Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All I want for Christmas is free shipping. And clean socks.

I've got a huge work project that I am working on that will keep me super busy for the next three weeks, so last week I decided to get a jump on things and do some Christmas shopping before I got too busy. I also wanted to get a few things before everything gets sold out.

Unfortunately, the only think I've been able to get is annoyed.

Why is it that a company can't just let you know how much the shipping will be without you creating an account and/or logging in with all of your personal information?
Why can't they just give me an estimate?
Often, the price of shipping is the deciding factor on purchasing an item at one site instead of another.
Shopping from home is supposed to be easier, isn't it?
(and I guess that technically, it is easier than driving to several different stores to compare prices on the same item, but still.........)

I don't want to have an account at every website I visit, besides, I can't remember that many different usernames and passwords. (no, I won't use the same one at each site. I'm just paranoid that way) Plus, I just don't want to give my personal information to a site if I don't end up buying anything from them.

So, long story short, I haven't bought anything. (which actually has turned out to be a good thing, because one kid keeps changing his mind about what he wants)

So much for getting it done early.

In other news, the kids have figured out a way to make some of the more annoying Christmas songs more enjoyable. (did you notice how I didn't say less annoying)

They have been rewriting the lyrics.

Imagine all of us in the car singing ..............

"Last Christmas, I gave you my socks,
but the very next day, you threw them away.
This year to save you some tears,
I'll wash them before I wrap them."

Yes, I know it doesn't rhyme, however, every time we sing it, Max bursts into a fit of giggles.

And now you'll be singing the same thing whenever you hear that song too.

You're welcome.


M-Cat said...

GAH! Now I have one of my most most HATED Christmas songs stuck in my head!!! Thank you

I'm ignoring Christmas for the moment. Maybe around the second week of December I'll think about it. Or not.

Karen said...

I totally agree about the shipping. Sometimes they have a shipping estimator before you get to the cart. I still think it's so much easier than shopping out in the stores. And I can do it in my nightgown.

val of the south said...

I filled out the info once to see how much shipping would be, and didn't order...then I started receiving emails saying they noticed I hadn't ordered and wondered why...awkward!!!

We have that upgraded shipping thingy with Amazon where you pay one price and then get "free" 2 day shipping for a year for your whole family. So if it's not on Amazon, Mama don't buy it :)

Love the new lyrics! M-Cat, how can you not love a Christmas song by Wham? Though everyone and their sister has remade it lately :(

Jen said...

I enjoyed the song.

Kristina P. said...

Stupid lame Christmas songs!! Ack!

I need to get on the gift bandwagon.

Mae Rae said...

Wait...there is a bandwagon? Darn it.

And yes, now i will be singing that for the rest of the day no less.

Steph said...

That is the only kind of christmas song I approve of this time of year.

Melissa said...

My SIL taught me a trick a few years ago. When she was a kid her mom had everyone write their letters to Santa right before Thanksgiving. They sent them off and then they all knew that they couldn't change their minds about any of it!! Brilliant! I had my kids write letters about a week ago :)

And I'm loving your version of that song... is it available on iTunes??

myimaginaryblog said...

So, um, do you really want to go there with the stash-size comparison? A few weeks ago I started counting pieces--not yards, but pieces--and most of my pieces are at least 3 yards--in the armoire in my sewing room, and there ware about 200 pieces of fabric in there. But I also have a large closet full of big plastic tubs of fabric.

(Also, I'm curious--what do you need a 50-yard bolt for?)

I don't like sewing for myself nearly as much as other kinds of sewing but I also get so frustrated with shopping that sometimes I just force myself. I have pattern drafting software and that helps ease the pain some (although there's lots of room for operator error).

Here's my kids' version of the chorus of Feliz Navidad, from last year:

I wanna wish you something I stepped on
I wanna wish you something I stepped on
I wanna wish you something I stepped on, from the bottom of my shoe.

(It actually goes pretty well with your kids' song.)

The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: said...

HAHA! I think that little change makes that song much more bearable. And for the record, I feel exactly the same about those stupid websites. Just give me the cost of shipping and get on with it. Oh, wait. That might cause me to actually buy something from them.