Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Oh, I'm sorry, were you talking?

The kids went back to school today after being out for 4 1/2 weeks. This change is as hard on me as it is on them, because;
1. I now need to set my alarm and get up in the morning. No longer will I be able to sleep until my body decides that it has had enough rest.
B. We now re-enter the world of homework, keeping up with the reading charts, remembering to send lunch money, e mailing the teacher frequently to see if my darling children are actually turning in their homework, and trying to understand why a child would not bother to tell me about the huge school project that is due the next day.
Too much stress.
At least now they can't fight. They seem to like each other more if they don't spend any time together at all.
I have a strange thing happening in my house. It has something to do with the kids hearing. I say something, and they hear something completely different. For example;
I say "Time to wake up" .........They hear ...........(nothing)
I say "Come on guys please wake up" ..............They hear "Go back to sleep"
I say "Seriously guys, we need to leave in ten minutes, or you will be late for school!!" ... They hear "get up when you feel like it"
I say "Get ready for school"........ They hear "Fight with your brother"
I say "Eat something for breakfast"........ They hear "Eat a candy cane"
I say "Brush your teeth" .........They hear "Go make faces at yourself in the mirror"
I say "Get your coat on".......... They hear "It's not really that cold, you don't need a coat"
I say "Get in the car" ............. They hear "Turn on the TV"
I say "Get in the car"........... They hear "Pour yourself a glass of milk"
I Say "GET IN THE CAR!!!!"..... .. They stare at me blankly, and ask me why I am yelling.
Does anyone else have this problem? Is it the frequency of my voice? Do I need to talk in a lower pitch? Higher maybe? Louder doesn't seem to be doing much good.
My favorite part is when we leave home too late to get them to school on time, and they say "Mom, you should have had us wake up sooner"
To make things worse, I forgot that there is road construction on the street going to the school.
Is there such a thing as being "fashionably late" for school?


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Mine apparently are deaf unless I back up "Do your homework now..." with "... or else no Webkinz tonight." That does the trick.

Kellan said...

Your kids were out for 4 1/2 weeks???!!! Are they in year-round school? That is a long break and I would like that, I think. Except I know, it is hard getting back in the swing of school - I'm perfectly happy when summer comes and there is no more homework or lunches or any of that!

Thanks for coming by, Jill. Nice to see you and I hope to see you again soon. Kellan

utmomof5 said...

It must be contagious!! My kids do the same thing!! Sorry I have no words of advice either. If you find a cure let me know=)


~cari~ said...

I swear, my oldest son (16 years old) can't hear the pitch of my voice or something. You know, like a dog whistle can't be heard by humans, my son can't hear my voice. It seems like it sometimes.

I hate going back to school after Christmas Break. January is just hard.

suburbancorrespondent said...

What's really weird is that these same children can hear the words "ice cream" whispered in the farthest corners of the house...

Pappy Yokum said...

My oldest (17) hears bits of every conversation and interjects rude comments unless of course we are talking to her. Then she never hears. Unless, of course, you say ice cream (thanks suburbancorrespondent), then she can hear it from downstairs with the TV and computer on at the same time.

Damama T said...

I actually dropped mine off at school in his PJs once. He was in first grade and refused to get dressed so... Let the natural consequence chips fall where they may!

Bonnie said...

Jill you are an amazing mom.I enjoy your Blog. You write well. Have you taken classes on writing?
Thanks for stopping by.