Saturday, January 7, 2012

Give or take a few hundred.........

Tonight when my husband and I got home from our weekly Friday night date, we found Max, sitting at my computer, taking pictures of himself in Photo Booth.
I asked him who taught him how to use the program and he told me that he had figured it out by himself.
He was making up all sorts of faces and poses as the camera clicked multiple pictures of him.
After a while, my husband said "Hey Max, that's enough. All of those pictures are taking up a lot of memory on the computer, you've taken about 30 or 40 pictures."
Max looked closely at the screen then turned around and said "No Dad, it's more like 623!"


Karen said...

Good thing you came home. It would have been in the thousands.

Suburban Correspondent said...

You didn't tell him he'd run out of film? We always say that to the kids just to see how confused they look.

Mom of 12 said...

I can SOOO relate to this post! Just smile and hit delete...a few hundred times.

mCat said...

As long as Max left all his clothes on, what's the big deal? : )