Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The good news, the bad news and WORD VERIFICATION WEDNESDAY!!

The good news is that I currently have a ton of work to do for my business :0)

The bad news is that this has made it so that I have less time for blogging :0(

The good news is that Max is feeling better :0)

The bad news is that he gave all of his germs to me :0(

The good news is that due to my cold, now when I sing, I can hit all the low notes :0)

The bad news is that I still can't sing :0(

The good news is that today I got everything done on my "to do" list :0)

The bad news is that it was yesterday's list :0)


Ever since Max was a baby we've called him by his nickname "Pookers. Over the years, we've created several different versions of his nickname, for example Pookydoo, Pookerama, Pooks-a-doodle, Pookernoodle, Pooker-doodle-doo, The Pookernator...........

You get the picture.

Sometimes when we don't want Max to know what we're talking about, we will spell words. Unfortunately, Max has caught on to this and can recognize certain words we spell such as "Max" and "nap" will figure out what I'm saying and then "I NOT TAKE A NAP! I ALSO NOT SLEEPY!!! MY EYES ARE ALSO OPEN!!!!
For a while, we used code words such as "siesta" instead of nap. The kid caught on to that too.

So last week, I started using pig latin.

Today, I needed to run a quick errand and didn't want Max to freak out when he found out I was leaving without him so I asked Brielle to "Atch way the id kay while I oh gay to the ore stay."

Max heard this and said....


I wonder how long it would take him to figure out "Ubbi dubbi"*


On another note, do you think that coughing can count as a cardio workout?


And now for the game you've all been waiting for!


Go to the comment form, look at the word verification code, come up with a definition for it and type it in the comment box!
It's fun!!

I was disappointed last week that nobody wanted to answer my essay question about the wind speed velocity of an African swallow vs a European swallow.


It's OK. I don't feel too bad.


Today, if you don't feel like defining a WV word, you may leave a comment in pig latin. (however, if anyone leaves a comment in ubbi dubbi, I will not take responsibility for the mocking that is sure to ensue) (I might even participate in said mocking) (In fact, I will probably be the instigator of the mocking)

Ready, Set, GO!

* If you don't recognize this language, then you are just way. Too. Young.


Mum-me said...

Your first section of goods and bads cracked me up, especially the last 4 points.

Have you heard of the 'Arp' language. My brother and I used to trick our parents with it.

Or, in "Arp" .... Marpy brarpotharper arpand Arpi arpusarped tarpo trarpick arpoarpur parpararpents.

(Yes I know it's just another version of Ubbi.)

Dianne said...

copoon--slang term for cop as in "I can't believe that copoon gave me a ticket!" (rhymes with baboon). Please use with caution as it could get you some jail time.

So said...

Do you know I could never figure out how to speak or even understand Ubbi Dubbi? How sad is that?

Max sounds like he's a smartie!

WV: luxess - the generic version of the Lexus. It never really caught on. Maybe it will now with the economy going the way it is.

Kristina P. said...

Max just cracks me up! He's always so well behaved when I see him. Clearly, he loves me.

InkMom said...

MayDay likes to tell me, "No sleep, Mommy, it's moahrning!" He even tries this during bedtime at night when it's very, very dark outside

word verification:
uston -- as in uston, we have a problem.

Valerie said...

chalypee - mountain folk language for asking if the speaker needs to use the restroom before undertaking a trip.

Friend 1: Come on, let's go see Bertha today.

Friend 2: Chalypee first?

Melissa said...

Love the randomness and Max is not only adroable but SMART.

Word verification - nerspl. The correct term for the third nipple that sometimes grows randomly

Debbi said...

haha, "my eyes are open ALSO". I should start using Also in random places in the sentences.

Scisdos: (Scis- doos) The angles left after a child decides to cut their own hair.

The Boob Nazi said...

miby sibistiber iband ibi wiboibuld spibeibak ibit ibin fribont ibof thibe gibirls wibe wiborkibed wibith. Ibit wibas viberiby fibun.

daectel: thibe fibeibelibing yiboibu hibavibe whiben yiboibu ciban't thibink ibof ibanibythibing fibor wibord viberibifibcibatibiibon wibednibesdibay.

Karen said...

Pastabi - two different kinds of pasta. Also can be called bi-pasta.
Anksthay orfay the eatgray ostpay.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I am still on Mondays to do list! Yikes!
My hubby and I started spelling things backwards! Let me tell youeven the 13 year old is a bit stumped. Sometimes we reallly have to pay attention ourselves.

rychelle said...

max is too cute and too smart!

and, yes, coughing counts.

*cough cough*

Mrs Ohtobe said...

shalen - southern verb. Example: Shalen I go git ya sumthin?

CountessLaurie said...

redanack (noun): redneck slang -what rednecks call each other.
Example: who is that der redanack that Jolee is wit?

Jessica said...

Diallia - Indian customer service speak for Call.

Shall I diallia you back anuder time?

Tattooed-Midget-Freak said...

unology - the science of nothing.

Tattooed-Midget-Freak said...

minging - mock singing, as in what most American Idol contestants do.

Tattooed-Midget-Freak said...

fressiz - what my child's hair does while she sleeps.

utmomof 5 said...


the very unoriganal name of a company that sells tubs

utmomof 5 said...


spanish slang for "yo hablo"

Shelley said...

justwast - Clothes that have been lying on my bed for two days but have not yet been put away, even though I have yelled at people to pu them away at least 40 times. Use in a sentence:
"Don't sit on those clothes, they were jushwast!"

Jen said...

boolower: what everyone attending the melodrama does when they are suffering from excessive cardio-work-out coughs.

Jo said...

Max is just so dang smart! Glad to hear business is picking up, so is my hubby's and I think it is an early indicator that the economy is picking up.

Sesses: What the snakes in Dr. Suesses books say.

Jo said...

foocedro: a pill you take when you have the foo.

elesa said...

Aabioffen: A new prescription drug marketed for Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Erectile Dysfunction.

Belovedgoddess said...


A vegan ballad.

Belovedgoddess said...

Just couldn't pass this one up

Facessess pronounced facezeez

Collective term for foul language and general BS.

"he spoke nothing but facessess"

'the amount of facessess that came out of his mouth was astounding"

Belovedgoddess said...

It only gets better


I'll leave the definition of this to your own imagination, this is a family site.

Amber said...

worsi. It could be worsi.