Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cool mom or glutton for punishment? You be the judge.

Alternate post title:
Yes, I am insane. Why do you ask?

Yesterday was Brielle's birthday, so tomorrow night, she has invited 17 of her closest friends to our house for her Birthday party.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I said 17.



Seventeen 10 and 11 year old girls will be spending 4 hours at my house.
Now, before any of you start giving me a hard time about allowing her to invite that many friends, I will let Brielle explain the situation.

"Shannon, Stacie and Lauren are my best friends at school, so I want to invite them. But if I invite Lauren, I need to invite Kelly because they're good friends and I don't want her to feel bad, and Katie invited me to her party, so I should invite her but then I should probably invite Hannah because Katie doesn't really know any of the other girls but if I invite Hannah, then she'll tell Kailey and Kailey is friends with Kelly too, and if I'm inviting Kailey and Kelly, then I'll need to invite Isabelle, Jessica and Natalie, and if I invite Natalie, then I should probably invite her little sister Rachel too, and I need to invite all my friends from church, Kristi, Danielle and Melissa, but if I invite them, I don't want Becky and Alicia to feel left out because they carpool with the other girls and I'm sure they will find out about the party, then I still need to invite my friends from dance, Shannon and Tiffany, and Morgan is in our same group for the recital, so I should invite her too.........."

(all names have been changed mostly because I can't keep them all straight in the first place)

I decided it was easier to let her invite all 17 than to limit her to 12 and listen to her stress over who to cut from the list.

Anyway, we plan on doing the normal party things, however, instead of pizza, Daddy will be grilling hot dogs for the girls. He even promised not to burn them.

Brielle wants to make her own birthday cake. She saw Amber's tie dye cake a few months ago, and has been anxious to make one.

We're also going to have the girls watch a movie. They are going to watch Pee Wee's big adventure. Only one of Brielle's friends has seen it, none of the rest have.

Actually, we wouldn't really need to have them watch the movie, they can just have Max recite the whole thing for them. (I won't even tell you how many times he watched that movie while we were on vacation) It's really cute when he repeats the Large Marge part of the movie. Or as he calls her Lahwge Mahwge.

So basically, the movie is approximately an hour and a half.
It will probably take a half hour or so to eat.
Cake - 15 minutes.
Opening presents - 25 minutes

The girls will be here for 4 hours, that leaves about one hour and twenty minutes left to come up with something to entertain these girls.

We had originally thought about letting them play outside for a while, but it looks like it might rain.

I thought tie dyed t shirts would be a fun activity, but I know that at least one of the girls will wear a new outfit that would be destroyed when the dye fight breaks out.

I need HELP!!

Please, do you have any ideas for things we can do with all these little darlings?

The activity must be inexpensive, easy, not too messy, and completely legal. (emphasis on inexpensive, legal is negotiable)

I've already made a few suggestions shot down by the Birthday girl, such as.............
1. Pictionary marathon .
2. Pulling out the cleaning supplies and playing "Who can wash the walls the fastest?"
3. The quiet game.
4. Anything involving duct tape.

Activities we are still considering include:
Making magnets with craft foam.
Making pom pom ball creatures.

Please, any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.

Extra points will be given for creativity, and legitimate use of duct tape.

Now, for those of you still think I'm crazy for having this party I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you. However, I will be carrying a note pad around with me and taking notes. I figure I should be able to get at least 5-6 good posts out of this party.

(with my luck, they'll probably be quiet and well mannered the whole time)

(Wait! That would be a good thing wouldn't it?)

p.s. Max's Birthday is on Monday. We're having a party for him on Saturday.

Nobody correctly guessed the location of our vacation.
We went to Arizona.

I'm quite serious. This was the road on our way through Flagstaff headed toward Phoenix. The really bad part? I did not anticipate snow, and packed accordingly.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, I need to have my glasses checked. I initially thought you said porn porn balls. And then I realized that I wasn't reading my own blog.

You are a trooper! And the things I do with the 12 year-olds I work with usually involves me telling them their conversation is not appropriate.

rychelle said...

1. will i be receiving one of the 17 invitations mentioned? cake and pee wee! sounds like my kind of party. but, of course, if you invite me, then you'll have to invite kristina.......

2. scavenger hunt. there are plenty of ways you could incorporate duct tape into a scavenger hunt.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Oh, I so want to try making that cake!

Beads, by the way - do beading. Buy a couple of the Klutz books and do friendship bracelets.

Erin said...

All I can say is good luck girl! I'm having a party for my 6 year old, but we are only inviting 5 kids and it's only for one hour. And I still haven't planned anything, and it's tomorrow!

I really look forward to the blog posts we will get out of this party...

Debbi said...

Wow, that did NOT look like Arizona!

Yep. Crazy. lucky you. And we all know you didn't change those names-- who of us would know if you did or DIDN'T!? lol

btw, can you ask Kristina where I can find some of those porn porn balls? Sounds fun!

utmomof 5 said...

At my daughters last party (she turned 7) we did Karaoke. I had to finally send some of the girls home 30 minutes after the party had ended. (they live within walking distance) It took them a little to warm up to the idea but after they got started, it was like a really bad American Idol episode. You could use the duct tape to finally shut them up when they won't stop singing. I wish I had that idea at my daughters party.

Good luck with your party oh and just so you know I quit reading your daughters explanation after about 2 sentences. I was already lost at that point :)

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

Ok! This is a little messy, but we did it outside, and the girls all loved it!
Glitter ToesPolish toe nails with clear polish. While they're still wet, sprinkle them with tons of glitter. Let them dry.....and
*POOF* Glitter Toes

Holly said...

it sounds complicated but it's fun.

Get a small bowl (bigger than a cereal bowl but smaller than a mixing bowl... like the smallest of the three that come in a set from Pyrex).

Pack it with flour

Dump the dome out onto a tray/platter/plate/what have you.

Put a whopper in the middle of the top.

Take a butter knife and let each girl take turns making cuts around it.

Whoever makes the cut that makes the Whopper fall in has to fish it out bobbin'-for-apples style.

The worst that happens is some flour gets up their nose or on their shirt. And it's SO. MUCH. FUN!!

Staci K. said...

17 girls! I've been there, done that. They tend to entertain themselves - but the karaoke sounds fun!

Have fun!!

Amber said...

Recent 10 year old party we played:
chubby bunny (marshmallow stuffing game)
a game where you put names of different people on their backs and they have to figure out who it is by asking yes or no questions
Bigger and better (depends how much you like your neighbors)

How's the cake coming?

Shelley said...

Wow, I live in Arizona and I didn't know...even though I knew Flagstaff had snow a couple of weekends ago. So that picture must be I-17? Just FYI, the weekend after that, it hit theh 90s here. UGH.

I agree with Rychelle...scavenger hunts are awesome. And yes, you are crazy.

Mum-me said...

Luckily girls enjoy craft activities. Get them all to bring a photo and do a scrapbook page on it. Or take a photo of them all together at the beginning of the party, print out 17 copies and let them all scarp that. Not too messy - compared to tye dyeing anyway!

Use the duct tape to tie up the toddler(s) who will want to do it too.

Elizabeth said...

With the tie dye cake, I think the tees were a good idea...BUT...AC Moore carries tie dye strings. They are cords with dye infused that you wrap around the cloth and then soak (MUCH LESS MESS) you could do bandanas to make it cheaper and then they could figure out fun ways to wear them. It doesn't take as long for the dye to set and I think you just Heat set them in the clothes dryer. Just make sure to put names on them in Sharpie marker first because they won't be able to tel which one is theirs once they are opened!
I do not think you are crazy...I am...we had a Safari Party hen Scooter turnd seven...I think we had 24 the older siblings that stayed to help...oh and Tillie's Rattatouille party with herslf, 11 guests, 6 teen helpers, two little brothers, a couple of moms and homemade calzones while watching the movie...THAT was crazy!!!

Dianne said...

Anything crafty would work. Get the little flat glass stones, old cds or the free ones you can pick for internet access, glue the stones in patterns on the cds. Make sure you make a circle in the middle to hold a votice or tea candle. Can also glue some on the bottom to elevate. The only thing messy is the glue. I use paper bowls to pour some in and Q tips for applicators.

Kethrim said...

When I was her age, I was in love with anything that glows in the dark. So you could get some glow fabric paint and let them paint shirts/hats/whatever.

mommeeof9 said...

Sock puppets. You can get rid of all the odd socks. All you need is a pack of needles or some glue, some odd buttons, some fabric paint or scraps of fabric and glue and yarn for hair. Keeps them busy and removes all th odd socks. Thats what they do at the brownie/daisy sleepover our girl scout service unit has every years

Jessica G. said...

How to keep girls that age occupied for an hour -
Have a picture of Zac Efron and a picture of the Jonas Brothers. Invite them to debate the merits and faults of all.

amelia said...

OH MY GOSH I HAVE SOME AWESOME IDEAS. I hope you haven't picked one yet because you MUST do these...I did them at my parties/friend's parties when I was that age and still remember how fun they were.

1. Scavenger hunt. Not just a regular backyard one - a hunt around the city with familiar places. Split the girls into teams; those teams in two cars. Create clues that will take them to places they know and visit (school, library, favorite restaurant) or you could even make it centered around your daughter (Where Brielle was born; Brielle's favorite park). End at your house with cake and ice cream.

2. Fry tasting. Take them to a couple drive-thru spots that serve fries (I remember doing McDonalds and Wendy's and local California places like In-n-Out and the Hat). Just order a thing of fries for the car and have the girls rate them on little ballots you can print up - Saltiest, crunchiest, soggiest, best tasting.

3. Skits in a bag. Split the girls up into a couple teams - 3 or 4 girls a team - and, beforehand, put a bunch of random items around the house into the appropriate number of trash bags (one for each team). You can include stuff like toilet paper roll, a funny hat, dad's tie, Max's invisible bird (haha). Put maybe a dozen items in - don't let them see what's in the bag until they get in their individual teams. Give them time to make a skit using every item in their bag. After they finish practicing, they perform the skits for each other. (Optional: film it on the video camera; have them watch all their skits afterward.)

Ok, maybe they're just mediocre and I talked them up to much in that introduction. I blame it on the fact that I'm writing an article on kid's bday parties and pretty high on the idea. Let me know if you want more ideas of have questions - good luck!

The Preschool Teacher said...

There is a book out that is for ikids that she that actually shows you how to make purses and such from colored duct tape. I'm sure its at your library.

Scavenger hunt sounds fun!

BriAnna Jenkins said...

I just started reading, but I totally have an idea! It MAY be a little messy, but it's totally memorable and I have (successfully) done it a few times. Serve your cake normally, but then serve your ice cream in a RAIN GUTTER! Just buy a cheap one at Lowe's or somewhere for a few bucks (around 4 I think) and wash it out really well. Set it out on the table, put scoops of ice cream every few inches and let everyone dig in! It's fun to put toppings out on the table too so that people can put whatever they want on their few inches of territory. So many laughs and it's so unique that it takes a bit longer than regular ice cream in a bowl!!

Amanda said...

You could go to the craft store and get those cheep foam picture frames...Those are always alot of fun to make...Good luck!! Tell Brielle I love her and I will see her on Sunday!

Jen said...

Sidewalk chalk? Or am I too late?

Jo said...

Awww. I think Brielle is the sweetest child for thinking of the other girls feelings. I am sure that isn't normal for that age group, which means her mom really is the best. What a kind hearted child she is.
On the other hand, you are nuts. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

I'm certain you will be slightly insane after this party. or amazingly insane. I am no help. lately our 11yrold part includes the kid setting up for it in the basement and closing the door.. they emerge 4 hours later, party's over.

Well.. there is a LOT of screaming that happens. I learned two years ago NOT to plan out the party they reallyjust want to yell and scream and laugh in the basement without grown ups. OHGOSH her reasoning for 17 kids is hilarious. Like submit it to some sort of funny site hilarious.


We are on our way to phoenix and I swear I would have guessed that's where you were going cuz I"VE BEEN IN THAT same weather on that same part of the road B4!!!

Hey It's Di said...

First let me say "WOW! Snow in Arizona! YUCK!"

I was YW Pres. for several years and it seemed like the Beehive age (not much older than these girls) ALWAYS wanted to do a toilet paper dress fashion show or garbage bag dress fashion. Supplies needed: Toilet paper (or garbage bags) and duct tape.

GOOD LUCK with that many girls!! YIKES!

Chelsee said...

You are so funny! I love the idea to see who can wash walls the fastest.:) I will email you but if you need my email here it

ed said...
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The Boob Nazi said...

Kristina told me you might want an invitation to my blog. Email me your email address, and I'll send you one! JulesAF at gmail dot com

disa said...
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