Thursday, September 8, 2011

If yoga people can't cough, can they sing and dance at Wal Mart?

Max has spent the last three weeks in first grade, and appears to be doing just fine. I kept trying to convince him that he was going to miss me too much and I should come with him to school, but he is quite sure that I shouldn't be there.
I even offered to join him for lunch and stay for the second half of the day but he appears to be adamantly against me doing that.
He is even opposed to me standing outside and watching him through the windows.

Deep down I think he really misses me.


Just out of curiosity, how long do you usually wave your hand in front of the towel dispenser in a public restroom before realizing that it isn't automatic and you actually need to turn the handle to get the towel out?

Not that I've ever done that.

Earlier today I found Aaron in the kitchen holding a funnel with a balloon attached to it. He hid behind the counter and filled the balloon with flour.
He was dissapointed that he wasn't able to fill the balloon completely, but then he got a wicked grin on his face and said "Hey, I bet if I filled up a few hundred of these, sat them on the lawn then run over them with the mower, it would make a HUGE MESS!"
This is the same child who came up to me a few months ago and asked me if I could get him some liquid nitrogen.*

Over the last few weeks, I have found a need to outlaw unnecessary sounds in our house. It's amazing how many sounds are made around here for apparently no reason whatsoever.


Last night while the kids were finishing up with their homework, I laid on the couch and must have fallen asleep and dreamed that Aaron was in a yoga class because when he coughed loudly and woke me up, I yelled at him "YOGA PEOPLE DON'T COUGH!"**


For some strange reason, I usually end up at Wal Mart every Saturday night with anywhere from one to four kids.
Saturday night at the Wal Mart is an interesting experience. During the shopping, Aaron generally spends his time dancing around, trying to get caught on the security cameras and having his picture posted on People of Walmart dot com.***
There is usually at least one motor home camped out in the parking lot, sometimes more. It's fun to watch how these campers make themselves at home there, we've even seen some set up a barbecue and patio furniture next to their RV.

Last Saturday night was a little bit special, however, because as we had finished our shopping experience and left the building, we were greeted by this.****

*Yes, he sometimes frightens me.
**Hey, you weren't there, it made perfectly good sense before I woke up completely.
***What can I say, at least he has a goal.
****I'm not even sure that they were all playing the same song.


Saimi said...

HA I have done the same thing with the towel dispenser and sometimes I think I'm on Candid Camera cause the automatic water doesn't always come on right away and I find myself moving my hands all around the facet trying to get it to turn on.

I'm digging the Walmart jammers!

Kristina P. said...

I can't believe that Max is already in the first grade! Think of all that time you have. Now you can spend all day creating a little pageant dress for me.

Karen said...

Sometimes our lives are just so weird, aren't they?

Jessica G. said...

Most of the People of Wal-mart submission come from people's cell phones. Maybe you could take a picture of him and submit it instead? Then you get to blackmail him with it later in life when he becomes a contributing member of society.

Mom of 12 said...

I totally hate those towel dispensers! I think they are all out to get me. Yesterday, the one at the theater was blocked and 4 little girls laughed at me and my hand waving.

M-Cat said...

I think that was my son and some of his posse in that last clip. Not sure, but those plaid shorts look too familiar.

peewee said...

HAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! I have waived my hand MANY times in front of a towel dispenser and not only THAT but I have also many times tried pulling the half centimeter piece of towel, yanking and pulling ONLY to realize that there was a handle to pull also. Ohhhh boy. would we have done this in our 20's????