Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just giving you a warning to watch out for imaginary bird droppings

Remember a while back when Max obtained his imaginary pet bird "Naughty bird."
Do you remember how we got rid of the stupid bird?

Well guess who found his way back home?

Yes, Naughty bird is back, and just as naughty as ever. His latest mischief is to keep Max from doing things that I ask him to do.

Me: "Max, please change out of your pajamas and get dressed."
Max: (sitting on the floor, playing with garbage truck) "I can't get up, Naughty Bird keeps holding me down to the floor!"
Then he pretends to struggle to get up and then falls back down to the floor.

Me: "Max, could you please clean up your blocks?"
Max: "Whenever I try to clean up my blocks, Naughty Bird just messes them up again!" Then he knocks over the pile of blocks.

Needless to say, I'm getting pretty darn tired of this stupid bird. I can't figure out how he found his way back here, we even tried leaving him at the Grand Canyon when we were there a while ago.

But he came back.

Last week, Max was sitting on the floor putting together his favorite puzzle.
Me: "Hey buddy, it's time for lunch, come and eat your sandwich."
Max: (starting to get up, but then falling back onto the floor) "I can't get up! Naughty bird keeps pushing me back down!"

So I marched over, grabbed Naughty bird by his ratty old feathers, carried him to the back door and tossed him outside.

"There you go Max, problem solved, now come and eat your lunch."

Max started to get up then fell back to the floor.

I said "Hey, I just threw Naughty bird out the back door, he can't make you stay on the floor, he's outside."

Max started to stand up again but fell back on the floor, then he said "It's not Naughty Bird that won't let me get up, now it's Naughty Frog!"

Naughty Frog?


So now we have a Naughty bird AND a Naughty Frog.

And a Naughty Rabbit. He showed up later that evening to prevent Max from getting his pajamas on.


Kristina P. said...

What about a Naughty Liger?

utmomof 5 said...

I think Max has the best personality to have a mom who blogs. Seriously, that kid is a treasure trove of blog material!!!

Maraiya said...

Totally concur with utmomof5. I was going to suggest roasting naughty bird and eating it for dinner but apparently there is no end to his animal friends. I think this is where I say, "Good luck and God bless."

wv: ilouns - nouns that relate solely to me, myself and I.

rychelle said...

i can't wait to see what max becomes when he grows up.....

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee hee

How clever. I think naughty frog and naughty bird live here too.

btw, your comments in my box this morning cracked me up. I had such a good laugh. And I needed it. Thank you so much, girl. You da bomb.


Jessica said...

So clever. My DD has a doggie in her tummy that is naughty and prevents her from doing things like eating dinner. Her doggie is often being told to listen and use an inside voice.

MaeRae said...

Max is an icon! naughty frog? that one rocks.

Mum-me said...

You need an imaginary "naught animal zapper" which blows them all out the door and into the Grand Canyon.

Karen said...

How about some Naughty animal cages to keep all these animals in?

Motorcycle Grandma said...

At our house, it was Mr. Nobody who caused all the problems because each one of the kids would also deny that they did something naughty. We moved several times to get rid of him, but he always came back. He finally left when the last kid graduated from high school. I think Mr. Nobody may have followed them to college.

Good luck!

Rachel Sue said...

This kid is a genius! But please, don't send him to my house to teach my girls anything. . .

Jen said...

Confound all of these naughty animals! You'll have to start a menagerie!

amelia said...

Oh that kid is awesome.

Never watch "The Orphanage." Terrifying children's imaginery friends come to life.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Our house is full of naughty animals too. Unfortunately they're real and I birthed them myself. Sigh.

Good luck with that, though. :)

Damama T said...

Along the same lines as Mum-me, except a bit more real, I'd get an empty spray bottle and put some smelly (good or bad, your choice) stuff in it and a "Naughty-b-gone" label on it. Every time one of the Naughty critters shows up melt that sucker with the spray. Max'll either make them mind or eventually run out of critters to naughtify... OH, who am I kidding. That's kid's too smart for YOUR own good! LOL! But he's just so dang cute!

WV: waunt - the way the word SHOULD be spelled.

Damama T said...

ROFLMBO! Had to put in this WV! It's too perfect! And timely...

Fluxoder: The scientific name for a spray commonly called Naughty-b-gone.


rocslinger said...

Do you have a license for all these animals? It could get expensive paying the fines if you don't.

dinticad, Too easy.

Bonnie the Boss said...

You have quite the zoo going on there! Good luck. I guess you can be glad it isn't an elephant.