Friday, February 17, 2012

Excuse me while I go purchase some additional home owner's insurance

Aaron's favorite television show is Mythbusters.

He loves to watch how they scientifically try to prove or confirm whether or not a myth is truth, however, I think his favorite part is watching how they blow up stuff if it doesn't blow up in the first place.

He once told me that this was a good show for him to watch because he can let someone else experiment, and he can still see whether or not something works (and he won't have to try to blow it up himself)

I do like how they begin every show saying "Don't try this at home" (However, Aaron has changed that phrase to "Don't try this at home, go to a friends house.")

It never really occurred to me to be worried about his fascination with this show until one day when he came up to me and said "Hey mom, can you get me some liquid nitrogen?"

Say what?

Liquid nitrogen?

My response, naturally was "NO!"

Then a few days later, he asked me if I could get him some lithium. And an incinerator.

(again NO!)

Last week we were trying to clean a spill off of the stove. I'm not sure what it was, but it was burnt on pretty good. Aaron said "Hey! I know what would clean that stuff off of the stove!"
"OK, what?' I asked.
"Sulfuric acid! Of course I would have to wear a bio hazard suit and there probably wouldn't be much of the stove left when I'm finished, but it would definitely get rid of that burnt stuff!"

No Aaron, I will not get you any sulfuric acid.

Then yesterday he came up to me really excited and asked if I knew of any way he could earn forty dollars.

"Forty dollars is a lot of money" I told him "Why do you need forty dollars?"

"Well, I found something really cool on Amazon and I want to buy it!"

He's really into electronics, and it's not unusual for him to find some sort of cable or memory stick or other computer accessory that he wants, so I just assumed that it would be something like that, so I was very surprised when he told me what he wants to buy on Amazon for forty dollars.

Are you ready for this?

Uranium ore.

That's right, believe it or not, you can purchase a chunk of uranium ore on Amazon for $40.00

Naturally, I told him "NO!" to which he replied..............

"But it's radioactive AND explosive!!"


Vern said...

Radioactive AND explosive. Important details for sure.

Jessica G. said...

Good decision. Uranium is a gateway element. Before you know it, he'll be experimenting with potassium and copper!

Kristina P. said...

At least he's not smoking spice. I say let him get the liquid nitrogen.

Karen said...

I think the additional homeowner's insurance is a good idea.

Bossy said...

I read this to my husband. I told him to go ahead and have amazon ready to search for what I was about to say. He gave me that raised eyebrow you can't impress me look. 4 seconds later..."how do you spell uranium..."
Perspective, I thought my boys were terrors today. Thanks I needed an healthy does.

christina said...

He will never ever be able to meet my oldest. They would FOR SURE blow something up! Mine loves that show too :)

Jen said...

Hahaha. My husband's friends' mom got a new kitchen out of one of his experiments from "The Anarchists Cookbook," when he was a teenager.

M said...

Hmmmm...I'm seeing flashes of my 2nd son when he's a few years older. My boys are big fans of the show as well....perhaps I should limit their viewing? :)