Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a toaster!

Max has a new obsession.

Bill Nye the Science Guy.

CJ found a few episodes of BNTSG on Youtube, and Max has memorized them. His favorite episode is the one about simple machines. He learned about pulleys, ramps and levers and his most favorite???

The catapult.

He is fascinated by the catapult. In the episode of BNTSG someone even tosses a piano with a catapult.
Apparently, the producers of this program didn't think of what would happen when a 4 year old learns how to catapult things. To them I say thanks. A bunch.

Max doesn't have a catapult, so he just throws things and says he's catapulting them. We have daily discussions about not catapulting things in the house.

This morning during breakfast Max asked "Would our toaster stop working if we catapulted it?"
"Yes, I'm pretty sure that it would stop working, and I like our toaster." then I added a new rule "No catapulting the toaster!"
Then Max says "But we could buy a new one!"
"I like this toaster, it works just fine, I don't want a new one. We will not catapult the toaster."
"Because it will break?" he asks?
"Yes," I agree "And I really don't want it broken."
"But I still want to catapult the toaster!"
"MAX, we will NOT catapult the toaster! It will break the toaster, and it might hit someone and they could get hurt."
Then he says "But what if we took it to that catapult place downtown?"

So, if you are just walking around, minding your own business, and suddenly a toaster comes flying past your head, you'll know why.


Kristina P. said...

You really could always buy a new toaster.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Once again I LOVE Max. My oldest son built one in the backyard. But he called his a trebuchet. Tell Max that is another word for catapult.
I also wonder how well the producers thought the whole thing through!

The Boob Nazi said...

What catapult place downtown?!?!?

TJ said...

Max is awesome.
My kids like to rent bnsg from the library. That dude's been around so long, I remember watching him when I was a kid.

Annette Lyon said...

As a mother, there are hundreds of things I find myself saying that I never in a million years thought would come out of my mouth. I imagine "We do not catapult the toaster" is one of them for you!

Jessica G. said...

Like Annette (she always beats me to my best comments!), I never thought I'd say some things...not catapulting the toaster would be on that list. Along with not putting jelly in your pants.

Maraiya said...

Where do you live that you have a catapult downtown? How large is this catapult? Could you put Max in it? That could be the ultimate thrill for him....

rocslinger said...

Wow, cool, we have a toaster oven we don't like. If we ever get a new one we'll send max the old one but I want pictures.

Yes I am a trouble maker.

Karen said...

It might actually be a good way to get rid of old appliances that you don't want.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, golly...
Laughing like a silly kid at Max AND the comments! Thanks everyone for a good start to the morning