Sunday, May 11, 2008

Angry tot

Yesterday, the weather was very nice, so even though I had a bunch of work that I needed to do, I decided that we would work in the yard.
I forced invited the children to join me in the front yard flowerbeds.

"What are we going to do?" CJ asked.
I answered "We are going to pull weeds, and plant some flowers."
CJ shook his head, took a step backwards and said "I don't pull weeds."

I then explained to him that he DID indeed pull weeds.

We pulled weeds for quite a while.
And just so you know.............. I. Hate. Weeds.

Weeds are evil!

Evil. Evil weeds.

While we were working , Max decided that he would like to try out his new tricycle. Brielle put a helmet on him and sat him on it. For a while, he had a ton of fun just pushing it around with his feet, but then Brielle showed him how to pedal, and when he finally figured that out, he was speeding all over the driveway, incessantly ringing the bell.
His helmet kept sliding down over his eyes and he couldn't see where he was going.
At first we thought this was the reason that he kept on driving onto the lawn, but after a while, we figured out that he had no clue how to steer. He would just start pedaling as hard as he could, ride straight onto the grass, then cry until someone came and picked up his trike and put it back on the driveway.
Brielle finally took pity on him and taught him how to steer, then he spent the better part of the afternoon riding in a big circle on the driveway.

We worked on those darn flowerbeds forever. Our neighbors across the street have immaculate flowerbeds. So do the neighbors on either side of us. Beautiful, meticulously manicured lawns and flowerbeds.
Oh, did I mention that none of those neighbors have children?

We make sure that our lawn is mowed once a week. And watered.
Really, I think we should get some sort of a prize for that.

We got most of the area weeded, and even planted some hollyhocks. By then, I was tired, and I could tell that I had pulled some muscles that would be getting even with me for the next few days.
The kids were still full of energy so they played on the trampoline until dinnertime.

Soon, it was time for the kids to go to bed. Max didn't have a nap, so he was extra tired.

And he was MAD!

Do you want to hear why he was so mad?

He was mad because I went into the bathroom and didn't let him come in.
Then he was mad because he wanted me to go to the bathroom again so he could flush for me,
and I wouldn't.
I know what you're thinking. I'm such a mean mom because I won't go to the bathroom again to make my kid stop crying, but I was done, empty. (Plus, I wasn't going to give in to his crying)

He threw the biggest tantrum of his life. He wouldn't stop crying. "Mom go potty! Mom go potty."

His siblings offered to go instead, but, no, it had to be Mom.

I took my screaming, thrashing tot into his room to get him ready for bed. I looked at his droopy, teary eyes and said "Oh Max, it looks like you have sleepy eyes."
Max says "NO! I NOT HAVE SLEEPY EYES!!.......................I HAVE WAKE UP EYES!"

I stand corrected.

We also had a big issue with me taking off his shoes and socks. I was finally able to hold him down long enough to get some dry socks on him, but he insisted on wearing his shoes to bed.
He finally calmed down, cuddled with me in the rocking chair and let me rock him for a while. I sang to him, he played with my hair, and then he finally stopped crying. I thought everything was okay until I tucked him in his bed, and........................

He wouldn't give me a hug.

I guess he showed me.

So I showed him. After he fell asleep..................I snuck into his room......................


took off his shoes!


Jessica G. said...

I heard a song once, set to the tune of Hootie and the Blowfish's "I only wanna be with you" but called "I only wanna pee alone." Could be your anthem!

I have to "shake down" my kids after they're asleep, removing all the stuff I let them take to bed. :)

Torina said...

HILARIOUS! Aren't kids funny?! In a nuts sort of way. My son threw a nice little fit lately cause he got a 5 minute timeout. Know why he was so MAD, GRRR?! Cause he didn't get a 10 minute timeout. I am so mean that I only gave him a 5 minute timeout. Mean. Mean. Mom I am.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, don't you just LOVE the irrationality of little ones. The strangest things are SO important. Snorkie has slept in some pretty neat outfits, but I don't think that he has ever insisted on shoes...slippers, yes, but shoes...nope. Cute Max.
Blessings and Happy Mother's day to you, and a Happy Motrin Day, too(considering your muscle strain).
Pax, EJT

Bonnie said...

The minute you said the neighbors yards were immaculate i knew thy didn't have kids. If it is a problem for them they could come over and help. By either watching the kids, or weeding. I think you did a great job. I hate it when the kids are that tired. There is just no reasoning with them at that point.I hope it went better the next morning.

Hey It's Di said...

You can't always get it right with kids. . in fact, I usually am getting it wrong and upsetting somebody! If it's not a child in the bathroom it's the dog:( Will we ever get some time to ourselves?

Tausha said...

so-i am with you. we try to mow the lawn and keep it watered. We want to to do so much-but there is this thing called time. Time is eaten by children! So-I decided that I would settle on mowed and no shoes and socks that don't belong to my kids:)
Gotta love it when little ones throw tantrums, and yet, it is all your fault! Amazing, we moms are.

Good & Crazy said...

Please tell me he is THREE!? Mine just turned 4 and is (almost) out of all that...

And I give you watered/mowed lawn award...(you can pass it along if you'd like?)

utmomof5 said...

How dare you go to the bathroom alone. Sheesh you re horrible, no mom of the year award for you!! :)

Happy Mom's day!!

Jo said...

Your post makes me so glad I live in an apartment!
That boy. You showed him for sure. Mean mom.

Mum-me said...

Sounds like you have a strongwilled child too.
Fun, isn't it?

Amber said...

Kids, can't live with em' can't sell them to the gypsies...

Isn't it crazy that the more tired your kids are the more they fight sleep?

Maraiya said...

I think I'd prefer the flu virus in the air that everyone was sharing as opposed to the tantrum bug that you and Sue seem to both have!

Seriously though, in the summer, our lawn dies (we don't care enough to spend that much time, water and money on it) and we just mow the weeds. You should try it. White trash is a fabulous look!

Oh, and we always yell at our neighbors when they try to improve their yards or their houses and tell them that they're going to improve property values or some such nonsense.

mommeeof9 said...

Mowed and watered is good enough for me. If the neighbors really want the yard perfect like theirs, then they can come over and do the work for free.

My gardens get planted, weeded a few times and then ignored. Once the plants are bigger than the weeds, who cares? I found the strawberry plants under the ft high weeds. this year they are covered with blooms and small strawberries. last year, when I tried to weed more regularly, they had very few berries. They want to be left alone?

If it can't survive with benevolent neglect, it does not belong in my yard. :)

Damama T said...

All I can think about is: I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as you're living, my baby you'll be....

I know this sounds weird, but enjoy it, Mom - it goes by way tooooo fast! ;o)