Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Max's big day

Today is going to be a great day for Max.

First of all, it's garbage day. His favorite day of the week!
This is the day where he stops playing with his cars, (just for a moment) pretending they are garbage cans and a garbage truck, and looks out the window to watch the big garbage truck dump our garbage.
When he was little, he would wave to the truck as it was driving away and say "Bye bye, stinky diapers!"
Garbage day is the day of the week that Max lives for.

Today, however, we have an added bonus.

Today is the first day of preschool!

We've had several conversations today about how important it is for him to keep his pants dry at school. I think Max understands this, and may have detected a slight eye roll from him during our ninth conversation on this topic this morning.
Lately when he has an "accident" he just changes his clothes on his own. He did this a few times on Saturday, and I didn't really know he did until I went into his room and saw several wet pairs of underwear and shorts on the floor next to his dirty clothes hamper. (I'll never understand why my kids can't just move their arm the extra few inches to the hamper.)

I have explained to Max that I WILL NOT be sending a change of clothes with him to preschool, so he needs to stay dry.

At our preschool when you drop the kids off, instead of having every parent park and walk their kids into the school, you have the option of driving up to the door, and the teachers come and get them. This feature is well worth the price of tuition, especially when you have smaller children with you, because now you don't need to get them out of the car too. It's also a great thing to be able to do if you are still in your pajamas. (not that I will still be in my pajamas when I drop Max off at preschool in the afternoon, because I would never stay in my pajamas that long.)

Since it's Max's first day of school, and I don't have any younger kids to haul around, I told Max that today, I would park in the parking lot and walk him into his classroom.

He freaked out!

"NO, I also walk into my skoowol by mysewf!"

"Max, honey, I think it would be better if mommy walks you in for the first day."

"NO! You drive the car, and I get out and also walk into the skoowol. You also need to stay in the car."

Then I realized that Max has spent the last three years watching as his brothers and sister get out of the car and walk in to their school.

He just wants to be like the big kids!

Either that, or he is embarrassed by my pajamas.


MamaHenClucks said...

Well, I must say that if the pajamas are cute enough, then it's OK to be seen in them, right?

Hope the first day was great! What a big step!

Adam and Kristina said...

I really wish I could wear pajamas to work. Hopefully his preschool experience will be accident free!

JustRandi said...

Well, your pajamas have cars on them right? Maybe a little Lightning McQueen?
So it's obviously not the PJ's!

Sweet little guy!

b. said...

Scrubs are kinda like pajamas...and I like wearing them.

Sooooo? How'd it go???

Bonnie the Boss said...

How cute is he? He is a great kid. I sure enjoy him. I say go PJ's. Why be uncomfortable?

Maraiya said...

I'm not sure what to say - you already know I am a member of the Max Fan Club - but I'd hate to have your self-esteem drop because I failed to comment.

Oh, I know - did you cry? He's your baby right? Moments of freedom versus letting go - yeah, I'm totally going to ball when I drop Lulu off for her first day of Pre-K. Until I get home, that is. Then it's Pahtay Time!

Jen said...

I don't really like to admit how long I wear my pajamas most days either.

Damama T said...

If it's the PJ thing, you should nurture it. You might need it as a behavior modification tool when they are in JrHi and HS. As in: If you are late to class ONE MORE TIME, I'm going to come up there IN MY PJs and walk you to EACH AND EVERY CLASS ALL DAY LONG!

It's amazing how that visual gets them motivated! LOL!