Sunday, October 19, 2008

The trouble with fudge

I'm sitting here, valiantly fighting the urge to go and make myself a great big batch of fudge.

Homemade fudge with pecans.

My mom's recipe. So good!

"So what's the dilema?" you ask? "What's wrong with fudge especially if it's your mom's super-de-duper delicious recipe?"

Well, I'll tell you what's wrong with it. It's magical fudge. It's addictive.
It's impossible to just eat one piece!

And did I mention how wonderfully delicious it is?

Did I also mention that I've been craving chocolate all weekend? And not just my ordinary chocolate cravings that can be satisfied by chocolate chips.


It's a "I need to have chocolate in the form of fudge!!" sort of craving.

The recipe makes five pounds of fudge.


This is the fudge that I make and give to the neighbors for Christmas. Only, the neighbors don't get all of it.

Here's a question. I always make a five pound batch of fudge, and I never eat the whole five pounds. (shut up, I seriously couldn't eat ALL of the fudge) Why do I gain TEN pounds every time I make a batch of fudge?
I think that's proof that the fudge has some magical properties to it.

What I don't understand is why something that tastes so absolutely good can be so bad for me.

Somehow, it just seems so wrong.

Maybe I could market it as "Magical fudge, feed it to your skinny enemies!"

I really like that idea, because if I manage to make everyone around me fatter, it would totally make ME look thinner wouldn't it?

Seriously, you would think that the Diet Dr. Pepper I drink with the fudge would somehow cancel out the calories and carbs and everything else.

I'm rambling, I know.

I'll put it up to a vote. Leave me a comment telling me whether or not I should make the fudge and why. Somehow, leaving it up to mycyber BFFs will make me feel less irresponsible.

p.s. In a chocolate craving moment of weakness, I bought a bag of Hershey's kisses. We discovered that Max will do pretty much anything to get a chocolate kiss.
This information will come in handy at a future time, I'm sure.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Do it!!!

b. said...

Make some.
Then meet me halfway between your house and mine.

We'll eat it together with our dp, and ddp!

b. said...

oh, and bring the bag of kisses too!

Kristina P. said...

I'll meet up with you and B. We're real life friends now, remember?

LisAway said...

Of course you must make some. And then you should draw a number from these comments and send someone a pound of it. And it should be me. Except that I live too far away, so instead you should send me the recipe. And the recipe shouldn't contain any marshmallows or marshmallow creme, unless you want to send it to me (none in Poland).

Yes, I'm sure that's what you should do.

*MARY* said...

Fudge looks like #2, especially fudge with peanuts in it.
I bet you don't want to make the fudge now, you're welcome.

ramsam said...

Please do it. It will make me feel better about the double batch of brownies I made and ate most of, plus the yummy sweet Mally Mix I ate in large quantaties today. I need a partner in crime.

Jessica G. said...

Make some fudge and then give me some because I'm pregnant and supposed to be gaining all sorts of weight. ;)

Busty LaRue said...

I like the idea of feeding fattening yummy chocolate fudge to your skinny frenemies! I'll have to try that!! :)

How about you eat your fudge, and I'll eat the pan of Ghiradelli chocolate brownies I just made! Deal? Okay! :)

MommyJ said...

I'm all about making fudge... and sharing the recipe, since the only time I've tried to make fudge, it wasn't so good.. it was still edible, because it was chocolate, but the texture was off.

Do it, I say, Do it!! But wait, it's already the next day.. maybe you already did... was it good? Is there any left? Can I have some?

ktmay said...

okay here's what you do- you make the fudge and take pictures throughout every step of the process, with detailed instructions for all of us so we can make some too. then we all get fatter and we're all happy.
i love fudge- i make the recipe on the side of the mallow creme jar. DEE LISH

TJ said...

MAKE THE FUDGE!!! And I will live vicariously through you.

MamaHenClucks said...

EAT IT ALL!!!!!!

Brillig said...


and then send some to me. Seriously.

Jillene said...

Make it!! Eat it!! Love it!! Share it--with me of course!!

LaDawn said...

I think that you should make the fudge and then give us the recipe.
I could really use some chocolate right now.

Melissa Bastow said...

You totall NEED fudge. right now. RIGHT NOW. Go. GO MAKE IT.

Wendy said...

OK, I am on a diet, and now I want FUDGE, I want sneak into your house while your gone and EAT IT ALL, but since I don't know where you live, I'll have to settle for my 100 calorie chocolate bar :(

Jill said...
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Davis Family said...

Yes - because it's good.

Are you still trying to decide whether or not to make it? Because really...if you haven't already made it and eaten it all, I'd have to worry.

Amanda said...

Yes make it!!! It is soooo good :-)

Angela Fehr said...

Don't make the fudge. Make this instead.

Melissa said...

I remember going to a "eating healthy" class one time and the lady talked about cravings. She said if you're craving a particular sweet - eat it! Because this is what happens if you don't...
"Hmm... I really want fudge, but I shouldn't have it. So, I'll eat this cookie instead. Nope, that didn't satisfy the craving. How about some ice cream? Again... still craving the fudge..." and it goes on and on. You'll end up eating all kinds of other stuff trying to satisfy a fudge craving! Invite friends over and have a fudge eating party! I'm sure there are several people who would volunteer!!

Mum-me said...

If you're craving fudge you bdoy obviously needs it (which someone already wrote) so go ahead and make the fudge - and I'd love to know the recipe for your mother's super-de-duper delicious homemade fudge with pecans. Because now I am craving fudge too. And you can't get half decent fudge here. Unless you make it yourself.

Elizabeth said...

Have you ever tried to halve or quarter the recipe? Might help.
I'm fond of no bake cookies in this sort of situation...they are filled with oatmeal with cocoa and a little peanut butter...I also cut the sugar in half...still fudgy, still yummy...not quite as awful.

Max will also do anything???
Hmmm, this sounds GOOD!

Anonymous said...

Since everyone else votes for the making of the fudge (except for Mary, of course -- #2? Was that necessary? There's a visual for you...), I'm going to play devil's advocate and say:


Just to be contrary and difficult.

Actually, don't listen to me. I've been off chocolate for a year (almost-- just two months shy!) and I'm still going through withdrawals.

Jen said...

Make the fudge! Make the fudge! Lose the weight next spring. Winter clothes cover a multitude of pounds anyhow.

JustRandi said...

Awww you could eat the whole batch if you really wanted to. Remember You Can Do Hard Things.
But if it doesn't work out, I'd definitely pay postage for a half batch!!

Hey It's Di said...

Oh you had to say fudge! I can't resist that stuff and "Mom's super duper yummy" stuff is just so worth the 10 lbs. I don't understand though how the fudge weighs 5 lbs but makes a person gain 10? Makes no sense to me. We should be able to eat the whole pan and gain only 5 don't you think? I think you should make 2 pans and eat one and feed the other to your friends.

Are you telling me that diet drinks don't cancel out the fat/calories from junk food? I've been so misled:)

The Preschool Teacher said...

You should make the fudge and post the recipie! Oh yes then mail me some.:p

Anonymous said...
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