Monday, June 7, 2010

Wii are going to have a great summer!

Today is the first day of Summer vacation! We were on a year round school schedule for 7 years and this year we switched to a school with a traditional schedule, so is the first time we've had more than 3 weeks off between the school years.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this!

10 whole weeks of sleep in days.
No homework to worry about.
Not having to remember to fill out reading logs.
Not having to remind children to actually turn in the reading logs. (if they've actually managed to fill them out)
No lunches to make.
10 whole weeks of sleep in days! (yes, I know I mentioned that before, but it's my favorite!)

Another favorite thing about this time of year.....................


Because when we wear sandals, we don't have to worry about finding socks!

(seriously, this is a huge deal in our house. I bought Max 12 new pairs of socks just two months ago, and we can only find 7 of them, and out of the 7 that we can find, 3 of them have huge holes in the heels and should probably be thrown away, but we keep them because Max really likes wearing them) (I have NO IDEA why he likes wearing the socks with holes in them)

When the kids realized how much free time they were going to have this summer (or how much free time they perceived that they were going to have this summer.....HA! As if I would allow them free time, I can think of plenty of things they can do to keep busy!) They were quite concerned, and one of them mentioned that they really needed to have a Wii to make it through the summer.

Just then, Max came dancing through the room.

I said "Why do you need a Wii? You have your little brother, and he is WAY more fun than a Wii!

Eye rolling commenced.

So here you have it. The top ten reasons why Max is more fun than a Wii!

10. He doesn't keep score.

9. He doesn't run on electricity. (He will run entirely on PB & J sandwiches.) Hence, he will still work during a blackout.

8. You can change the rules as you go along, and he probably won't know the difference.

7. If you're losing and Max is winning, he is easily distracted. Tell him that his teeth are green and he'll go into panic mode until he can get his teeth brushed and you won't need to finish the game if you don't want to lose.

6. He sings Journey songs.

5. He has a vast supply of random science facts. "Mom, did you know that when you're looking at something, you're not actually seeing what you're looking at, you're actually seeing the light bouncing off of whatever you're looking at." (Yes, he actually said that to me last week)

4. At any given time, he can quote you 7.5 episodes of Spongebob.

3. He dances to the music from the local weather channel.

2. He cheats at Hi-Ho-Cherry-O

And the number one reason that Max is more fun than a Wii.....................

When you roll an imaginary bowling ball at him, it will knock him over EVERY SINGLE TIME!


Kristina P. said...

I guess I just need to get my own Max, instead of a Wii. I hope Adam goes for it.

Me (aka Danielle) said...

I will trade your Wii for their Max. Kid sound hilarious!

M said...

Ooohh...Max bowling sounds super fun.

I am happy to hear that I'm not the only one with reading log problems. This year was especially bad as I decided that 11 was old enough for R to start filling out his own....yesterday I cleaned out his backpack - 3 reading logs (which are about a month each) and 5 weeks of behavior reports that I had never seen or signed....I'm so not ready for a teenager!

M-Cat said...

If I had only known Max was more fun! I wouldn't have wasted the money on the Wii that only SPlenda plays. : )

Jen said...

Thank goodness we don't have a Wii. Maybe my kids will be as fun as Max eventually. What a bright boy!

rocslinger said...

Max is a gem. he is close to accurate on #5. You could put max in as the head pin and bowl for hours.

mommeeof9 said...

We don't have a ny game systems. If it is not available on one of the 5 kids computers or for the gameboy, they can not play it. They like Monopoly and dominoes. They also spend a lot of time reading or playing outside in the summer.

Jessica G. said...

I think I need me another Max fix!

(And I got this WV on another blog just now but immediately thought of you and ran over to share it:
phownie: what you spell to your husband when discussing an actress' shiny new chest and you don't want your super-brainiac child to understand the comment.)

Damama T said...

HOw on earth do I survive with such LONG Max-deprivation periods! LOL!!

Damama T said...

sorry .. just another email me fixit.