Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Word Verification Wednesday! Week 4

It's time to play

If you haven't played before and you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, instructions, examples and rules can be found here.

And yes, the "no mocking" rule still applies.

Have fun!!! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this week.


Kristina P. said...

No mocking is lame!


In a Utah accent, "We'll prodle go to her house for Thanksgiving."

InkMom said...

trictes: the little plastic nubs that are left over in your clothes after you yank the tag off of something new instead of doing the patient thing and going to find a pair of scissors to cut off said tags.

Or, alternatively: "That con artist! He trictes out of their life's savings!"

The Boob Nazi said...


A Russian Nymphomaniac....

Oh wait, I know the word for nymphomaniac in Russian....

When you're not sure what your answer is. T
"Did you like the Twilight movie? Are you going to see it more than once in the theaters? Are you going to see the rest of the movies?"
"NOPHYESK! Leave me alone."

Pronounced nofyesk

This wasn't as funny as it was in my mind.

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...


The noise that comes from Uncle Chester after eating a big thanksgiving dinner.

MamaHenClucks said...


What someone named Emily or Emma says - an emism.

Valerie said...

bitio - the smallest measurement of information technologically speaking.

This file is only 8 bitio, you have room for it on your computer.

Jessica G. said...

blingt - fake bling.

Girl 1: Did you see Rhonda's blingt?
Girl 2: Yeah, she totally got that at Wal-mart.

in time out said...

untsyro....an ants eyeroll.

yes, i do think ants roll their eyes. my little people do, it's possible.

i love your Word Verification Wednesday. excellent game.

thanks! ♥

Whitney R said...


my achie breakie heart.

my back achie's

I have a headachie

utmomof5 said...


Must be said with a Utah accent
No I will not give you any hents as to what I am getting you for Christmas!

b. said...


"I'm inging in the ain, just inging in the ain...ut a glorious eeling I'm appy again...."

b. said...


a blog between cousins.

b. said...


the male cousins

b. said...


How there smany good word verifications in a row?

b. said...


"Do you hafto, do you hafto, do you hafto et it inger....I'm just a fooferyou..."

Anonymous said...

Yo habblo Espanol
Tu habblas Espanol
Il habbla Espanol
Habblamos Espanol
Habblan Espanol

Esay, that one! Just a Spamish-speaking person who doesn't know how to spell!

Can you try this more than once?

Jessica G. said...

diess - waaaay more dramatic than just dying.

"Like, they were so in love and then he like totally diess!"
"No way!"

Jo said...

The ultimate in fabulous.
You are gistufab for words.
Your outfit is gistufab!
I am gistufab for my clothes.

Jo said...

The next discovery Dangerous jobs show. Men who bale hay.
The balermen set out on their baling machine in search of the highest hay in the land, determined that no hay will go unbaled this year. Watch their struggles with baling wire, and the dangerous bucking bales as they are wrestled on board their baler. Never before have these intrepid men been filmed before. Watch your Discovery channel for the next episode. You will learn to be thankful for hay in way you never knew you could!

Word Verification Code said...


Damama T said...

vorant- teenspeak for when a parent goes on a yelling rampage (vocal rant)! "She was on a vorant so long I wanted to run away to live with my bff!"

Damama T said...

FINAL... how boring is that? LOL! Is this thing trying to tell me to quit hitting refresh to see if I actually get a good one this week?