Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yesterday when I picked up Max from preschool he told us that the leprechauns had visited his classroom while they were at recess.
"Before we went out to recess my teacher poured some red juice for snack, and when we came back inside it was green, and there were footprints all over the floor and ceiling! They got into my teachers papers and mixed them up! They switched around all of the cubbies and then they dumped out all of the toys and we had to put everything away. The leprechauns just messeded everything up!"

I'm beginning to wonder if the leprechauns might just be living at our house.


Max: "Hey mom! Do you want to hear me say a bad word?"

Me: (curious) "Ummm, sure?"

Max:: "A BAD WORD!"


Max quote of the week.

"Plates are like bowls, only they don't have the inside part on top."


A few days ago, we finally decided to let the kids get their own email addresses. Now they sit in different rooms and email random comments to each other.
Yesterday Brielle said "You know, I just thought of something. Instead of emailing each other, we could just walk into the other room and talk to each other."


I recently noticed that my stash of Diet Dr. Pepper has been disappearing faster than I have been drinking them, however, nobody in the house will admit to swiping them.

I am currently watching everyone in the house VERY closely, to see who is the most awake.


We finally got our new dishwasher and oven. I love how quiet the dishwasher is, it isn't nearly as loud as the kids complaining about having to hand wash the dishes.
My favorite dish washing related kid quote from the last two weeks......"But I can't hand wash the dishes because I don't know how!"

Somebody got a crash course in dish washing.


I don't really like this time of year. Mother Nature comes out and says "Look, it's spring!" And I look around and the grass is getting green, my daffodils are starting to grow, I start to get all happy and warm..........
Then it snows and Mother Nature says "PSYCHE!"


Kristina P. said...

Max is hilarious. As usual.

I love that they have the same type of communication I have with Adam. Texting and emailing each other in the next room.

CountessLaurie said...

Mother Nature - HA! My husband put the snow shovels away? What is trying to do? Beg her to send more snow??

Funny as always~

Suburban Correspondent said...

Crash course? No pun intended?

Every day around here, there's another dish/glass dropped...

Busty LaRue said...

I LOVE getting new appliances (even if they're hand-me-downs, they're new to me)!

My diet 7-up stash is disappearing, too, but I know who's drinking it. My DH has made a pledge to drink all 10 cases before I can drink 1 can (next week). Good luck finding the culprit!

annie valentine said...

Okay, this was seriously funny. All of it. Why are my children mostly horrible and not funny like this?

M-Cat said...

I, for one, absolutley HATE spring in Ut. For the psyche reason soley. I can't take it

*MARY* said...

I'm still trying to figure out the plates are like bowls quote. I just don't get it.
Max is too much of a genius for me.

LisAway said...

ditto on *MARY*'s comment.

The Boob Nazi said...

Stealing Diet Dr. Peppers is unacceptable.

rocslinger said...

I didn't steal them, honest.

You need to trade the leprechauns for mene huni's, much nicier to have around.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Max's quotes always crack me up. My kids say funny things but I always forget them 10 minutes later.

It was so fun getting to see you today.

stewbert said...

Max IS hilarious.

My former roommate and I used to text/email in the next room. I've done that to my husband while sitting next to him, too. He just gives me "the look."

M said...

Love Brielle's comment.

I concur on the snow. Why, it's white outside my windows right now. I'm cold Jill. Really, really cold.