Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Eagles "assisted living" tour, and a tale of 8 port-a-potties

As a Mother's day gift, my DH got us tickets to the Eagles concert Saturday night. This was the last concert of their Long road out of Eden tour.

Glenn Frey got up and announced it as their "assisted living tour."

Apparently, they're still hanging in there.

We went to their concert the last time they came through town several years ago. As we sat in our seats and started looking around, we noticed that we were the youngest people there, with the exception of the kids who were brought there by their grandparents.
This time, there were more young people there. Either that, or we have just become the old people.

This concert was held in the new soccer stadium in town, and lucky for us, the weather cooperated, and the night was clear and not super cold.

The concert was fabulous! The Eagles put on a great show. (even for a bunch of old guys ;0) They played all of our favorite songs.
We've always been fans of The Eagles. We even bought the box set of CDs and have forced our kids listen to them.

I won't say much more about the music itself, because it was really great! I mean, seriously, this was THE EAGLES in concert!
What more do I need to say?

I think one of the best parts of going to a concert is the people watching opportunity. You truly see all kinds of people at a rock concert.

All kinds.

Like the row of people sitting behind us. They were several years older than us. Before the concert started, they were all talking about how great this concert was going to be, and how wild and crazy they were going to get as soon as the band started playing.

"Yeah, 20 minutes from now, it will be like we're 18 again!"
"It's going to be just like it was back then."
"Hey, we're going to get pretty wild!"
I think my favorite part about this group was when a few of the men went to get some beverages and instead of climbing over everyone in their row to get to their seats, they decided to climb over the empty seat next to me to get to their seats behind us.

The guys couldn't lift their legs over the seats and climb over without a great deal of assistance from their wives behind us.
And some grunting and groaning.

I bet those wild boys were pretty sore today ;0)

Our seats were on the front row of the stadium seats, at the back of the stadium, directly across from the stage, and we were sitting right next to the stairs that led onto the playing field. This was great because we were able to see all of the people who got to sit in the close seats on the field as they went past the security guard who was checking to make sure that everyone entering that area actually had a ticket to be in that area.
It was fun to watch him ask everyone for their tickets, and try and stamp their hands while they were holding various food items and beverages.

Many, many beverages.

We were also sitting where we got a really good view of the row of port-a potties that were stationed at the very back of the playing field.

At one point, (before the concert started) I counted approximately 15 people waiting in line in front of each the 8 port-a-potties.
8 x 15 =120
120 people (or more) standing in line, waiting,

and waiting,

and waiting..................

Some of them hopping around and doing this cute little dance (remember all of the beverages that I mentioned earlier?)

And they continued to stand there, waiting, and quite frankly, it was taking a long time. So long, in fact, that whenever someone would finish, and come out of a port-a-potty, the people standing in line would cheer!
We found this rather amusing, because if they were to have climbed the 52 steps to the upper level, there were several restrooms with no wait.
And running water.
And flushing toilets.

There was one couple in particular that I watched stand in line FOREVER to use the little port-a-potty, and when they were finished, they made the long trek upstairs, returning with two large beverages apiece.
It wasn't long before they were standing in the long line at the potties again, after which, they went back upstairs, only to return with more beverages. (I couldn't understand why they wouldn't just use the restrooms upstairs, I mean, seriously, if they were going upstairs to purchase beverages anyway.....)

And the cycle continued.

Port-a-potty, upstairs to buy a beverage, go back to seats, Port-a-potty, upstairs to buy a beverage, go back to seats, Port-a-potty, upstairs to buy a beverage, go back to seats..........

I began to notice a direct connection between the number of beverages purchased and the number of trips to the port-a-potty.

We noticed that when the band was playing a more popular song, the lines at the port-a-potties were shorter. From now on, whenever I hear a song, I will give it a "Port-a-potty waiting line" rating.

Hey, that's a great song! I give it a two people waiting rating!
Meh. This one isn't that great. I'll give it a 12 people waiting rating.
This is FANTABULOUS! No waiting at all here!

We also had the extreme pleasure to be seated directly in front of a garbage can sitting just a few feet away from us on the playing field. We got to see all the fun things that people threw away or spit out in the garbage can. We got to see which people were conscious of our mother earth by putting their recyclable items in the separate container provided especially for the recyclables, and those heathens who just threw them in the trash can.
We also got to see when the stadium staff came to empty the trash can and dumped all the contents of the recycle container into the trash can and then wheeled it away.

We found this rather amusing.

We also saw the guy who was wearing a straw Chinese hat, and he wasn't even Chinese. We couldn't figure out if he was expecting rain, sun, (not likely at 9:00 at night) or if he had a really pointy head that he was trying to hide.

The three girls sitting next to us were quite delightful. They looked barely old enough to be purchasing beverages, however, this didn't stop them from purchasing several of them.
After about their third round of liquid refreshment they danced back to their seats and one girl looked at us, swayed a bit, leaned close and said "YOU GUYS ARE STILL HERE???" then stumbled back, raised her glass and said "CHEERS!!"

I think one of the most interesting events of the night was watching a girl try to bribe her way past the security guard onto the field.
We could see her begging, and trying to convince him to take the wad of cash in her hand.

"Please, here take this" as she takes his hand and tries to get him to grab the bills.
"No. I can't let you on the field without a ticket."
"Oh come on. Here, just take this." smiling sweetly while shoving the money into his hand again.
Pushing her hand away "No."
"Pleeeeease! Pleeeeeeeease!"

I was really impressed with the young security guy. He would not let her past him.
She continued begging and begging until she caught sight of the head security guy started walking toward them.
She turned around and ran as he chased her up the stairs.

It was a great concert and I'm so glad we were able to attend.
And the best part? We left the kids by themselves, and when we returned home, they were all still in one piece. I made them dinner before we left, and they ate, played outside then watched a few movies.
Everything went fine with the kids except for a small incident with Max. Apparently, he "Not did feel like going to the potty." (can you say "wet clean up on aisle 4!")

Perhaps we need to get a port-a-potty for our family room.


Elizabeth said...

Now THAT is an interesting idea...would kids shows get port-o-potty ratings, too?
You did a wonderful job of helping us to really "attend" that concert with you! Thanks!
Blessings, E

Kristina P. said...

No pot smoking or half naked chicks stumbling all over themselves, huh? I must go to very different concerts, sadly. Or not. Depends on your viewpoint.

Annette Lyon said...

That sounds like my kind of concert. Not the port-a-potties, though.

utmomof 5 said...

I think the exact same people were at The Police Concert last summer at Usana :) Except you didn't mention the lovely smell of a certain plant.

I love to people watch!!

Max must have been listening to and really good song as to not want to go to the bathroom :)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Love the eagles!!!

rychelle said...

i always manage to sit next to the drunkest person at every concert. it's a gift really.

Busty LaRue said...

That sounds like you had a lot of fun! The last concert we went to, one of the drunkest people at the concert was our friend's date. He was so mortified. Luckily she ended up ditching us to hang out with her other drunken friends that were there :)

in time out said...

That is funny. Thanks for sharing. What a time that you had. Glad the kids and house were all in one piece, and that you had such a fab and funny time. hugs my friend...

Melissa said...

Great story! And love the people watching, it's even better than the concerts usually!

Karen said...

Great post! The concert sounds like it was a blast. I'm going to Billy Joel/Elton John in July at Guilette stadium. Hope I get seats near the porta-potties!

Jen said...

Hahaha. I am so jealous I LOVE the Eagles.

Jo said...

My guess would be that if I saw portapotties, I would think the real bathrooms were locked. I guess they were taking advantage of drunk people. Please tell me someone was checking to see who was driving on their way home. The thought of hundreds of drunk drivers makes me very upset.
I haven't ever been to a concert, but it sounds like fun!