Monday, June 22, 2009

Max, from the beginning

Last week, for some reason, the kids thought it would be a good idea to show Max the pictures of me when I was pregnant with him and also of his birth via C-section. (don't worry, they weren't super graphic. Blood and guts were kept to a minimum)
Understandably, this has left the poor little guy a bit confused.

"Why was there blood all over me?"
"Why was I yucky?"
"Why did the doctors take me out of your tummy?"
"Why am I not still in your tummy?"
"Why was your tummy s big when I was in there? Did you wear a big shirt because your tummy was so big? Where is the big shirt? Why don't you wear it anymore?"

And my personal favorite......

"Why was I in your tummy? Did you eat me?"

Max had a really difficult time wrapping his little brain around the whole concept that not only was he once inside my tummy, but the doctor needed to cut my tummy open to get him out.

So he drew pictures.

This one is of me when he was still inside my tummy.

If you look closely, you can see his cute little face frowning in my midsection.
I asked him why he was frowning , and he said "Because I was in there all by myself and nobody was with me in there."
Notice the hair. My hair doesn't really look like that. He told me that he drew my hair spikey because he didn't know how to make it lay down. Really, my hair looks more like this.

My arms don't really come out of the side of my head either.

This is a picture of him coming out of my tummy. He said that he is still frowning because he didn't know I why I was there. I asked him why I was smiling and he said "Because you thinked that you loved me."

I asked him why one of my eyes was red and the other one was purple and he said "I had to make it that way because I feeled like it." He didn't actually say "DUH MOM!" at the end of that sentence, but it was certainly implied.
At least on this picture, I had the right amount of fingers.
I'm not really sure why my left ear is so big, or floating over my cheek. It almost looks like a giant mole which is ridiculous, because I had that removed months ago.

In retrospect, I probably should have had my arms moved from the side of my head to my shoulders instead.


Kristina P. said...

Oh my gosh. This made me laugh so hard. I love Max.

rocslinger said...

Could I hire Max as a consultant for things like a job interview or when the Bishop calls me to his office?

Busty LaRue said...

Max is too funny. I love that he draws pictures like that. They are so fun. I'm waiting for the day when my almost-3-year-old will stop making me draw the dog, and fish and dinosaurs, and draw pictures on his own.

Annette Lyon said...

Ah, Max. He brings me so much joy.

A few of years ago, my youngest saw me getting dressed and said, "Your tummy is big." Yeah, thanks, babe. I explained that part of it was because she used to be in there, so it got stretched out.

She kinda snorted then then went, "No . . . "

MaeRae said...

I don't know why he makes me laugh so hard. Maybe because he is so frank about it.-As a mother of three boys-at least you don't have wrinkles on your forhead in all your pictures. Those will come.

Bonnie the Boss said...

So cute! It is funny their perspective on things!

Staci K. said...

I love your Max stories!

Laura Moffitt said...

Older siblings they are just so great for terrifying you all growing up. The pictures are amazing.

rychelle said...

i'm so glad i now have the pictures to go with the story.
i just can't get enough max stories!

Jo said...

Max the Adorable. Max the funny, Max the philospher. He is actually quite advanced in his drawing skills. I think your kid is probably super smart.

AzĂșcar said...


It's like when E.G. asks me about the "stripes" on my tummy.

NO REASON, I paint them on every day.