Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Apple obsessed

I was walking past Max's room and heard him talking on the new toy cell phone that Santa brought him for Christmas. The conversation went something like this;
"Hi Deef Dobbs, How you Deef Dobbs? What doin' Deef Dobbs? New phone Deef Dobbs. Like I phone Deef Dobbs? O.K. Deef Dobbs. See ya Deef Dobbs. Bye bye Deef Dobbs."
"Hey Max" I said "Who are you talking to?"
"Deef Dobbs" he says.
Then it dawns on me, he is talking to Steve Jobs, as in Apple computer Steve Jobs.
I had no idea they knew each other. Max has several conversations a day with Mr. Jobs.
You may wonder why my two year old knows Steve Jobs. I'm pretty sure they were introduced by his 12 year old, Apple obsessed, computer geek, brother.
CJ will sit down at the computer with Max and they will watch videos on you tube of anything related to Apple computers.
We go into the Apple store, and Max will get really excited over the iMac and iPhone. He even knows the difference between the iPod nano and iPod shuffle. I think most two year olds would just try to eat them.
CJ is very technologically gifted. He has been using the computer since before he was 2. He would discover programs on my computer (that I had no idea were there), and figure out how to use them. I am always so amazed at his understanding of technical things. He reads software tutorial manuals for fun. Seriously.
When CJ was 10, we were at a family party, and someone asked him if he had a girlfriend to which he replied "There are more interesting things than girls, like technology" (He will NEVER live down that comment)
We recently got the new operating system for my computer.
CJ was overjoyed. He could hardly contain his excitement!
I will admit there are parts of it that are really cool, but I've been discovering a few things that have been a problem, like it dumped my really old operating system which I was using to open my even older version of Photoshop. It also did something weird to my e mail, I'll need to have CJ fix it for me.
The desktop of my computer is really cluttered with different documents and files. It kind of bugs me to have it like this, but I do have a general idea of where everything is, and I have no plans of changing it.
Yesterday, CJ comes into my office and said "Mom, you really need to clean up your desktop, it's not very Leopard-like"
O.K. CJ how about your room? It's not very Leopard-like either.
CJ's room is subject worth an entire post of it's own. Maybe later.


Sue said...

Ha - clever kid. I can't believe Max knows about Steve Jobs and the iPhone.

I hate updating my operating system. Sheer torture.

Jen said...

The only reason I know who Steve Jobs is, is because I am married to the adult PC version of your son.

utmomof5 said...

LOL!! My daughter talks to Dora on her phone!! At least when the world is completly run by computers you will know someone who can help!!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Deef Dobs? That's great!

Heidi said...

You know, your son is really on to something with the technology is more interesting than girls thing. He should write a self-help book with that title.

But he'll hit puberty soon, so his window is slamming shut pretty quickly.

Michael M. said...

Enjoy it while you can. At least teach him to call Deef Dobs 'collect'.

We had (1) one computer in our entire high school and everyone was afraid of it. Now my 11 year old daughter has a wireless laptop in every classroom!

Cari said...

It's amazing how younger siblings pick up so much from the older ones. At least it's not something bad! What a fun story!

Manic Mom said...

Hi! I commented over at Dawn's Because I Said So and the green fish, and afterward I started reading the comments and see we both had the same thing in mind about the Dr. Seuss book idea!

Great minds think alike!!! : )

melissious said...

Oh my, I'm in for it! I think one of my 3 year old twins is taking after your son. He was on my computer non-stop last month, every time I turned my back! I decided to buy him a leapster and tell him it's a computer. It's worked so far, but I have a feeling he's going to get tired of that soon. :)

MAGIRK said...

I hate to admit it, but he's right. Sometimes there are much more interesting things than girls! (I just hope my Baby Boy has that same good sense when he hits HIS teenage years! LOL)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and answering the poll. :)

(It sounds like you have some interesting conversations and things going on at your house! And congratulations on your 15th anniversary!) :)

Manic Mom said...

TOTALLY smiled at your comment at Manic Mom's GO DOG GO!!!

Damama T said...

Bug is my Techno guru. Only, when he was 4 the newest technologies were VCRs and Pong games - both of which he mastered with ease.

Keep encouraging your kiddos. Like I said, your retirement years are just around the corner!

I'm so glad you stopped by to comment on my Buggy Cheesecake post. Hope to see you at my place again soon! I'll definitely be checking back here!


ed said...
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