Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Major slacker and word verification

Last week I was a slacker, and neglected to post Word Verification Wednesday.

Go ahead and define the word verification code in the comment box.

Or, you could just leave a strange comment. The stranger the better, however, I will warn you that my mother always taught me that I should never talk to strangers.

Or, write me a limerick! Bonus points if you use the word verification code in the limerick.

Extra bonus points for mocking celebrities.
Using the word verification.
In a limerick.

I really don't ask much, do I?

As always, please remember, nothing rude, crude or unrefined. My kids read my blog.


*MARY* said...

trent, really thats what mine says. The boy I had my first crush on bought an iguana from a man who had an uncle named Trent; it must be a sign.

Dianne said...

tundem: the burgers were burning on the grill, so I tundem over

Debbi said...


There once was a famous Owl
Who liked to be on the prowh
He ate all he had
but Oprah got mad
And she started waving her jowel.

Okay, lame. But I can't turn down a challenge, even if I mess it up!

Karen said...


There once was a guy who was Crepi
He ran around showing his peepee
He showed it to Cher
Now pants he must wear
That guy who was so very Crepi

I had a much raunchier version of this but figured maybe it wouldn't be nice for a family blog!

Me said...

RIENE: I hope it rains again today. No really..I do! I like the rain!

The Boob Nazi said...

barkhose... im not creative enough for this game....

Valerie said...

I'll tell you a story, by golly
Of Brad Pitt and his most famous phali
He was married to Jen
But he traded her in
And now he has kids born in Bali

I have nothing against adoption - it just rhymed!

Jillene said...

You already know that I SUCK at this game.

Hope you have a good day!!

Rosey Pollen said...

cogumbi, sounds like good soup!

Jo said...

ditype: typing with two fingers. Also known as hunt and peck.