Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interpret this!

And here I am, yet again squeezing in my daily post at the last minute.

Today, I'm going to feature Max and his artwork, and in another attempt to squeeze two posts out of one idea, I'm not going to tell you what the pictures are until tomorrow.

I want you to guess!

Because it's just more fun that way!

The first one is a freebee.

This is a picture of a skunk that Max drew at school yesterday.

Interview with the artist.

Me: Max what did you learn about at school today?
Max: We did also learn about skunks!
Me: What did you learn about skunks? Do they smell good?
Max: NO! They also smell BAD! They smell stanky!!
Me: Stanky??
Me: What would happen if you saw a skunk?
Max: It would also spray me with it's tail!
Me: Would the spray smell nice
Max: No it would smell BAD!!!!

So there you have it. Skunks smell bad.

Or skunks also smell bad.

Now for the contest portion of today's blog!
(And as always, no actual prizes will be awarded. Just the knowledge that you won, and really, shouldn't that be enough?)

Please tell me what Max was drawing in these pictures. Leave your answers in the comments.

Drawing #1.

Drawing #2

Drawing #3

Drawing #4

And for the big bonus points..............
Tell me what two words Max was spelling.
(Hint, it has to do with something in a post a few days ago)

Sidenote: Max is starting to read. Fur rills.


Kristina P. said...

Is it bad that I automatically thought it was some sort of swear word code?

I work with big kids way too much.

LisAway said...

pumpkin and bat.

#1 A very cute, but sad, bald old man

#2 Stonehenge from a mixed side and top view (smart boy!)

#3 A cloud with snow?

#4 a kid who ate too much candy vomiting into a toilet bowl, with the lid up.

LisAway said...

I apologize to all future commenters because I already correctly guessed all four pictures, plus the words.

Damama T said...

Fun! OK - I'm just gonna say what my first impression is without overanalysing it...

1. Self portrait was my first thought but then I saw the word "pumpkin" in Lisaway's comment (even though I tried not to look! really, I did!) and it dawned on me that the pic is of Max's moldy old pumpkin. OK, so I'm not good at not overanalysing! LOL!

2. Dishes and food on a placemat.

3. A crying rock head.

4. Scissor-tongue man eating.

Words: pumpkin and batH

SWESES: New swiss cheese kid snacks??

Damama T said...

Lisaway- I came back in here after I read the comments to tell you what the word verification also says for this comment:



Aunty Em said...

I have a great skunk story which I will be talking about at a later day.....when I'm ready.

Also, I'm way competitive, so I'm totally gonna win (in my head I'm already the winner)

#1 - a sad kid who got sprayed by a skunk

#2 - A YuGiOh card

#3 - A falling rock cave

#4 - A skunk spraying himself, happily

Words - punkin bat

Bonnie the Boss said...

So cute! Skunks are stanky!!
The words are something to do with his pumpkin being yucky!
#1 His dad or grandpa
#2 A potato
#3 his cars in a parking lot?
#4 someone yelling mean things, or his pumpkin throwing up.
What a great kid!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

1-Sad Pres. Hinkley
3-Peas rolling off the plate
4-Barking dog

and bonus question would be that it is Also a Pumpkin, that did also poop in it's pants, and also needs its cars taken away.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, the first one is my husband when I'm telling a joke.

The second one is my four kids when I'm telling a joke.

The third one is me crying after no one in my nuclear family laughs when I tell a joke.

And the fourth one, of course, is me actually telling the joke.


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Well, I already read most of the comments, so I feel like my guesses aren't very competitive, but I have to say that Max is one talented kid.

Aunty Em said...

Okay. Wait. I want to change my last answer to . . .

'Puking Bat'

Am I right? The anticipation is killing me.