thanks for the link love! I know, that baby is beyond cute.
I vote for wild monkey sex.

Mum-me said...

I've got no idea what the rest of your post was about, even though I did read it, because my brain was still spinning at the thought of getting all the school shoes at the same shop at the same time and WITH a discount. You should buy yourself a lottery ticket.

Busty LaRue said...

I think that it's awesome that Max knows the pledge of allegiance...even if he did mix up a word :) too cute!

I'm thinking that you hurt your back after you skydived out of an airplane onto a cliff that you rappelled down to a bridge and then bungee jumped off of. Is that dangerous/adventurous enough to cause your back pain?

Jen said...

I'm getting all choked up about this miracle. My heart is inspired. Thanks.

JustRandi said...

Sheesh, if you were going to use up a miracle, I guess this was as good a situation as any.
Though I might have tried to save it up for a family reunion picture or something....if I'd had a choice.

Jessica G. said...

Our last shopping trip I just got the half size larger for the Boy rather than attempt going elsewhere. He'll grow into them, right?

So tell the hubs he either has to take a vow of chastity or get a new mattress.

Debbie said...

I'm so jealous you found shoes for everyone at your first stop. I went to multiple stores (read 5+) to find shoes for ONE kid and sill havent found them in her size. Ugh!

Love the Max story!

Damama T said...

1. Miracle schmiracle... it was just karma finally paying you back for being a good mom...

2. school, by now, has probably grown old and if you are anything at all like me you are throwing snickers, chips, and juicy juice boxes in a bag and telling the kids that the peanuts are good protein and the potatoes are their vegetables for the day. Don't laugh, it didnt' kill mine! LOL!

3. Max! That's enough said... MAX!! LOL! Sometime add some blue and red food coloring to his glass and tell him it's grape milk. He'll love it! LOL!

4. You strained your back due to a watermellon milk deficiency... No, seriously, Suburban is probably right about the weak pelvic muscles. It does make a huge difference when you strengthen your core.

WV: Piedextal - a person who can successfully eat two different kinds of pie with both hands at the same time.