Saturday, November 29, 2008

Favorite books

I just read posts by b and Compulsive Writer. They posted photos of themselves when they were little and talked about their favorite books when they were that age.

Here's mine.

Note the fetching ensemble that I'm wearing. Nothing says high fashion as much as a pantsuit with huge, mismatched flowers all over it. Also check out that really cool bean bag. We loved that thing! Right up to the time when somebody (probably my brother because I would never have done this) unzipped the bag and let out a bunch of the little styrofoam "beans" that were full of static electricity and stuck all over everything. My mom was vacuuming those puppies up for ages!
And check out that orange carpet............

I was five and had just started kindergarten.
At that time I was a big fan of Dr. Seuss. I had several of his books memorized.
"One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish..........."

That year I remember my kindergarten teacher taking us to the library to check out books. There was one particular book that I checked out on several occasions. It was about a little Japanese girl. What I remember most about the book was how beautiful the illustrations were. And my mom asking me to please choose a different book next time because she was tired of reading that one to me.

A funny thing that happened that year - Our kindergarten class was working silently in our programmed readers, and one of the pages had the word "bottom" on it. We snickered, whispered and giggled because of the word "bottom."

As I got older, I was reading constantly. I loved the Ramona series by Beverly Cleary, and also the Little House series.
Eventually I read Nancy Drew, The Hardy boys and Encyclopedia Brown.

My kids are now reading and enjoying these same books.


compulsive writer said...

Thanks for playing jillybean. Love those big flowers. Love Ramona. And thanks for bringing back the "vacuuming up bean-bag guts" memory. I'd almost forgotten.

Those were the days, weren't they?

Kristina P. said...

Very cute! I made a comment on B.'s blog about the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. I loved mystery books when I was in elementary school.

b. said... are so cute!

I think I remember my little sister having that outfit or at least someone had the pattern!

Love the old shag carpet and bean bags!

The Boob Nazi said...

How do you even remember that? I can remember the books I read in elementary school, but that's the later years, not the beginning!

utmomof5 said...

I think we may have had the same bean bag :)
I loved the Judy Blume books as a kid!

Jo said...

Anyone ever mention you look like Cindy from the Brady Bunch? I read Encyclopedia Brown, but mostly I liked books about animals.

Jessica G. said...

Ramona Quimby! One of my favorites, too. I liked how she made her Q's into little cats.

Jen said...

I was such a Nancy Drew fiend. I used to annoy the librarian by constantly asking if they had anything new and badgering her by repeating "I've already read that one" incessantly. Adorable pantsuit.

Lois said...

You are adorable!

I loved "Encyclopedia Brown." Never have read "Nancy Drew."

Alison Wonderland said...

If you really had one fish two fish memorized you're amazing. That book is LONG and boring. Just saying.

Hey It's Di said...

You were HOT! I'm loving the outfit and have many pictures that look a lot like that one (except with dark hair and green eyes:)

I read Ramona and Little House also and thought they were the bomb!

P.S. We had the same bean bag incident when I was young and I'm sure it was my brother.

LisAway said...

What a cutie! "Bottom." Hee hee.

I think this is more like what Boob Nazi was asking for, life story-wise.

Cute post.

Bonnie the Boss said...

Adorable photo, What a fun post!

Damama T said...

So precious! And just what was wrong with orange carpet?? LOL!

ed said...
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