Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I want my two dollars!!!

Occasionally, the kids will find free games or Apps online, but will want to purchase the full version so I will go ahead and buy the game or app for them, then they will give me the cash.

Last night, Max mentioned that he didn't have any money left in his piggy bank.

"What about the two dollars that the tooth fairy brought you for your teeth? I asked.

"I gave those to Aaron."

I look at Aaron who is trying not to smile.

"Why did you give Aaron two dollars?"

"Well......" Max replied "I was playing this game called "Hit Aaron with a box" and Aaron said that if I decided to play the free version that I could only throw the box at him three times, but if I bought the full version I could throw the box at him more times and Aaron said that the full version costed two dollars, so I bought it!"

Aaron is now hiding under the kitchen table.

I tell Aaron to give Max his two dollars.

"But he bought the game! He gave me the money!"

"Give it back!"

"NO! He paid me for the game, hew WANTED to give me the money!

"Aaron, give him his two dollars!!"

Just then, Brielle jumped in and said "Hey Max, can I borrow your "Hit Aaron" game?"

Max said yes and so Brielle threw the box* at Aaron. Then she picked it up and threw it at him again. And again.
And again......

I think I'm going to create a game called "Stop people from throwing boxes at Aaron." The full version will be $3.00.

*It was a very small, empty box. It hardly left a mark.


middle child said...

Aaron is one smart dude!

Karen said...

I think Brielle is the smart one!

Kristina P. said...

You are going to be in a lot of trouble with these ones.

Jessica G. said...

Nearly peed myself I was laughing so hard!

And? Got this WV and just had to share:

Flabblet - that annoying piece of flesh that dangles from the back of your arms once you reach a certain arms. AKA: RS arms.

mCat said...

Loving it! Aaron is pretty creative

M said...

I like how your labels below this post read, "Aaron, are you smarter than a six year old?"