Monday, August 20, 2012

Dying for Pop Tarts

Last week Aaron went on a backpacking trip with his scout troop. Each scout had to bring all of the food they would be eating for the few days they were camping. I bought him multiple things that didn't need to be refrigerated including a box of Pop Tarts, which is a treat that I don't usually buy.
A few days ago, Brielle was complaining that I had bought Pop Tarts for Aaron, but I wouldn't buy them for anyone else.
Brielle: "Why won't you buy Pop Tarts for the rest of us?"
Me: "Because they aren't good for you, they're mostly just sugar."
Brielle: "But you bought them for Aaron!"
Me "That was because it was one of the few things that didn't need to be refrigerated that he could take with on his camping trip. Besides, they were on sale."
Brielle: "Will you buy some for me?"
Me: "I already said NO!"
Brielle: "OK, let's say that you HAVE to buy Pop Tarts for one of us, which one would you choose, me or Aaron?'
Me: "Max. I would buy them for Max, he can stand to gain some weight."
Brielle: "But what if there was a situation where you were dying and you had to buy Pop Tarts for either me or Aaron to be able to live, which one of us would you buy the Pop Tarts for?"
Me: "Seriously? In what type of a situation would I need to buy Pop Tarts for you to save my own life?"
Brielle: "???????????"
Me: "I guess if I was in that situation I would buy them for myself, because if I'm dying anyway, it won't really matter if I'm eating something unhealthy, right?"


mCat said...

LOL - just buy the girl some damn poptarts already wouldja?

Suburban Correspondent said...

I always tell the complaining child that as soon as she is willing to sleep and pee in the woods for an entire weekend, she can have some PopTarts, too. Aaron is earning those PopTarts, for heaven's sake!

Saimi said...

Ha! your daughter and my husband are Poptart mates.

I bought some on sale one day as a treat because my husband likes them. Then I started eating them...not good so I took them out of our pantry and put them away in our food storage room, sorta the out of site out of mind thing.

I later found them in our pantry again so I asked the husband what was up.

I said I put them away because we aren't eating them any more. His reply, I took them out because I am.

M said...

Point Mom! Way to outsmart the teenage set! (I don't buy pop-tarts for my kids either. Evil, evil, evil.)

Karen said...

When my kids were little, I made them eat only healthy cereals. But I bought one box of Pop Tarts a week and they got to have a treat on Saturdays. They still talk about that!

LisAway said...

Your kids are so, so weird.

I can't believe how many pop tarts I ate in college. Just thinking about them now gives me cancer.

Bonnie the Boss said...

LOVE you and your kids. When are we all getting together?Way to hold out on the poptarts. Stick to your guns! I LOVE what Suburban said! :)

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