Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fear Factor

I have never much cared for the television show "Fear Factor".
It doesn't really bother me too much when they jump off of things, or do other crazy stunts, however, I can't stand it when they eat disgusting things. Nothing grosses me out more than watching someone try to eat rotting, maggot infested cow brains.
I'm just weird that way.
Now, I need to mention that my kids LOVE spinach. They eat it fresh, straight from the bag. They have caused many a grocery store cashier to raise an eyebrow at them fighting over who would get to carry the bag of fresh spinach to the car, where they would rip it open and eat it straight from the bag.
That being said, It's amazing how dinnertime at our house will sometimes turn into an episode of Fear Factor.
Several years ago, we were shopping at Costco, and they were giving out samples of spinach raviolis. The kids tried the sample, and all agreed that we should buy the spinach raviolis because they were SO delicious.
We bought them and several days later, I fixed them for dinner.
I thought they were good.
Hubby thought they were good.
Brielle and Aaron thought they were great!
CJ was repulsed by them. He didn't even try them, he just looked at them and gagged.
This is the same child who only days before was begging me to buy them.
We have a rule at our house that everyone must try at least one bite of a certain food before declaring whether or not they like it.

Just one bite.

That's all I ask.

Apparently, one bite was too much. Yes, we did force him to eat a spinach ravioli. (what can I say, we're bad parents)
He fought.
He gagged.
He gagged again.
He ran to the bathroom, and lost the ravioli.

It was just like watching an episode of Fear Factor.
Apparently, spinach is O.K. until it is cooked. Then it is inedible.

Fast forward to today. I found a really yummy looking recipe for spinach salad with hot bacon dressing.
I was in the mood for an adventure, besides, I'm getting really sick of cooking the same old boring meals every night.
I was ready for something new and exciting.
I assumed that since the spinach would still be raw, that the kids would love it.
Seriously, what's not to love?
It had real bacon in it!

Brielle took one look at it, and wrinkled up her nose.
"EWW, this smells yucky. Why can't we just have plain spinach?"
ME: Because we're trying something new. Just try one bite, I think you'll like it"
Brielle: "What did you put in it? It's gross!"
Me: "You only need to try one bite."
Brielle barely touches her fork in the salad dressing, then licks the fork.
"That's yucky! I don't like it!"
Me: "You need to try one leaf of spinach"
Brielle: "I can't"

This went on for several minutes, until under threat of no dessert, Brielle finally picked out the smallest leaf of spinach and put it in her mouth.

Oh the drama.

The tears!

Fear factor all over again.

Brielle: "I'm going to spit it out! I can still taste it!"
Me: "Take a drink of water and wash it down."
ME: "Take a drink of water and wash it down!"

I am happy to report that she swallowed it, and it stayed down.
And she seems to be fine.

My kids all love broccoli. I'm planning on fixing it for dinner tomorrow night.
Any suggestions on what I can do to this fine vegetable to make my kids hate it??

I need to thank Christina at My 5 little monkeys ( for giving me an award!
(Sorry, I have trouble linking. I am technologically challenged. I will work on it)
Thanks Christina!!
As soon as I figure out how to put it on my blog I will pass it along.


Melissa said...

Spinach and brocoli? Are they kids or mini adults? :) Let's see... how to ruin a perfectly good vegetable... sounds like the bacon thing worked rather well... you could always dip them in vinegar and horseradish... ew... that makes me shudder to even think about it. Good luck :)

Kalynne Pudner said...

Chinese Five Spice powder on the broccoli. Or steam it in orange juice (no, wait...they might like this). Or you could go for the money-back-guaranteed kid repellent: onions.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

How funny! Both of my girls hate mac 'n' cheese and I make the good homemade stuff with about four different cheeses. My younger girl actually threw up once at the dinner table after having a teeny tiny little bite.

Jen said...

The grossest vegetable I was ever made to eat was lima beans drenched in the cheese sauce from a mac and cheese package. This was many years ago, and I can still feel the nasty stuff slowly sliding down the back of my throat while I desperately struggled not to gag.

Damama T said...

I AM LITERALLY LAUGHING OUT LOUD OVER HERE! This brings back so many memories of dinners at our house. Our rule was that you had to try one bite of everything all the time, no matter if you liked it last time you tried it or not because tastes change over time and different people fix stuff differently.

We had many of the same issues going on at the table, but today my kids are not afraid to try anything at least once. And as they got older and started dating, they never embarrassed their girlfriends by refusing something their mothers had cooked just because it looked weird or smelled funny.

So keep up the good work, Mom. They will love you for it. Some day.