Friday, October 31, 2008


Last night at 9:30 we decided to carve our pumpkins.

We have a rule about picking out pumpkins. We tell the kids that they can have any pumpkin they want as long as they can pick it up and carry it.

Most of the kids will choose a reasonably sized pumpkin except for Aaron. He chooses the biggest one he can find, then struggles to carry it around.

We cut the tops of the pumpkins, lifted the lids and scooped out the seeds and pumpkin entrails.
When Aaron opened his, the entire inside of the pumpkin was covered with mold.


Fortunately, we had bought an extra pumpkin so Aaron was able to carve one.

But Max was fascinated with the moldy pumpkin. He kept lifting the lid to check out the insides.
Finally, he said "That pumpkin did also poop in it's pants, it also needs to have it's cars taked away."
And yes, this was cute the first 40 or 50 times that he said it, but after that it got a little old.

I have more to write about Halloween, but I'm too tired so here's a fun video.



ramsam said...

We love killing pumpkins in our house!

In Blog-land My Name is Lola.... said...

We are also watching a frightening movie, and I think I also need my cars taken away.

Max makes me laugh!!

Jo said...

Sounds like your tiny demon enjoys tormenting you too!

MamaHenClucks said...

The beautiful carvings we did last week on our pumpkins? All mushy and wilted tonight, which made one chickie cry.

Max cracks me up, every time!

Kristina P. said...

Now that I've met Max, I can hear him saying that. Also, also, also... ;)

MamaHenClucks said...

Hey come on over and pick up a late treat leftover from Halloween!

Maraiya said...

OK - Now I'm know I'm a real horror wimp because that video?

Totally. creeped. me. out.

If I have nightmares tonight, I'm coming to your place for fudge!

Damama T said...

I bet the people that think killing plants is wrong would have nightmares over this video! LOL!

Goodoldboyish: LESSL - Why do more when lessl getterdone? (I'm trying to stop. Really. I am!!)