Friday, January 13, 2012

What a difference a day makes, just 24 little hours........

Earlier this week Max decided to make himself a 3 year calendar. He stapled about 36 pieces of paper together, and has spent the last few days drawing grids on the papers and filling in the days of the month.

Max was very upset about the fact that June only has 30 days, he feels that it should have 31 days.
In his calendar, he went ahead and gave June 31 days, because apparently, he does control the universe.

This wasn't much of a problem for him until he got to the end of December and discovered that he only had room for 30 days.

He informed me that now December will only have 30 days. (again, supreme controller of the universe)

This is actually a very big problem for me because December 31st is our wedding anniversary, and I'm not about to give that up. Next December we will have been married 20 years, so to get rid of the 31st this year would be unacceptable.

Max, being the clever little manipulator that he is, had an argument ready for me.

"If we take away the day in December and use it in June, we'll have an extra day of summer vacation!"
I have to admit, he almost got me with that argument. I love summer! An extra day in June would be lovely.

We were about to give Max a very long explanation of the reasons why we couldn't create June 31st, but we decided against it because we realized that it would be much easier just to add the extra day in June than it would be to listen to Max whine about having to erase and re write all of the numbers on his calendar.

Is everyone on board with this? June 31! Mark it on your calendar.
Perhaps we should make it into some sort of holiday so we don't need to go to work that day.

He also said that February 29th should be called Farch because it is half of February and half of March.


A completely random comment I heard by one of my children today.....

"Ask her to log in one more time and I'll show you my toenail!"

I'm going to assume it would have made more sense if I had heard the whole conversation.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to my extra day in June.

My word verification is itypa. ItypaLOT!

LisAway said...

And the difference is Max!

Karen said...

I'll definitely go along with an extra day in June. An extra day in summer is worth losing a day in winter. Hubby and I routinely extend August to approximately 65 days, hoping summer will get the hint. While the rest of the world is on October 1, we are on August 65th.

Just SO said...

Go with the 31st of June...celebrate your 20th 6 months early I say!

And toenails can be scary.

Kristina P. said...

I would much rather have an extra day in June than in December.

Max can rule my world.

Suburban Correspondent said...

I like Farch. I'm using it.

Mom of 12 said...

What a great kid! You are so lucky to have him.

Jessica G. said...

Farch. Love it!

christina said...

I have changed my calender :) Thanks Max, I prefer summer over winter!!!