Monday, November 3, 2008


I've decided to get an early start on today's NaBloPoMo post.

And today, I'm going to do something different.

A GAME!!! We're going to play a game!

(Now, I will need some reader participation for this thing to work properly.)

Put on your creative commentin' thinking caps because it's time to play


Yes folks, lately I've noticed that the word verification words are actually starting to resemble REAL WORDS!!

Now how to play the game.

1. Go to the comment form.
2. Look at the jumbled letters and try to read them.
3. If they resemble any sort of word whatsoever, leave the word with your idea of it's definition in the comments!

It's just that easy!!!!

I will post my favorites tomorrow!! (see how clever I am? I'm getting two days worth of posts out of this idea!)

"What do I win?" you might ask.

You get the best prize of all!

The respect and admiration of your peers!!

If you still don't understand, here are some examples:

Word - fompa
Definition - The sound Max makes when jumping on the couch (fompa....fompa.....fompa)

Word - dewthe
Definition - A really famous blogger with a lisp.

Word - promb
Definition - A prom that's da bomb!!

Word - bints
Definition - little bitty mints

Word - carsart
Definition - All of those little vinyl stickers you see on people's cars

Word - impari
Definition - A brand of foreign car

Other acceptable definitions are some that Jeff Foxworthy might use in his "you might be a redneck" word definitions such as:

Word - sleonsiz
Definition - It's Leon's sister

Or, you can use it in a sentence.........

Word - sustanke
Definition - Max was sustanke that I had to give him a bath!! (so stinky)

And if you can't think of a definition, still let me know the WV word, and maybe someone else might want to take a stab at defining it.

Before I forget, we need some rules for this game.
1. Nothing rude, crude or unrefined. Please keep in mind that my kids read my blog.
2. You must use the ACTUAL word, no altering the word (unless it makes it funnier, then it's OK)
3. No mocking of the other contestants. (or me)

Play early, and play often. Let's see how high we can get my comment count today, shall we??


Kristina P. said...

Well, aren't you clever!

In fact, I would call you a "genes."

Yes, it may look like the stuff your parents gave you, but it's how Dog the Bounty Hunter would spell genius.

Jo said...

No mocking?? Wow, you really know how to take the fun out of stuff, you know???
Telyger= a tiger on the texting addiction.

b. said...

I think you are a genus too.
(seriously, so funny!)

ummm...disesse (I got nothin')

I'll come back later.

b. said...

ok, I'm back...after hitting refresh a few times, I got this one:


I think that means you've have that condition where no one can tell what gender you are.


LisAway said...

I got "draces" which is obviously a Foxworthy one:

I'm off to spind sum money at draces.

What ya'll takin' bout? SPIND money? Ya'll goin' LOSE money.

Did that make any sense? If not, it's only because I'm not a redneck.

Amber said...

I got a foxworthy one.

turnp. 'We're gunna have a turnp with dinner'

Jillene said...

Yesterday on someones blog my word varification was "fries". Mmmmmm....fries. It made me hungry especially since it was fast Sunday.

On yours right now it is "lettenc" which I would assume is rotten lettuce that someone is trying to hide under good lettuce on your salad plate.

Wendy said...

I had to cheat because my first word, was a word, I got grand!
Aren't you grand, so I hit refresh! is that cheating?

Redis -- I got me self a sunburn and now I am redis

Melissa said...

You know, I've noticed that the word verification is starting to look more like real words and less like mumbo jumbo... like this word...
defroo - to take something extremely feminine and make it more masculine
"My husband decided to defroo the bedroom by removing everything with a floral print."

MamaHenClucks said...


Well, it's easy if I can go all hillbilly on all ya'all.

My extrove 'bout a hundred miles to stalk me down"

or something like that!

Heather said...

My word:

prourip = The Titanic got a big prourip when it ran into the iceburg.

Cute idea!

LaDawn said...

Oh my!
I can't even tell you the first one I got. It was obscene.

I hit refresh and got datize.

That's the last time datize ever gonna take my young son to the mall.

LisAway said...

"micrac" A new super convenient cabinet on which to store your microwave.

(This as with many of them, can also be seen as somewhat obscene. Seriously. Not so much with this one, but I just got one that was very nasty, as did another of your commenters.)

*MARY* said...

Mine says "nates" which is rather freaky because my brother's name is Nate and I don't talk to him very much, maybe the ghost living in my computer wants me to call my brother.

Anonymous said...

preakete- A prehistoric parakeet

K and/or K said...


While you all might know the MN movie makers as the Cohen Brothers. If you happen to see either Joel or Ethan alone you have spotted a coencyb.

Tausha said...

ok-this is too funny. I was laughing out loud. My kids were wondering what the heck was so funny. I quicky told them that they wouldn't understand.
Reminds me of the game BALDERDASH! I so love this game. i have fond memories of cracking up when playing when I was young!!!
thats me. SHE MMM BOM! (she's the bomb) Espescially after i went and FINALLY got my hair done!!!!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I first want to let you all know how much I hate, yes I know hate is a strong word, Hate word verification. I am not good at typing and late at night when I get around to blogging it is too much for my brain and fingers. If I hav to put it in more than once I just say forget it.
My word today is:
UNDERAMP: it is a lamp that goes in your armpit to light your way and leave your hands free.
Or maybe, it is an amplifier for dogs, it takes normal music and makes it into dog frequency so they can enjoy it more.

I know it is lame, I never said I was clever.

Jillybean said...


I don't like shopping at Costco on Saturday cause ceriles are too crowded.

b. said...

I thought I'd give it another whirl, now that I'm home:


(deleted a potty language reference)

"that phunny man is such an old phogi."


b. said...


the company that makes variable controls for the shower back washer spongey thing


b. said...

(oh this one is a BONUS!!!-YAY!!)
I remember all my life
Raining down as cold as ice
A shadow of a man
A face through a window
Crying in the night
The night goes into

Morning, just another day
Happy people pass my way
Looking in their eyes
I see a memory
I never realized
you made me so happy, oh Mandi

Well you came and you gave without taking
but I sent you away, oh Mandi
well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
I need you today, oh Mandi

I'm standing on the edge of time
I Walked away when love was mine
Caught up in a world of uphill climbing
The tears are in my mind
And nothing is rhyming, oh Mandi

Well you came and you gave without taking
but I sent you away, oh Mandi
well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
And I need you today, oh Mandi

Yesterday's a dream I face the morning
Crying on the breeze
the pain is calling, oh Mandi

Well you came and you gave without taking
but I sent you away, oh Mandi
well you kissed me and stopped me from shaking
And I need you today, oh Mandi

(you are sooooo welcome! So.Welcome.)

b. said...


please don't inables my comments, I'm having wayyyy too much fun!


Busty LaRue said...

porka - a big fat whale

Busty LaRue said...

Okay, so as much as I dislike WV, I've decided this is a fun game and I wanted to try again.

blescone - a scone that when eaten makes one go "bleh"

Jillybean said...

Thank you, Thank you.

I didn't know all the words to that song so now when I need to sing it all I need to do is come here.

WV dedliti - What do you call it when someone puts poisin in tea?


What do golfers call that little thing they hit the ball off of if they trip over it and fall on their face.

Jillybean said...

Play as many times as you want!
The more comments, the more love I feel.

affshe - Didya ask her affshe wanted to go with us?

Mum-me said...

"Cancessy" - This is a disease which all my children have caught at one time or another, and always when we enter a shop. Characteristic symptoms of this disease include glazed eyes, intense coveteousness, and incessant dialogue along the lines of "Can I have this chocolate? ... Can I have that dolly? ... Can I buy that football? ... Can we get? ... Can you buy? ... Can I? Can I? Caneye caneye caneye caneye caneye......."

Laura said...

Mandecode - the ability decode the subtle ways men tell us women how they feel about us - the ability to decipher gunts, subtle actins and non-verbal communication of the male - for example, Mary was able to mandecod that by asking for a third helping of dinner her hubby liked the food and appreciated her fine efforts in the kitchen.

Jessica G. said...

partreva - the act of retrieving your life partner from his place over by the radio, where he is listening to the BYU game instead of mingling with the other party guests.

Jessica G. said...

throtal - the act of grabbing some idiot (like Super Dell) by the throat and giving them a good throttling.

utmomof5 said...

After a few hits of the refresh button this is what i got
How people who smoke weed spell weed!!
I got one last week that was testi!! Why couldn't i get that one today!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I just had to add one I just got.
DINGENTA: Magenta after she falls in the mud.

utmomof5 said...

okay after getting another word that could be used to reference smoking weed I got this one


3 year old daughter: "Hey mom do you want to play princess monplati?"

That would be princess monopoly and the answer is no!!

Maraiya said...

I think your definitions are brilliant but I don't know that I'm quite so clever. I could try to jack up your comment count but I'm too tired.

My word? CIERG....hmmmm...I have to squelsh "cierg" to eat the whole bag of Oreos by myself.

Maraiya said...

OOoh - Muniu: Be nice to me or I'll muniu.

Hee hee hee.

Jen said...

Sluskul: what you do when you sluff but don't actually leave the school. It also involves drinks from 7eleven.

Torina said...

imismoid: as in "Imismoid mommy"

Hey It's Di said...

Hey they do resemble real words! In fact mine is a real one and I even know the definition! That's a bonus!! OK, it's not completely the real spelling but let's go with it.

Angsts- The plural of angst which means dread, anxiety or anguish.

Hey It's Di said...

Oh dang! I need to play again because I saw a cool one.

Catens- grown up kittens. Maybe the fat ones. Or a group of Cats. I like them all really!

Elizabeth said...

a new trendy fashion
design popularized in California.

Gotta love this game.

Elizabeth said...

MOM...I'm 'ressing as
fast as I can!

Elizabeth said...

The feeling of exhaustion felt by Philladelphia Phillies Phans, as well as non "phan" residents of the area, now that the World Series has been won.

I wasn't going to do anymore, but living 1/2 hour from Philly...I am truely PHxpent...'phew...

Elizabeth said...

This is addictive...and good for the vocabulary!
I just got "begat"....and anyone who has EVER read the Bible knows what BEGAT means...
...and Sarah begat Isaac...who begat Jacob....

Damama T said...

I got "cullasin". Maybe a new drug that curbs bad behavior? I'd need tht stuff by the case! LOL!

Anonymous said...

wayshee- something like a banshee

Anonymous said...

dence- a fence that can dance

Anonymous said...

explo- more than half of a explosion, but not a full one

Anonymous said...

preple- prepared people

Liligurl said...


I "puder" from one blog to another.
I love the game...I hjope you keep it going...

Brandi said...


Adiedow and then I was revived. That sure did hurt!

Brandi said...

conin - a veriation of the word conning.

He's conin you!

Lilac_moon17 said...

emedsli---I think this game is emedsli fun.

I think word verifications are made by a 5 year old sounding things out. They sound right but are just a little off.

Vanessa said...

either an orange from North Carolina
(mom)Where is your brother?
(son)oh hangen c mom over there!

Ok not so great but a decent effort. This is fun and I'm in the party that dislikes WV very much.

Anonymous said...

conct - to gleefully hit a sibling on the head as in "But Mom, I had to do it, 'cause he conct me first.


Lisa said...

shmen- what lazy men call our wonderful husbands that help out with chores around the house!

I love a good word game!

Angela said...

I just did this and got "bring"
How dull is that?
[It is bOring, with nothing left out!]