Friday, March 20, 2009

Adding it up

Number of times I hit the snooze button this morning - 3
Number of times I had to ask kids to get out of bed - 3
Number of children I took to swimming lessons - 2
Number of minutes late to swimming lessons - 3
Number of times Max coughed while at swimming lessons - 892
Number of comments I got from other moms whenever Max coughed - 15
Number of tissues used to wipe Max's nose while at swimming lessons - 3
Number of stickers given to my kids by the greeter at Wal-Mart - 3
Number of times Max coughed while at Wal-Mart - 892
Number of times Max wiped his nose on his sleeve because I was out of tissues - 18
Number of Lifesavers given to Max in an attempt to calm the cough - 14
Number of times I told the kids that I was not going to buy the box of cookies at Wal-Mart - 892
Number of Wal-Mart cashiers who commented on Max's cough - 1
Number of times I asked the kids to load the dishwasher - 5
Number of times I loaded the dishwasher - 1
Number of times I asked CJ if he was sure that he packed everything that he needed for Scout camp tonight - 5
Number of items CJ forgot to pack for Scout camp - 2
Number of times I drove home from the Scout leader's house to retrieve said items - 1
Number of times I embarrassed my teenage son by giving him a hug in front of his friends - 1
Number of times this month I've taken Max to the doctor only to be told that there's nothing wrong with him - 2
Number of times Max coughed in the doctor's office - 0
Number of times Max coughed on the way home from the doctor's office 892
Number of co-pays given to the doctor's office in the last month - 2
Number of Strep cultures that have come back negative - 2
Number of Cold Stone's "Gotta have it" size ice creams I could have had with the money I spent on doctor visit co-pays this month - 7-9 (depending on the mix ins)
Number of times today Aaron tried to bring a potato bug home as a pet - 2
Number of times Aaron brought a potato bug into the car - 1
Number of times I told Aaron to put the potato bug back where it came from - 2
Number of complaints I got about what I was fixing for dinner - 1
Number of slices of cheese Max ate for dinner - 6
Number of things other than cheese that Max ate for dinner - 0
Number of times Max coughed during dinner - 892
Number of shoes found under my kitchen counter - 7
Number of times I've asked for the shoes to be put away - 892
Number of weeks the kids have been off track from school - 2
Number of weeks left until the kids go back to school - 1
Number of times this week I asked the kids to stop fighting - 892
Number of boxes of Girl Scout cookies I have hidden - 3
Number of things that were on today's to-do list - 12
Number of things on today's to-do list that I accomplished - 0
Number of items I did during the day that I added to my to-do list so I could cross them off - 5
Number of items cluttering up the floor of the basement - 94
Number of times I've tripped over all the stuff on the floor in the basement - 94
Number of times I've yelled kindly asked for the items on the floor of the basement to be put away - 94
Number of minutes I will be able to sleep in tomorrow morning - 0
Number of children who will be expected to help with yardwork tomorrow - 4
Number of children who will complain about helping with yardwork - 3
Number of times I will actually feel bad about making the kids help with the yardwork - 0
Number of weeds that need to be cleared out of the flower beds - 876,464,346,354,432,431
Number of times I wished that I had bought the cookies at Wal-Mart - 13
Number of times I almost stopped writing this post because it seemed too lame - 4
Number of times I decided I didn't care how lame the post was, and hit the publish button anyway - 1


Kristina P. said...

Number of times I giggled during this post- 1,198,023

Mum-me said...

Well I'm exhausted just from reading about your day. Must have taken up a lot of time tallying up all those coughs!

CountessLaurie said...

Number of times I wanted to smack someone for commenting on Max's cough - 2

Number of times I could totally see myself in your shoes - 892

I am so glad you shared this post. It is not lame at all.

Emily said...

It makes me tired just to look at your numbers!

b. said...

Sister, you've been BUSY!

...and somebody needs to come visit my suction clinic!

Annette Lyon said...

I'm not the only one who embrasses a teenage son with hugs. Yay!

Poor Max and his cough.

Melinda said...

Hehehee That totally wasn't lame! So funny--and SO relatable! :)

Jen said...

Number of Jill's posts that I love: All. I know that's not a number. Oh well!

Alison Wonderland said...

Number of times I thought (open sseeing the post) that it was going to be boring-2

Number of times I loved it-892

You totally rocked it!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

dry tickle cough? or hollow barking cough?

and my wordveri is whein! Whine, sort of...

susette said...

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Amanda said...

Super cute! Now I am wondering where you take the kids for swimming lessons?? I am going to have the boys take swimming lessons this year...Do you have a great place?

Debbi said...

My fave? Number of times you added things you've done to the to-do list just to cross something off! LOL. I do that too!!!! Yay for us!

elesa said...

Ha ha. I put things on my to do list just so that I can cross them off too! And I'm gonna keep on doing it, because it makes me feel productive.

Melissa said...

892 - the magic number! And for coughing in the pool, isn't that what all the chemicals are for? Betting each of the other kids at least peed once

Jo said...

Your family seems to like the number 892. I am so glad you pushed publish.

tiburon said...

This is my kind of list.


Bonnie the Boss said...

Number of times that Iam glad I know you and get to read your funny posts 4,089,694,792