Saturday, April 30, 2011

When friends stop being friends

It's happened folks, I've recently discovered that I have been de-friended on Facebook.

I wouldn't have even known it, until I got a little suggestion that I add someone to my friends list, that was already on my friend list.

I laughed when I saw this, because, seriously, she's already on my friend list, and we've been friends IRL since first grade!

So, I clicked on her profile link, and I no longer have access to all of her information.

"This is strange" I thought "It must be some mistake!"

I looked at her friend list and I was not there!

It's true, I have been officially defriended.

Was it something I did? Was it something I didn't do? Was it because I continually ignored her requests to join her in Farmville, Mafia wars and all of the other games she invited me to play?
Was it because I never clicked on the link to find out what questions she answered about me?
Was it because I didn't come to her (fill in any multi-level-marketing company) party when she advertized it on Facebook and begged everyone to attend?
Was it because I never included a profile picture of myself, so she just had to look at that creepy sillouette whenever I made a comment?

What would make a person purposely eliminate someone from their list of friends.

I was rather perplexed.

I decided that she probably just left her computer logged on to Facebook, and her cat defriended me.

Stupid cat.

Then other friends from my list started appearing in the "friend suggestions" page on Facebook. Three of them to be exact, and I'm pretty sure that at least one of them does not have a cat, (and I doubt that dogs have that kind of dexterity)

Now I'm wondering what is the proper protocol for this type of situation. Here are my ideas.

1) Act completely oblivious to the fact that they have purposley eliminated me from thier friend list, and send a friend request to them. (multiple times if necessary)

2) Sit in front of the computer, staring at the friend list that I'm not on, and feel bad.

3) Go out for ice cream.

Your suggestions (and friend requests) would be appreciated.


Kristina P. said...

I would do none of the above. It's really no big deal. Which is why I throw flaming bags of dog poop at the houses of people who have Defriended me.

The Boob Nazi said...

FB actually defriended me in the case of 2 of my friends. We finally were like, "Uh, wtf?" and figured out that fb did it. It was weird. So it may not have been them!

Brandi said...

My 14yo daughter recently had her Facebook account deleted by Facebook, because of action that made it appear she wasn't a real person. Huh? When we contacted fb they said that she could be reinstated, but that she should post pictures and post on her friends' walls, etc. Her account was deleted just a few days after she had been at the site. Our other daughter with an account was not deleted even though she isn't on the site as often as her sister. We had done some research and there was a 17yo with a similar name who had died in an auto accident a few days after our daughter had last logged in. We think it was a case of mistaken identity and fb just wanted to save face.

All that to say, it could just be a fb fluke.

Lol, my word verification word is "trixed".

Dianne said...

I'm voting for number 1 and 3. If they didnt defriend you, they will add you back. If they DID, then eat ice cream while bugging the crap out of them with multiple friend requests. That's how I roll

mommeeof10 said...

Friend me! Except you won't be able to find me unless I friend you first. It's tought being in IT support and knowing enough about pc/network security to be dangerous.

just call me jo said...

I'm such a poop suck I would probably be ticked and hate them and eat ice cream. I would NOT ask them to be your friend again. Facebook (and blogs for that matter) are sooo like high school aka social life. I've never been popular in life so I just rack it up to the same thing on FB and blogging. Someone stopped following my blog the other day. I have no idea who it was but I'm still unhappy. I have so few followers any way. I'm kind of a pissy person so that's most likely why for me. Not necessarily the same for you. Damn those cats!

rychelle said...

create a FB profile for your cat. ;)

Karen said...

The answer is ALWYAYS to get ice cream!

M said...

The answer is obvious. She does not have a Max. Therefore, her posts could never be as funny as your. Therefore, out of jealousy because of your wit and humor, she defriended you to make herself feel better.

So now, you go BLOCK her with the 'inappropriate conduct' reason.

And then have ice cream

Loralee and the gang... said...

Just go get ice cream. That's a cure for everything, in my book! And, like Diane said...
(ha ha my word verification is "catibal"! Really?)

Jen said...

I have had that happen, in fact I have had the same friend add me multiple times, when I never de-friended her. I suspect a fb conspiracy. Or it could be that some of them are deleting their accounts, and then starting them again? My brother deactivates his account on occasion just to get more homework done.

Melissa said...

Facebook is evil. They did it. I'm sure they did. They sit around and try to think of ways to make us miserable... randomly deleting friends is just one of those ways :)

Pedaling said...

haha---that happened to me once- and the gal is still nice to me in person-not sure what happened there...I'd say go out for ice-cream.

fun blog you have, btw!

Nicole said...

I use FB for a couple of games to unwind when my little one's taking a nap... and then again to stay in contact with old high school friends and family...and I know plenty of both have taken me off their friends list and re-added me... I just ignore it. Whatever makes them happy for the day I guess ;) But ice cream... or chocolate... or both.. hmmm... I know! Make your fish make a facebook account and have it annoy the crap outta the defrienders!