Sunday, November 2, 2008

First lame post caused by NaBloPoMo

Last week I had a bunch of ideas floating around in my head for some fabulous posts.
Now that we've entered November, or as it's known in blogland "NaBloPoMo" I can't think of a darned thing to write about.
But I have to, because I can't drop out on day two.
Because that would make me a really big loser.
Kind of like the time I entered a talking contest when I was in fifth grade. (whoever talked the longest was the winner)
I could talk for a long time. A really long time.
Until they started that darn timer.
Do you want to know how long I talked?

43 seconds.

How incredibly lame is that.

The winner went over 5 minutes. They had to stop her because she showed no sign of stopping on her own. She talked about everyone in the class. Stuff like which boys liked which girls, which girls liked which boys. She basically turned the classroom into a soap opera.
She won the contest, but I'm not sure that she had too many friends when it was over.

I probably would have done better if they hadn't made me go first.

Random Max quotes:

*The last few days Max has been going around to people saying "Hey Dude! Are you meat?"

Trust me, I have NO IDEA what that even means.
I'm pretty sure he got it from one of my other offspring.

*Today when we sat down to dinner, Max looked up at me and said "Nice cookin' chef!"

*Tonight Max says "Is Brielle a girl?"
Me: "Yes, Brielle is a girl."
Max: (pointing to me) "Are you also a girl?"
Me: "Yes."
Max: "Is Dad a man?"
Me: "Yes, Dad is a man."
Max: "Is Grandma a girl?"
Me: "Yes."
Max: "Why is grandma a girl? Is it because she also has a purse? Boys don't have a purse."

OK that's it for tonight. I'll try to come up with something better for tomorrow.


Kristina P. said...

OK, this post is not lame. However, if I tried to do the 30 posts in 30 days, 15 days would be stupid quizzes telling me how sad my life is.

ramsam said...

I too, have decided to avoid nablaopmo, or whatever it is, just because there is nothing worse than thinking you have to post. I need to be spontaneous!

On the other hand, it could be a good way to look at your life on a daily basis. good luck

Jenera said...

i decided to skip the NaBloPoMo thing this year. It was way too stressful for me last year, lol.

Good luck!

LisAway said...

Oh! If you're doing it maybe I'll try?

In my English class in Jr. high, whenever we had time at the end of class we would have talking contests. I think I was the undisputed champion, even though I felt shy in front of all those kids (it was a new crowd for me because it was my first year in the honors classes).

I'm keeping up with you this month, for sure.

Jo said...

Yay! One of my favorite bloggers is doing Nablopomo! If this is your idea of lame, it will be a delightful month.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I think you are lucky that he is associating girlness with purses. I have had to have several conversations about boys and girl difference here and trust me purses were not involved in the differentiation. Some were even in public places.

MamaHenClucks said...

I'm blaming my lack of creativity on sugar overload. It's preventing my brain cells from coming together to make a coherent sentence.

And you could just throw in a Max-ism a day and make me laugh!