Monday, April 14, 2008

Swingin' & bouncin'

Yesterday was the big party we had been preparing for for the last few weeks. You know, the one where we were having around 40 people over to our house. (Okay, it turned out to be more like 30, however, that's still quite a few people to have at your house all at the same time)
The really great news is that we actually got the house clean!
The other great news is that all of the mounds of crap we had stacked, stuffed and smashed in the closets, STAYED in the closets, and didn't fall out of the the entire time that our guests were here!


I also finished a few projects I've had on my list for quite a while, like putting up the drapes in the family room, and hanging some pictures on the walls.


We got our bedroom so clean, that several times during the day, I just go and look at it. The room just looks so nice with the bed made and everything................not that the bed isn't always made because it is........ totally.......all the time.
I'm just enjoying this while it lasts, because at our house, tidiness is fleeting, and only lasts a short while.

Last week, we welcomed two new additions to our house.

We got this............

And this..............

The kids were excited beyond belief, because prior to this week, all they had to play with in the back yard was grass. Apparently there's not a whole lot of fun things you can do with just grass.
The swing set was installed on Monday. (we had it installed, because if it was up to us to put it together, it would still be sitting in our garage when our youngest goes off to college)
The guys got it put up pretty quickly, and with the exception of them digging through the wire to the timer on our sprinkling system, set up went quite well.
Since the legs to the swing set were being cemented into the ground, the kids weren't allowed to play on the swing set for five days until the concrete had sufficient time to cure.

This drove the kids crazy.
Kids: "So we have this great swing set, and we can't play on it until Saturday?"
Me: "That's right."
Kids:"Can we sit on it and not swing?"
ME: "No."
Kids: "Can we swing the swings by themselves?"
ME: "No."
Kids: "Can we touch it?"
Me: "No."
Kids: So what can we do with it?"
Me: "You can smell it."

So the kids proceeded to go outside, and smell the swing set. They came in a few minutes later, and I asked them "What did it smell like?" you know, because I was curious.

Apparently, it smells like a swing set.


Anonymous said...
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utmomof5 said...

What the heck ws your lst comment? I have never seen one removed by the blog administrator.!!

Okay to your post -- We have a very boring backyard at our house too. I wish we had a tramp but hubby says "no way!!" O'well.

I have often wondered how a swing set smelled. :)

Leah said...

Glad to hear I'm not hte only one with cupboards and closets that are borderline hazardous upon being opened... LOL!

and YAY on the new swing set and the trampoline! how fun!

Hey It's Di said...

Oh how I need to have the occasional party at the house just to get it cleaned! I am also always grateful that nobody opened THAT cupboard where everything was stashed and would probably kill them with it's exit!

Your kids will be in heaven in your yard! You may NEVER see them again. . well, at least until the new smell wears off:D

Lois said...

Sometimes I plan parties just for the purpose of getting me off my fat butt and cleaning the house.

UTMOMOF5 -- we once had a "tramp" in our backyard, but it was the kind that lives in a tent and eats the neighborhood cats.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful! Did you get the trampoline to give them something to do while the cement cured?
We had a patio put in last year and had the same DH was SO overprotective...of course it DID cost a fortune...hmmmm.
I'm still trying to get the trim finished in the living & dining rooms but I've already had company about a dozen times...maybe this summer...God Bless and enjoy the yard! EJT

Jen said...

I love that they smelled the swingset. That is so funny.

Jo said...

Smelling swing sets. Gee and I thought there was very little that was new under the sun. But! That was new to me.
I can see where your son gets his, um, creativity...
Glad the party went well!

Scawni said...

Sounds like all is well at your house. I agree with the whole tidy thing. I kind of am a freak about it, but it is starting to go down on my to do list. (at least for today-no promises for tomorrow)
Gotta love the tramp and swing set. we have a tramp and we are the house of the neighborhood. I always have extra socks and shoes in my yard come spring and summer. So-come up with some way to store them now, and you will get rid of all the shoes and mess early. DO it now, tell me how you did it, so i can be as cool as you!

Scawni said...

sorry-last post was from me-didn't know that my sis was logged in.

Marilyn said...

Isn't it amazing what having a party can do??? House clean-new drapes-new backyard. WOW. Maybe you ought to have one every month!? Think of what you could accomplish....

Let Them Be Little said...

Too funny!! And what good kids to actually obey you and not swing on it. And in some sick way that is why I like to have parties at my house, it actually makes us clean all the little things we just live with normally!

Jenera said...

We hope to get a swing set for our little guy and a trampoline with in the next month or so. But the trampoline is for me, no one else can touch it.

Bonnie said...

I hate it when my flinstone closet pukes when I have company. I am so glad yours didn't. Your new swing set & tramp look great!! I bet you won't even have to talk to the kids next time you are off track.

Damama T said...

So I guess the trunk of your car was full when you decided to stuff the closet full? Ummm.. not that I would ever consider stuffing a couple of bags of dirty laundry in the trunk and stashing a few boxes of excess toys in the back seat.. NO.. not me!

Love the backyard bling. Hope it helps keep them busy enough this summer so you can get a little nap. ;o)

Anonymous said...
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