Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday Max, the zombie boy

Next week, Max is turning seven.


Yesterday we were discussing what he would like to do for his birthday party. I suggested a pirate themed party. Max was slightly interested at first, but then he got what he thought was a much better idea.........

Max wants to have a Zombie Apocalypse Birthday party!

He has a few great ideas for the party, starting with cupcakes frosted to look like brains.

I, however, have a few concerns, like how are the parents of his friends going to react when they get the invitation?
Will the seven year old children be frightened at the idea of a Zombie Birthday party?
Is there a way to portray the zombies as being "friendly" Zombies so the children won't be frightened?
Are there such things as friendly zombies?
Will all of that Zombie blood stain my carpets?

It would be so much easier if he would go with my idea of a Pirate birthday party. I can get a bunch of eye patches pretty cheap.

In other news, the pick up zone at the kids school is outrageously crowded, so much so, that many parents have been parking on the road near the school to pick up their children rather than waiting in line.

The problem with this is that the neighbors have been complaining. (rightfully so, some of these parents don't pick up their kids until 30-40 minutes after school lets out, allowing their little darlings plenty of unsupervised time to run freely through the yards, climbing trees and fences, throwing rocks, trampling flowers, having pine cone fights.....) (some of the parents even park in the neighbor's driveways to wait for their kids, needless to say, the neighbors have reason to be upset)

Last week I noticed that the lines on the road by the school had been repainted to be closer to the sidewalk, and no parking signs had been put up, making it quite clear that there should be no parking on that part of the street.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from the school informing everyone that new stripping had been put put on the road, and the parents are no longer allowed to park there due to the new stripping, and the police department will be enforcing the rule of no parking in the area, and anyone parking in the area of the new stripping will receive a ticket.

My kids walk home, and being the rebel that I am, I have informed them that they are required to keep all of their clothes on while walking on that street.


Jessica G. said...

DUDE, I love your kid! And I have seen the coolest brain cupcakes online.
Some people are just exhibitionists at any opportunity.

Suburban Correspondent said...

My baby is turning 7 next month. But she hasn't asked for a zombie party yet.

Kristina P. said...

Max is the coolest kid on the earth. I definitely think watching "The Walking Dead" would be appropriate for 7 year olds.

mCat said...

Max CANNOT be turning 7. Nooooooo!

Let him have the zombie party - the other kids be damned. It's his birthday!

Karen said...

The typo is funning because of the word "stripping" but ooohhhh!!! it makes my blood boil that an institute of education cannot proofread their own work!

Diana said...

This is hilarious to read today because: (1) my kids were pretending to be zombies last night, and (2) my 6 year old (7 in August) was stripping when he was supposed to be getting ready for Cub Scouts last night.

I think most of the parents wouldn't have an issue with a zombie party.

M said...

Apparently I'm lame because zombies creep me out (seriously - vampires no big deal; zombies, yuck) and I would think twice about sending my child to such a party. I suck.

Melissa said...

So... how did the zombie party go??

And I think our school needs the same policy!! No stripping indeed!