Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Webster's will be calling you

The day is almost over, so I need to get my post in before midnight.

As promised, I will give you my favorite word verification definitions.

First of all, after paying closer attention to the words, I began to wonder just how they come up with them. Are the words really computer generated? Do they have a monkey sitting at some computer somewhere, typing in random letters? Or do they just have some type of software that keeps track of things picked up by TAMN's spell check?

I tried to pick just a few of my favorites, but you will just have to go read the comments from yesterday, because there were so many funny ones.

I will tell you my most favorite. This is the one that made me snort and laugh for 43 whole seconds which caused Max to run into the room asking "What's funny? What's also funny?"

The word was from b.

paticapt.............A condition where nobody can tell what gender you are.

Join me again tomorrow while I write some more drivel to fulfill my requirement for NaBloPoMo.

P.S. I think I might make word verification definitions a weekly game. This was fun!


b. said...

I LOVE the word ver def game!!!
Loved it.

(I must admit I cracked myself up with It's Paaaaaat!_

Kristina P. said...

I'm sending Superdell over to go all postal on you, since you didn't pick me.

He has TOTALLY AWESOME karate skills!!!!

Bonnie the Boss said...

Help I am old, and out of touch and have no clue what that clip is from. I know I am a big dork!

Elizabeth said...

That was great...Pat always made me nuts...
this game is addictive, and I have never been a fan of WV.

The German Professor walked into the rowdy classroom and exclaimed:


Here's mine right now:

1) When you get possessed by a tennis pro.

Jo said...

I really enjoyed the wv game. Silly, funny people. My favorites.
sauterc-the act of sauting that turns into a wreck!

Damama T said...

LOLOL! FLUNK! I got FLUNK this time! No kidding!!! Is this thing trying to tell me that I didn't pass the test on the game playing thing??? LOL!

Melissa said...

This was a very fun game! Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next time :)

Whitney R said...

I kind of sort of started a blog on Word Verifications. I know they are all real words. It's weird. But I just like to say them out loud and then see what they sound like. That's all mine is about. Making fun and making up stuff.

Wendy said...

THAT was SO FUNNY! Me and my husband always joke about Pat! I can't wait to tell him that definition, that will be in our vocabulary!!