Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween recap

This year Halloween was a little different because my kids school had all of their Halloween festivities on Friday :0)
Usually this would mean that I would be staying up late, working on costumes Thursday night instead of the night before Halloween, however, CJ is too old to go Trick-or-treating (plus, at 6'4" he looks even older than 16) Brielle wasn't allowed to wear a costume for school, and Max decided to use one of CJ's old costumes.

This meant that I only had to make one costume!!

I was excited about this, because Aaron's costume would be super easy. (I may or may not have thrown it together Friday morning)
Apparently, it was also super difficult to understand. No one in our neighborhood could figure out what he was.

Here it is, can anyone guess what his costume is?

I will be quite impressed by the first person who guesses correctly.

Max's costume was perfect for him because...
1) It's his favorite food
2) It was already made and I didn't have to do anything.
3) It was padded so every time he tripped (because the costume was a little big on him) the padding would break his fall.

There is a hole for his face, however, he was being shy.

CJ stayed home and handed out candy. I wanted him to dress as a vampire, but he was being a bit of a party pooper.

He also handed out too much candy* because we ran out!**

The best part of the evening was when we had one piece of candy left and Max waited at the door to pass out the last piece.
A large group of kids came to the door and Max waved around the package of Whoppers and said "ONLY ONE OF YOU IS GETTING CANDY!!" He dropped the candy in the bucket of the little girl at the front of the group, then turned the candy bowl upside down "SEE! IT'S ALL GONE!" Then closed the door.

Due to the fact that I didn't need to make costumes yesterday, I was able to make some treats. A friend posted the link to this recipe for pumpkin muffins on Facebook, and I knew I had all of the ingredients,*** so I decided to make them.

They are FABULOUS! Pumpkin with cream cheese filling! MMMMM!

They were really good! They even looked good, and with my track record of making really ugly food, I felt that this was an accomplishment.

I didn't realize until last night that I accidentally put twice as much pumpkin in the recipe than it called for. I guess I just assumed that I should use a large can instead of a smaller one. They were really moist and delicious, so I think I'll double the pumpkin every time I make them.

I do have on bit of helpful advice if you decide to make these delicious muffins. When you are mixing the pumpkin/sugar/eggs on low speed in your electric mixer, be sure that when you turn the mixer off, you actually turn it off and don't accidentally turn it on high.

You will end up with pumpkin all over yourself and almost everything in your kitchen.

Trust me on this one.

*We had more kids come to our house this year than ever before. I think this was due to the really nice weather and the dozens of carloads of kids being brought to our neighborhood from who knows where. Apparently, when a few of the neighbors start handing out full size candy bars, and word gets around.
**The candy I don't like ran out. The bag of Three Musketeers was left untouched in the kitchen.
***Not really, I ended up going to the store halfway through making these to get salt, pumpkin pie spice and powdered sugar.


annie (the annilygreen one) said...

42 is the answer to life the universe and everything, but i'm not sure what the stuff on his shoulders is.

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

i'm apparently blind...i just realized it's a towel and white mice. brilliant!

Jillybean said...

YES Annie!! I'm so impressed!!

I'm also happy to find someone else with the same taste in movies. This one is a favorite of our family :)

Just SO said...

I totally got it because my husband is a HUGE Douglas Adams fan! Love it!

myimaginaryblog said...

I did think of the fact that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything, but I don't remember whatever it is the white mice are for (I guess it's been a LONG time since I read the book). I SHOULD have figured out the towel, but I thought it was a striped cardigan. So then I was thinking there was some preppy athlete I've never heard of who's known for catching mice--or something.

myimaginaryblog said...

Also, when I turned over the candy distribution to my 14yo while I took the 2you to a few more doors, I told him he could give two candies to small cute trick-or-treaters we know, and only one candy to large trick-or-treaters or those we don't recognize. I was a little embarrassed at how rigorously he applied this rule, though, when I caught him saying "take two" to a group while the "take one" group before them was not yet out of earshot. :)

Threeundertwo said...

My son carved a 42 into his pumpkin this year (and nothing else - just a big 42) so I got it. LOVE the pizza slice.

Karen said...

Apparently I'm an idiot, cause even after reading all the comments, I still don't know what he is.

M-Cat said...

Ditto to what Karen said. Even after all the comments, I have no idea. At least it was a costume right?

Saimi said...

Didn't get it but then I don't know anything about who Douglas Adams is..But the pizza, that's awesome!!

Lindsay said...

I wish I had carved a 42 into a pumpkin, instead of just stabbing it in the head with the sheet rock saw when I got tired of pumpkin carving.

Jen said...

I knew what 42 was, too! Geeks unite! Spellers untie!

Jen said...

My hubs recommended Adams to me in high school, by the way.

marythemom said...

I got it right away! I guess that means I'm a total sci fi geek. The mice are the ones who commissioned project Earth!

M said...

I was going to say Arthur Dent, but I thought the white mice were white eskimo shoes....when in Rome.... Fabulous costume; maybe it will inspire my 12yo for next year as this year he refused to participate, even with the lure of free candy.

M said...

And, by the way, when I showed my 12yo, he totally knew the mice were mice. Apparently it's just me.