Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beating the system

Isn't it amazing how smart kids are? Especially when it comes to getting out of doing things, and I'm not just talking about "remembering" they have homework to do when I ask them to do the dishes.

Tonight I got an email from my cousin, who's son is in the same school class as Aaron. She said that Aaron told M (her son) that if you purposely get all of the words wrong on the spelling pre test, then you get easier words for the actual test. M was very excited about this method, because apparently, it really works. My cousin had a nice long talk with her son, and he won't be doing this again.

I'm really not sure what to think of this. On one hand, I'm disappointed in Aaron for pulling off this scheme, but on the other hand, I'm a little impressed with his creativity.

When I asked Aaron about the whole situation, he got this goofy grin on his face, and couldn't stop giggling.
I explained to him that this was dishonest behavior, and we would not tolerate it.
"I've never done that on the pre test" he said "I keep forgetting to do it."


I'm trying to figure out what kind of career path this type of behavior will lead him to.
I think he gets this way of thinking from my brother.

I did something similar to that when weighing in for dance club in high school. The first week of weigh in, all the other girls were stripping down to nearly nothing so they would weigh less. I wore all of my clothes (I think I may have worn a heavy sweater, my coat, and carried my books also) The next week at weigh in, while the other girls had starved themselves all day, shaved their legs, and then were all standing in line at the restroom in a last ditch effort to lose a few ounces, I wore my regular clothes, (minus the coat) and weighed less than the previous week.
Really, it never hurts to plan ahead.

Not wanting to mess up my newly clean kitchen, I implemented a new rule in our house.

Nobody goes to bed until the table is cleared, the dishes are done, and the kitchen counter cleaned off.

This is the kids job, except tonight, after asking them nicely once, reminding them nicely twice, and not so nicely another time, (or four) I just did it myself.
As I was loading the dishwasher, I came up with another new rule for our house.

If Mom does your chores for you, you will need to pay her.

One child asked "What if we don't have any money?"
To which I reply "You have an iPod, and I have an ebay account."

(Yes, I am mean. You wanna make something of it?)

On an unrelated subject, I haven't craved chocolate for two whole days.
Do you think I should go see a doctor?


Kalynne Pudner said...

No chocolate cravings? Newly cleaned kitchen? Daring plan to sell kid's iPod on eBay?

There has to be a logical connection there somewhere.

Are you pregnant?

Elizabeth said...

HMMMMM, I'm with kalynne on this one...better check.

I think your son's creativity may just be the thing that gets him through school with his personality intact. Honestly, what teacher in their right mind gives DIFFERENT words on a spelling test if the pre-test words were too "hard"? Aren't they supposed to test the WORD KNOWLEDGE? Yikes...time to see the teacher.
Pax, Elizabeth

Jo said...

I can see where Aaron comes by his, um..."creativity" naturally.
I like the idea of getting paid and I don't think you are mean, I think you are smart.
No chocolate? Are you dying? And if you are, can we have chocolate at your funeral please?

Jessica G. said...

Oh, Jill...I am going to be you when I finally decide to grow up! I loved this post.

On a more serious note...I am very concerned about you not craving chocolate. Are you feeling okay? Quick, go look at my cake blog, see if that helps.

utmomof5 said...

Those are the times when underneath it allyou are kind of proud of your kids for beating the system. :)

Your chocolate craving moved to my house!

JustRandi said...

You gotta hand it to the kid for creativity. A++.
And your lack of chocolate craving is very concerning. I hope you have a Milky Way handy for the big crash and burn that may be around the corner.

Heidi said...

I love that you are mean in a loving sort of way. Oh, not loving? Well, I just love that you are mean.

Becky said...

You have an iPod, and I have an eBay account

That is the PERFECT comeback! I'm gonna put that one in my pocket for later use!

Lois said...

My work newsletter had a recipe for using up leftover Snickers bars.

OK, who has leftover Snickers bars?

I just tell my kids that they have 15 minutes to clean up before I start throwing stuff away. That usually gets them hopping (but then my husband goes through the trash and digs everything out again).

Leah said...

Aaron and my son Jared (not quite four years old) have similar brains, it seems. I'm terrified of what might happen if the two of them ever get together. They'd take over the world or something!

In reading the linked post about Aaron, I thoroughly enjoyed the bit about crunchy peanut butter tasting just like creamy peanut butter, your mouth just has to work harder (however that was worded!). Cracked me up!

Just prove my son's on the same wave-length as yours, here's a quote of Jared's (mind you, he's THREE): Actually dad, I'd prefer to have a piece of that delicious pie, please."

Hey It's Di said...

I remember in Fitness for Life, we had to run a mile and improve our time each time we ran it. I walked REALLY slowly the first time, which allowed me to easily improve my time after that:)

I think the chocolate craving means you are feeling great & completely normal. Whatever normal is:D

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Well, he definitely knows how to work the system. That's always a useful skill.

And I would so e-bay that Ipod.

dishes and laundry said...

LOL, I think it's a gender thing. My husband believes that if he does poorly on unloading the dishwasher, he won't have to do it next time. Same with laundry and helping with homework. I am so on to him!

Brilliant on the weighing in heavier at first! But why did you have to weigh in for dance club????

Amber said...

"You have an iPod, and I have an ebay account."

THANK YOU! I love that. PRetty sure I need to bring you some chocolate- you're starting to worry me.

Bonnie said...

Nah, don't go to the dr. it's probably just stress. You do have to give your son credit for creativity.

Jen said...

I don't know about the chocolate thing. I'm pretty concerned.

Heather said...

My son, who is almost 7, still confides in me when he does something sneaky. I'm sure that will end soon. I have the solution to your chocolate cravings - eat chocolate!

Tygogal said...
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Damama T said...

Hey, girlie! You got goodies over to my house! COME SEE! COME SEE!!

Jules said...

No chocolate cravings?!! But you THOUGHT about chocolate, right. That might count........ sort of.

When my kids act up I take away electronics (TV Gameboy, game cube, whatever) time. It really scares the kids.


I'm an official card carrying member of the Mean Momma Club..... and lovin' it!

AzĂșcar said...

They weighed you for dance club?