Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Contest winner!! And the new business I am starting so my kids will have something to do this summer besides play the Wii

The object found in the backseat of my car was....

drumroll please...............................


The winner is M-cat who guessed

"A stale pb&j from 2007 that now resembles more like mold with some brown and purple mixed in. "

Even though she didn't guess the correct kind of sandwich, she did mention mold, so she is the winner!!

I'm so glad I thought of this contest, at first I was just going to glue googly eyes on the furry sandwich and sell it on eBay as some exotic pet, but after the overwhelming response I received* it gave me an idea for a new business!

I will send moldy food to anyone you would like! (or dislike, as the case may be)

I figure this is a win/win thing for me because I haven't cleaned out my refrigerator for a while, and my kids need something to do this summer. What better thing than to have them clean all of the leftovers out of the fridge, gift wrap them and package them up to be shipped to unsuspecting people!

You have several different options for shipping.

FedEx overnight/second or third day delivery - for emergencies
USPS priority/or flat rate box - not as much of an emergency, but the best value for your dollar. (Those flat rate boxes will ship up to 70 lbs for one low price!!**)
Slow boat to China - When it doesn't need to be there immediately, but the extra time will allow it to become even more disgusting.

You know that co-worker who annoys you, send them a slice of what is almost still distinguishable as lasagna!
Or the person who gossiped about you, send them a bag of liquefied lettuce!
The neighbor who's stupid dog barks all night long? Send them a package of moldy hot dogs!!***
Just think of the possibilities if you could just learn the address of that guy that cut you off on the freeway!!

Act now, and send in an order before all of the good stuff is taken!!!!!

My kids are going to love this idea!****

*not really.
**I know that you do need to declare if you are shipping hazardous substances, I'm not really sure how you would classify moldy food.
***Allow up to three weeks for special orders.
****Not really.


M-Cat said...

I think this a grea business idea, and if the kids aren't on board tell them that we can change it from moldy items from the refrigerator to poo-bagging those that piss us off. That might peak their interest more!

Melinda said...

Have you heard about what some missionaries send in the mail? It involves a pringles can and I'll just say they call it disgusting. SO anyway, if they can mail that, you're totally good with the moldy food. :)

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Love the business idea! I've got at least one person I would love for you to send something like that too!!

Mae Rae said...

this was indeed the best post this week from all of the ones i read. I think what clinched the deal was the footnotes.

Not really?

Jessica G. said...

And this is exactly why my husband has to clean out my car.

Mom of 12 said...

Eewww! I just found half a pbj in the enclosed cup holder in the back seat of my minivan. The kids said it had been there since Easter weekend! I don't know why it didn't smell...I think my son might have eaten it if it hadn't cracked when I threw it in the garbage can...

Erin said...

I just saw the Wave at the Bus blog for the first time, and noticed that you are one of the (very few) blogs he links to. I was just wondering how you know him?

Ugh for yucky old sandwiches.