Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Point well taken

We've recently discovered that Max has an extreme fondness for hot chocolate. Last year we tried to give him some, but he saw the other kids stirring theirs with a spoon and he decided that he wanted to stir it too, but since he had the coordination of a three year it became very messy and we decided that he shouldn't have any more.
This year, Brielle discovered the magic known as the straw. Max will sit and sip his hot (it's actually just barely warm) chocolate through the straw.

He loves it!

We've also discovered that the kid will do anything for hot chocolate.


And yes, I'm going to use that little piece of information for as long as it lasts.

Last night I told Max that if he went and got his pajamas on right then, I would give him a cup of hot chocolate.
He was very excited and ran into his room.
A while later, I heard him playing in his room and walked in to find him still in his clothes, and his pajamas still sitting empty on his bed.
"Hey" I said "I thought you were going to put your pajamas on?"
He smiles at me and says "I'm going to do it in a minute."
A while later, I went back to see him still playing with his blocks.
"Max, it's almost your bedtime, please get your pajamas on!"
"OK mom, I'm doing it in a minute."
After about 20 minutes, he came walking into the family room, still dressed in his clothes.
I said "Max, go get your pajamas on now!"
He went back into his room and emerged a while later wearing his pajamas. "I'm ready for my hot chocolate now."
"No Max, I said you could have hot chocolate if you got in your pajamas quickly, but it took you a long time."
"But I said I would do it in a minute!"
"You took way more than a minute, a minute is only a short amount of time."
And then he says to me,

"When YOU say "in a minute," it always takes a really long time!"

Point well taken.

(Don't you hate it when things that you say to your kids come back later to bite you in the butt?)

Max quote of the day:
"If it gets snow on it, does garbage change to garbage juice?"


Kristina P. said...

I love Max. And I had some hot chocolate tonight. Maybe if we go to Mimis, he can get one of their hot chocolates. It's huge!

wonder woman said...

I would do almost anything for hot chocolate, too. Except make "a minute" 60 seconds. Can't do the impossible.

Karen said...

We gave my two year old grand-daughter some "hot" (warm) chocolate and as soon as she felt the warmth of the cup she said HOT! and refused to even take a sip.

TJ said...

Garbage juice!!!! You should write a Max book.

MamaHen Em said...

It totally turns to garbage juice - isn't that what's in the bottom of my garbage cans??!!

Our kids also drink hot cocoa from a straw and yes, a minute is a VERY long time!!

Max is soooo cute!

utmomof 5 said...

I hate when that happens. that Max is one smart cookie.

My kids have learned that if I say just a minute they just know it isn't going to happen anytime in the near future.

mommeeof9 said...

If you really wanted him to get ready faster, you could get him a digital kitchen timer. Then you could show him when he needed to get done.

rocslinger said...

Kids, It's what we say not what we do, how hard is that!

Okay, okay, so maybe I'm not the best example, my daughter already knows that.

rocslinger said...

Polish parsly

Maraiya said...

My question: can hot chocolate make naughty bird, naughty frog and naughty rabbit disappear? Forever?

Jason said...

This is a great site you have here. It's pretty funny. I have a humor blog as well and I'd like to exchange links with you. This will spread some traffic around between us. Let me know if this is cool.

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Damama T said...

Next time make the hot chocolate first and then tell him what to do to get it...and that if it sits too long it goes bad and you can't make more... heh heh heh...

WV: PUENTI - Maxism: No sank you Mommy. I don't want more hokchokket. I'm have puenti.