Monday, November 16, 2009

Do you think I should perm my hair?

Anyone that knows Max knows that he has a bit of a hair fettish. Ever since he was little, he has liked to play with my hair. He wraps it around his hands and rubs it on his face, especially when he's tired. Sometimes he will play with Brielle's hair if I'm not available, but most of the time it's my hair that is his comfort object.

This is an actual conversation between me and Max.

Me: "Max, do you have any friends in your class at school?"
Max: "I like Kaylie!"
Me: "Is she cute?
Max: "YES!"
Me: "What does she look like?"
Max: "Kaylie has TOO MANY curls."
Me: "Too many curls?"
Max: "Yes, I like her curls."
Me: "Do you ever play with her hair?'
Max: "No."
Me: "Do you WANT to play with her hair?"
Max: (pauses to think for a moment) "Welllllllllll......................"

I'm just waiting for a call from the school.


Kristina P. said...

I hope he can find a hair model when he grows up.

Chief said...

Watch out! This is how Duke started. Now the dogs run from him and I wear a football helmet to bed.

Karen said...

I'd watch out.....little girls don't like their hair pulled.

MaeRae said...

that is so sweet.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Brian used to play with my hair while I read to him. It was just the sweetest thing ever.

Jessica G. said...

Oh, way to go putting those ideas in his head!

(Remember Ramona Quimby and the girl in her class with the bouncy curls? I requently pull on someone's curl and say "boing!" in her honor.)

Damama T said...

Jessica nailed it! Way to drop seeds into his already fertile brain! LOL!! You may have started something you'll live to regret. I can see it now..

... And in other news EMTs were called to the school library today to resuscitate 7-y-o Max during story time. Apparently the image of Rapunzel shocked him senseless. Witnesses report that when the reader showed the book illustrations to the class Max suddenly became fixated, repeating "mmmm haaair. preeety haaair".

ROFL!! (Sorry, Jillybean... Couldn't resist!)

WV: NESTRIS - The uncontrollable urge to nestle in long tresses.