Friday, November 14, 2008

How to spend $100 on a spool of thread

1. Have a sewing project that needs to be finished the next day.

2. Sit down at the sewing machine and discover that you are out of red thread.

3. Look at the clock. It says 9:02 p.m. The fabric stores have just closed.

4. That's OK, they sell thread at Wal Mart, so you get in the car and drive over there.

5. Go straight to the sewing department and get a spool of red thread.

7. Walk past the notions isle and remember that your seam ripper broke a few days ago so you pick up a new one.

8. Buy some pins too because one can never have too many pins.

9. As you are walking towards the checkout stand, get a call from your husband, who tells you that you're out of milk, and could you buy some more.

10. Go get a cart because you don't want to carry the cold jugs of milk around the store.

11. Walk past a display filled with cinnamon scented pine cones. Imagine how nice and festive they will make the house smell. Pick up a bag of those.

12. Walk through the produce department. Buy some zucchini to make more zucchini bread.

13. Walk through the bakery department. They have cookies. You look at your two favorite kinds of cookies and can't decide what kind to get.

14. Buy two different kinds of cookies.

15. Finally get to the dairy department and see that the milk is on sale. Get 4 gallons.

16. Remember that you're out of butter. Put some butter in the cart.

17. Start to walk to the check stand, and see the kids clothes. SOCKS! Your toddler needs socks. go get a package.

18. Remember that your niece's birthday is next week. Go to the toy department and find the noisiest, most annoying toy that you can, and put it in the cart.

19. Giggle as you walk away, thinking of how annoyed your brother will be having to listen to this toy.

20. Suddenly feel sorry for your SIL and go back to the toy department to get something less obnoxious.

21. Shampoo! you're out of shampoo! Go get some.

22. The spray gel is on sale. Buy two.

23. And a new brush because someone borrowed yours and lost it.

24. Walk through the isles with the Christmas decorations. See a wreath that would look great on the front door. Put that in the cart too.

25. Go get in the shortest check stand line.

26. The lady in front of you has a coupon for everything. This gives you time to look at all of the nifty items they have for sale right there.

27. Get an umbrella to keep in the car because last week you got caught in the rain without one.

28. Get another umbrella because they're only $2.00 each!

29. The lady in front of you is trying desperately to use her debit card, but can't remember her PIN.

30. Toss some nail clippers in your basket.

31. The lady in front of you is now counting out $48.00 in fives, ones, quarters, dimes nickles and pennies.

32. Grab a package of Tic Tacs and a tube of Chap Stick.

33. Finally get through the check stand and haul all of your purchases out to the car.

34. Drive home wondering how you just spent over $100.00 when all you came for was a spool of thread.

I guess it was a really good thing that when I sat down to sew and discovered that I needed red thread, it was only 8:00p.m. and the fabric store was still open;0)

But I still had to drive over to the grocery store later to get some milk.


utmomof5 said...

An exact story to say why I HATE Wal-mart :)

If it had been me doing it though I would have forgotten the red thread.

TJ said...

That's why I hate Walmart too.

Kristina P. said...

This is why Walmart is the Rosie Odonnell of stores. Evil.

si tu veux said...

I just found it funny. Thanks for the laugh.

in time out said...

okay. so that is why i send my husband to the store. thanks for the laugh. and the reminder. i need milk.

Davis Family said...


Is that a lame comment? Oh well, 'cause that's all I can think of...AMEN!

*MARY* said...

Chocolate milk?

JustRandi said...

That. Is. Painful.

because it's so familiar, I think.

The Preschool Teacher said...

I would have forgotten the red thread as well. Lol

Jillene said...


Brandi said...

If it were me going to the store alone, then I would get the red thread and any items I needed. If my husband were with me, then we would get a lot of stuff we really didn't need.

geasityi - Geasityi-self down before yi fall over.

b. said...

amen to all of the walmart hate.

I soooo get it. Except for the part about sewing.

wv: farized

"Farized concerned, somebody else can do all the sewin'."

Jessica G. said...

Did pretty much the same thing last night, but I needed eggs for a cake I was decorating today. And did you know that at about 11:30, they start waxing the main aisle at Wal-Mart? It's true! So you have to walk around the entire freaking store jsut to get eggs!

Ended up spending $40.

Amanda said...

I had that same problem at Walmart today. All I needed was toilet paper.

Maraiya said...

This is the problem with one stop shopping. Although lately, I'm just too broke so I just wander the aisles, look at all the pretty things and go home with my red thread.

Alison Wonderland said...

You must be some kind of freak because when I go to walmart I never overspend. Or something.

Laura said...

oh my - that happens to you too???

It is Nov 15 - mid way there for NaBloPoMo - I put a link from my site to yours - YIPPPPEEEE for us!


MamaHenClucks said...

This is why I stopped consistently going to Walmart awhile ago. I ALWAYS overspend. When I go to super Target, I never even remember that they have other aisles, I only get what I went for. Why is that??

Except I am going to Walmart today. My budget needs a makeover and they do have better prices.

Mum-me said...

Haven't we all done this? But only you could make it such an entertaining read with a little twist at the end.

Hey It's Di said...

Walmart is the most expensive store I go to. Can't seem to get out of there for less than a hundred dollars no matter how small the item is I'm going in for. Sigh!

InkMom said...

Hey, you can always hop on my bandwagon. I haven't been to WalMart in almost two years, and would you believe I actually spend less money now? Well, more on groceries, but less on all the other crap I don't really need.

Thanks for sharing . . . this was hilarious.

Damama T said...

If you pay attention when you go into any Wal-Mart, you will see that there are always blinky ceiling lights. I think that they've discovered some electronical beamy thing that signals your brain to BUY! BUY! BUY! Maybe this clip from the movie, "THEY LIVE" isn't so far-fetched after all? hmmmmmm??? LOL!

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