Monday, April 28, 2008

Kid Quotes part 2

In the days since I wrote my last post, I've thought of more cute/funny things that my kids have done.

When Brielle was just over a week old she was sitting in her car seat in the living room, and I went into the kitchen to get something and CJ (2) came running to me and waving his arms wildly saying "Mom! Mom! She's...........she's................spilling!"
I went to see what was going on, and she had spit up all over.
Ever since then when a baby spits up, we say that they are spilling. (and we refer to what they spit up as "spillage")


Not too long ago, we had gone to a chocolate shop, and I let the kids each choose a treat. We were sitting outside on a bench while the kids were enjoying their chocolate, and the wind began blowing. Max started to panic, and said "Help! The wind is chasing me!"


Brielle came home from school a few years ago and said "My teacher has a really interesting hairdo. It's really blonde, except for the top of her head, and there, her hair is really dark."


Brielle was 4, CJ was 6. We were driving home from grandma's house, and Brielle talked all the way. She talked and talked and talked. She chatted away for about 20 minutes straight.
Just before we got home, she was discussing some important 4 year old girl topic, and she looked at CJ and asked "What do you think?"
CJ very slowly and clearly said,
"I think girls. Talk. Too. Much.


We were coming home one day, and as I opened the garage door, Max said "Look, the house is opening it's mouth"
Then we drove in the garage and Max said "Now the house did eat our car!"


When Brielle was 2, I walked into the bathroom to see her playing in my make up.
Apparently, when you're a two year old girl, concealer is to be worn on your eyes, mascara on your cheeks, eye liner on your lips, and lipstick is to be firmly twisted inside the cap.
Brielle turns around, and says "Look mom! I have lips on my mouth!"


When CJ was three, I walked into the kitchen to see him sitting on the counter surrounded by slices of bread.
"What are you doing?" I asked.
CJ says "Making toast!"
He had toasted an entire loaf of bread, and taken one bite out of each slice, and he was exceedingly proud of himself.


Aaron was about 2, and every time I would get a phone call, (and occupied for a few minutes) he would get the tub of butter, grab a butter knife, hide behind the kitchen counter, and proceed to "butter" himself, spreading a layer of butter all over his arms, legs, face, hair, and just pretty much anywhere he could reach.

Seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up!

Here are the meanings to th "Kid invented" words from my last post.

2. Beggy.................spaghetti
3. Sassies...............glasses
4. Fuhriginator.............refrigerator
5. Frork...........fork
6. Banana frork..........butter knife (I use them to cut open bananas)
7. Hodepo.............Home depot (Jessica G guessed this one)
8. Ayaya ..............humidifier (I have no clue how we got ayaya out of humidifier)
9. Aahzuldee..............CJ used to say this all the time. We still have no idea what it means.
10. Boosta.............booster
11. Feep.............feet

Here are some more.


Max has this habit of putting an extra "r" in some words like,
crorned beef


Kalynne Pudner said...

I remember your post on Max's "feep" :)

Good for you, saving these! I made a lexicon for my oldest, so my mom could interpret while I was in the hospital with Number Two.

I just started yesterday to collect them from my youngest (and last):

"Honeyspeckles" = honeysuckle
"Pretendo" = pretend (crossed with Nintendo?)

Rachel said...

I laughed really hard at these!

Lois said...

Before I had kids I used to watch "Rugrats" cartoons and I couldn't figure out where the writers got this strange kid-speak from. Now I know! These are too cute.

Tausha said...

seriously-you must be a good mom and write these funny things down. Or-you have the most incredible memory ever! Either way-I am jealous cause I have done neither. I did have a book at one time then it dissapeared. Dang Kids HA Ha!

Bonnie said...

Butter himself, that is hysterical!!!! I know that it isn't made up. It happens at my house too.

Becky said...

Oh, I LOVE graple! That totally makes sense!

Cute stuff. Kids just say the best things. I'm so glad you wrote it all down so you'll always remember how cute it was.

I was watching how my son scampers across the house and yard, and was thinking I need to get some footage of him running so I don't forget how cute it is...especially when he runs screaming from the tickle monster (daddy, with hands up in the air).

Elizabeth said...

Absolutely Adorable.
I LOVE is just too cute.
My Snorkie is just developing his spoken language...he had his own sign language for a while. My eldest daughter is his translator. DH and I look to her when we don't get it. I'll have to copy your wonderful idea for a post soon. Thanks.

Melissa said...

Too fun! I need to write down some of the things my kids have said or I will forget them!!

utmomof5 said...

The butter one made me think of the Sienfeld episode when Framer falls aleep will tanning with butter all over him. He smells like Turkey and Newman wants to eat him. There is a Seinfled episode for every situation.

I wish I had written more of the ones my kids said befroe I forgot.

Hey It's Di said...

I remember my little brother having diarhea and saying "Mom, my bum threw up!" Sorry, that was gross but true:)

Lucy said...

I love when kids can see 'obvious' so well and the way their little wheels roll around in their brains. Do you suppose we were like that? Well....yup...and the only reason my uncle doesn't tell everybody he can about the pigs and me when I was 3 is because he'd dead. But he sure had fun with it when he wasn't.

Sue said...

Ha! I loved these. Spillage, snerk. :>

I wish I'd written down more of the things my kids said. I always think - oh, I'll never forget that. And then the next day, it's completely wiped from my brain, and I only have a vague memory that somebody said something amusing.

Leah said...

Those were so fun to read!!!!!! I loved the "spilling" one. How funny!!!

our kids' funny words, currently in use are:
mow lawner=lawn mower
hee hiles=high heels
hanitizer=hand santizer

I won't get started too for on MY CJ's words (not quite two and barely talking), except to say if you're ever around him and he's yelling "EESH! EESH!" you'd better find either his shoes or his sippy cup... LOL

again, those were fun to read, thanks for sharing them!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Hmmm...we had some "spillage" here tonight. It wasn't pretty.