Saturday, July 26, 2008

Place it on it's side and it's a symbol meaning infinity

This week, Aaron turned eight.
We are so excited about this, because now.............

He's accountable ;0)

(This will make more sense if you click on the link above)

Next week, Aaron will be baptized. I can't believe my baby is eight already. It doesn't seem that long ago that the doctor handed me that little bundle of Aaron. He didn't cry, he just looked around with those huge eyes with an expression on his face that seemed to say "What's next?" (or as we discovered later "What can I get into next?")

When Aaron turned five, we asked him if he wanted a party, or to go to a movie and out to lunch with Dad. He went for the lunch and movie. We thought we were off the hook until I got a phone call from one of the neighbor kids, giving her R.S.V.P. for Aaron's birthday party the next day.

"What party?" I asked.
"Brielle and Aaron just brought me an invitation to his party tomorrow." she said.

After I hung up the phone, I went looking for Brielle and Aaron, they were just coming in the front door.
"Hey" I said "Where have you two been?"

Brielle looked like a deer in the headlights. "Outside." she said.

"And just what were you doing outside?" I asked.
She wouldn't make eye contact with me. "Stuff..........."

Aaron jumped in "We just delivered the invitations for my Birthday party tomorrow!"

"And what party would that be?" I asked "The one we weren't having because Aaron decided on the movie with Dad instead?"
"Yeah, that one................. But Mom!" she pleaded, "You won't have to do anything! I planned on doing the whole party for him myself! I made all the invitations without your help!"

Me: "When did you plan on telling me about this party?"
Brielle: "I don't know, tomorrow maybe?"
Me: "Like when everyone showed up for the party?'
Brielle: "Yes, I would have told you then."
Me: "Well, what did you plan on doing at this party?'
Brielle: "I thought we would play outside, we will fill up the little pool and run through the sprinklers."
Me: "Okay, then what were you planning on feeding the kids?"
Brielle: "Easy Mac-n-cheese and Kool-aid."
Me: "What about a cake? What were you going to do about a cake?"
Brielle: "We have a package of Ding Dongs in the kitchen closet. We can put a candle in one of them for Aaron to blow out."

I was actually kind of impressed. I mean Brielle (who by the way was only seven at the time) had thought of everything.

"What about goodie bags?" I asked "What had you planned on giving them for goodie bags?"

Brielle wrinkled up her forehead and thought for a moment............... then said "I don't think they really need goodie bags."

I then asked Aaron "Would you be really upset if this party didn't happen?"
"No," Aaron said "Dad already took me to a movie and lunch for my Birthday, and we had my family party with Grandma and my cousins."

The party never happened, because (being the mean mom that I am) I made Brielle go around the neighborhood and explain to everyone that the party was not being held because she went ahead and planned it without my knowledge or permission.

Yesterday, we did have a real party for Aaron. We went swimming at the local Rec Center. It's amazing how noisy a group of eight year old boys can be. My head still hurts.

The best part is that we have some leftover cake :D

Costco "All American Chocolate cake."

It made the whole thing worth it.


Adam and Kristina said...

That's hilarious! How old is your daughter?

I still use the quad I received from my aunt, when I was baptized. I have had it rebound once, but I don't think it would feel right to use anything else.

utmomof5 said...

I love that story!!! happy birthdya to him!! It is a big b-day. Good luck next week with the baptism!!!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Happy Birthday!

Tausha said...

that is too funny! I am impressed. I am thinking that you are going to be in trouble with that one! Maybe not? I douby it though!

Kalynne Pudner said...

What? No Ding-Dongs?

Happy birthday to Aaron!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday and congrats. Your kids are above average in creativity.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!!! Don't let the flying monkeys eat your cake.
Brille the party planner, she is one resourceful girl!!
BTW I found my oldest a shirt that said "The flying monkey's took my homework".

Hey It's Di said...

Your daughter is going to be a great event planner. Sounds like she already is!

LOVE that Costco chocolate cake to pieces!

Elizabeth said...

I liked Brielle's plan...
Too bad it didn't happen.
Glad the 8yo party went well.
Blessings, E

Damama T said...

Happy belated birthday Aaron. Glad your mean mom didn't cancel THIS party. ;o)

ed said...
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