Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Word Verification Wednesday!!!

Yesterday, I had made a loaf of bread in our new bread machine.


It smelled SO good!

I was trying to get the loaf out of the pan, shaking it upside down, trying to get the bread to slide out. I must have looked like I couldn't handle the situation, because Max comes over and says......

"I think I know what the plobwem is."

"OK Max, what's the problem?"

He replies "It's stuck."

(thank you Captain Obvious)


Today is Wednesday, and time for everyone's favorite game!

Word Verification Wednesday!

Go to the comment box, look at the word verification code, make up a definition and leave it in the comments.

It's fun!
It's easy!

Come back often to see the definitions left by others.
Play as many times as you wish!

Don't like the word you got? Refresh the page and try again!

Previous Word Verification Wednesday posts can be found here.

Have fun!!!!


Kristina P. said...

Oh how I love Max!

MamaHenClucks said...

Your little guy is too cute!

My word: purele

Really? That's just purely wrong!

Annette Lyon said...

He's brilliant.

word: versp

When you lisp the a song

Karen said...

Besle: Sometimes my husband can be very Besle.

Shelley said...

Thanks, Max! lol

facidic - an extremely biting, sarcastic tone.

"That sure was a facidic comment you made!"

b. said...

I am totally participating on time this's my favorite day here!


nulles and voids.


b. said...


an spirited discussion between fans

b. said...


a suspicious bovine

Debbi said...

Max makes me giggle.

And I love WVW!!

Zootater: the droppings found on the road at the end of a parade.

b. said...


"I am going to sink ju da first berse of mi bes song....jesterday."

Valerie said...

werolv - the sound your dog makes when he strains forward on the leash and you pull back to show him who's boss.

Jen said...

andecie: a wild and happy dream about unimportant parts of speech.

Me said...

too funny! You never know whats going to come out of there mouth next.

word ver: dectati= bloggerish for decadent.

I imagine that fresh loaf of bread of decadent!

Elizabeth said...

Pronunciation: Mob- n- lech- a
The craziness that occurs when a large group of lactating women gather to nurse their babies.

Gotta love Max's problem solving abilities!

Elizabeth said...

The queasy feeling you get when you have eaten too many raisins.

utmomof 5 said...

Are you kidding me I actually have a decent word for the game!!!

Dencu --

The way a little kid says "Thank you"

Den cu for the candy.

Ya I know it was stupid but I actually came up with one so I am happy :)

Melissa said...

Max rocks!

Word: aporce

What you told Max after his enlightening comment.

Dianne said...

copur--the dirty low down guy who flashes his blue lights at you and writes you a ticket

Jo said...

What would you do without Max???

dothrupd:the sounds you make when you have a mouth full of tootsie rolls and someone asks you a question.

Damama T said...

I bet he gets THAT from his dad! LOL! ;o)

WV: sterying - Maxism: Mom, If you would also bake a cake I could hewp wif the sterying part.

Help Que and Brittany Adopt said...

If I had made that loaf, the problem would have been that it was hard as a rock.

Ditedene- Medication for when you make 16 loaves of rock-hard bread in a row.

Holly said...

My word: slambled

how your brain feels after being slammed into by your child's running hug. Or a basketball player sliding into you on the sideline. Same difference

Jessica G. said...

I have figured out why my blog isn't as popular as yours - I don't have a Max.

artmak - a guy who thinks having lots of modern art will make him more attractive to the opposite sex.

April said...

I just stumbed across your blog from "Finding Fairytales" and "Daisyhalos". I love this concept for the Word Verification Wednesday.

ourvis - opposite of yourvis

Bonnie B. said...

Found your blog through Bobbi-Jo. Love this idea!!! Definitely lessens the pain that is word verification.

gernav-slang for government. "Wait until you hear what the gernav did now!"